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    Excellent site to gamble on. Highly recommended! :)
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    Masternode/TOR setup assistance

    Well this isn't the dogecoin community but I do think people involved with this coin are more helpful and active the than average coin so perhaps something will come along. I do see the problem with someone putting a lot of work into a nice guide only for it to become obsolete not much later...
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    Masternode/TOR setup assistance

    Is there a total idiots guide to setting up a masternode from top to bottom? I'd probably throw a few dark if someone could explain this way it if it's not already available. I'm a smart guy and would like to set up 2-3 of them but reading these guides is mildly overwhelming for me. Also doing...
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    The future

    Me too. I've invested in other ones, some even fairly heavily, but dark is the first one that seems to make a lot of sense and I really believe in.
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    Market cap rising

    This might be my last attempt at day trading, not sure. Can't believe how ridiculous it is. Still thankful for dark, have done well overall, but would have felt much better if I just held. After failing with dogecoin some I felt like maybe holding wasn't always great, I guess I can't win.
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    Partnership Sought for

    I would like to do something as well, although I have no programming experience either. PM me if there's anything we can discuss.