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  1. Kayser

    What does the fCachedEndorsed parameter mean and how is it achieved?

    What does the fCachedEndorsed parameter mean and how is it achieved? Will a proposal with the configurations below be able to receive a budget, if available? "IsValidReason": "", "fCachedValid": true, "fCachedFunding": true, "fCachedDelete": false, "fCachedEndorsed": false
  2. Kayser

    Is the mngovernance prepare command obsolete?

    Hello, I am testing the mngovernance prepare command to send a proposal from the dash core console, but I am getting the following error: Method not found (code -32601) Is the command obsolete? Which one should I use?
  3. Kayser

    Masternode in IPv6 address

    How do I register a masternode at an IPv6 address? When I try to submit the transaction on the dash core wallet console with the protx register_submit command, an "Invalid Network Address" error appears. If that is possible, I would like someone to leave an example here.
  4. Kayser

    Can a masternode skip his payment?

    Is it possible for a masternode to arrive in its position of receiving the reward, but not receiving it, even though its last payment registered in the listing column is in the dash core? Why would a masternode skip his payment? On what occasions can this occur and how often?
  5. Kayser

    Mnbudget command not found

    I am trying to submit a proposal to the network but the debug console does not copmprend the command. Displays the message: Method not found (code -32601) Below is the line: mnbudget prepare ... Could someone help me discover this error and pass me the sequence of commands to submit the proposal to?