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  1. Darren

    Confirmation Bias

    Network, Do you know what confirmation bias is?
  2. Darren

    Information about DIF November 2021 asks

    I didn't know if this was displaying properly on dash central. Here's an alternative source of the November DIF proposal information. Dear Network, This proposal is part of two proposals submitted for funding this cycle. DIF ongoing funding (300 DASH Nov-Jan) DIF suplemental funding (400...
  3. Darren

    General DIF Communication and Feedback Thread (2021/2022 cycle)

    Dear Dash Network, The transition to the newly elected supervisors is complete. New supervisors are assuming duties. In my assessment we're able to carry the momentum forward from last year. Please note this thread continues the thread from last year which you can find here. I'm making...
  4. Darren

    DIF August ask

    Dear network, The new supervisors have met twice as the newly elected supervisors. We have so much on our plate that we haven't discussed putting up a proposal to the network yet. Part of me is thinking that we should do a supplemental proposal and forgo the ongoing funding proposal...
  5. Darren

    Regarding the proposal to reduce the proposal fee [META]

    About this discussion, it seems to be that some actors are causing a lot of noise, let's review the conversation with the noise removed. First developer feedback. I went out seeking developer comment on this proposal and found this: Which suggests...
  6. Darren

    Nominations open for Dash Trust Protectors

    Dear Network, Please note there are two elections which are overseen by Dash Watch. One is for the Dash Trust Protectors, the other is for DIF Supervisors. Dash Trust Protectors oversee the trust that owns Dash Core Group. They are established with the intention of allowing the network to...
  7. Darren

    Thank you network, what should the DIF do now?

    Thank you Dash network for providing 1,000 Dash last cycle. That puts our reserve up to 1400. Some of this will be used to make a new USD/Dash Market in Japan (opens Friday!). This 1000 Dash also accelerates our timeline to be prepared to take andvantages of opportunies should they come our...
  8. Darren

    Regarding the 5 Dash proposal fee

    I wish to provide some facts and what I think are helpful approaches to a perceived problem. Concern/Problem: The 5 DASH fee for proposals may prevent helpful projects from seeking funding from the network. History: This was brought up quite a while ago. I think Dash was around $500 at...
  9. Darren

    Amount of DIF Reserves Requested

    The DIF wishes to seek community feedback on the following a proposal. This proposal would add funds to the reserves and operating fund of the DIF. The DIF has been toiling away these past three months. We have been working on identifying our vision mission and goals. One reason to establish...
  10. Darren

    Upgraded account?

    I uploaded a pdf and some users are saying they need an upgraded account for them to see the pdf. What exactly does that mean? If I would like anyone to be able to download a pdf I upload, can I upgrade my account? What I ended up doing was uploading the file to my servers, and then linking...
  11. Darren

    你是中国人吗? 请用中文帮助我和DIF。

    Dash Investment Foundation 用中文怎么说. 达世币投资公司 好听吗?
  12. Darren

    Hello: I'm Darren Tapp (汤德润) a DIF Supervisor.

    Dear Dash Forum, I'm establishing this thread to foster public discussion. Over the next weeks I plan to present and propose (not treasury, just discussion) * an operating procedure which will allow the DIF to provide more value to the DAO * Set a clear goal and a minimal condition to measure...
  13. Darren

    [Pre-proposal]Governance question adopting Roberts Rules influenced procedure

    So this is a very simple idea. The idea is that if any proposal gets more no votes than yes votes, that vote is always interpreted as the MNOs did not speak/act. That way, if there is a rather malformed proposal, a masternode owner can with a clear conscious vote no and not worry about any...
  14. Darren

    Question about SPV and Chainlocks

    I assume that when a BLS signature is made of a block in DIP 008 it's actually the block header that is signed. As such, it should be possible to create a hardened SPV wallet that checks the chainlock as well as the proof of work. Is there currently an existing implementation of a hardened SPV...
  15. Darren

    BCH's hard fork today

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) activated a hard fork today. After the hard fork there was over an hour where blocks did not confirm transactions. This was caused by a bug in the ABC implementation that was fixed by this change in the code...
  16. Darren

    Neocash Radio interviews Joël Valenzuela from Dash Force

    Great show, and great interview with Joël Valenzuela from Dash Force. Pirate Bay springs website Monero miner on users. Australia stops double-taxing crypto. Micropayment solution for Ethereum announced. Blockchain tech on docket for SEC committee. Plus a DASH update from Darren and special...
  17. Darren

    Please help me understand the code base v.0.12.1

    It seems that dash 12.1 is being based off of the code for bitcoin 12.1. As you may know bitcoin 12.0 integrated some features such as RBF. I want to know if DASH 0.12.1 also integrates RBF or libsecp256k1. I don't see anything about these in dash road map about these. I personally think the...
  18. Darren

    Max Block Size

    In line 54 of the Max Block Size is set to 750,000. I believe the masternodes voted to up this to 2,000,000. This type of change should be rolled out over time. That is a block height could be chosen ( 623,000 around Feb 2017) and...
  19. Darren

    Amanda's Next Eepisde is Out

    "And you can take that to the bank. Except that you are your own bank, so you can just take it to yourself"
  20. Darren

    Please don't make the mistakes bitcoin is making

    I applaud the developers for doing what they're doing and not implementing the mistakes of bitcoin. I was thinking of this today because Full RBF may be the default in new bitcoin clients. Does anyone know if the 2MB limit for Dash blocks actually is actually in the code of What...
  21. Darren

    Neocash Radio interviews Amanda B. Johnson!

    @amanda_b_johnson Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions about dash. It's great to have this as a resource. There has been so much activity this month.
  22. Darren

    Dash Rules Every Thing Around Me

  23. Darren

    Concern about distributed Masternodes

    I have a concern about the distributed master nodes. With bitcoin it was organized so that the miners made protocol decisions. What may have been unforeseen is that miners would pool resources and pass the protocol decisions to the pool operator. This makes what was intended to be a...
  24. Darren

    How do you vote your masternode without using third parties?

    Does this tutorial exist? Is there a quick answer? Is there a long answer?
  25. Darren

    I'm new

    There is so much information here. I don't know what to respond to. Anyway, I'm new to the forum, Hello.