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  1. nnx3

    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd

    hi, I need start my masternode offline for better security, it will be possible? from new Dash_core ?... pivx coin have function for start masternode offline and next relay as HEX online, but in new Dash console such functions are missing.... or Im blind :D
  2. nnx3

    Version 12.2 release

    Devs in my pinion U should correct last DASH. version, because ... CPU is still overheated : CPU is hot 50% about 40connections to other node... Im trying to test with other cryptocurency with results: CPU Deamon usage fo currencies: PIVX 3% (30nodes) DECRED 1% (42nodes) IOTA 26% (9nodes)...
  3. nnx3

    Cryptocurrencies that have governance.

    only PIVX and NEM give profit above inflation, better way is still hold IOTA (0% inflations) and token from Ether netwrk as GNT, SJCX (no inflation), now DASH give 8% but inflation is 20% it means that MN dash holder are -12% losers for the miners.
  4. nnx3

    Version 12.2 release

    How long old version will be acceptable by network.??.. some people still waiting for MN payment..
  5. nnx3

    payment queue

    it means that If U are owners of many MN U can easy block other masternode (like me MN) by voting for your own, hehe its not fair play
  6. nnx3

    payment queue

    have look few last week MN was between 4500-4700. Easy calculation give U info 4600 - 10% = 4140MN block every 3minutes = 480 block per day 4140/480 = 8.625 THat mens any MN should not have the payment faster than 8,6 DAYS I give U link with MN who have a payment with 5-6 days...
  7. nnx3

    payment queue

    WHY some MN have a payment in 5 days and other in 10days?.... U have a proof on this link open source.. hehe onyl few peoples have a time to study this scripts... please open eyes for the FACTS.!!
  8. nnx3

    payment queue

    are U correct my VPS have 65% RAM used and 5-10% CPU usage, I have super fast datacenter in amsterdam.... 100% uptime.... please give me more TIPS for MN because my MN waiting 10,5 days and ) and queue decrease from 33 to 24 in 24Hours...!!!! In my opinion it is MANIPULATION by developer who...
  9. nnx3

    payment queue

    devs take a time for own MN have look this have payment after 6 days few minuts ago my mn waiitng 10 days for payment, DASH MN going to be scam :(
  10. nnx3

    Masternode Operators: Sentinel Hotfix (Action Required)

    in my opinion dash dev team was doing inside job with this update , some MN have payment after 6 days as but other need waiting 10 days and more as my
  11. nnx3

    New Start Required, everything else fine except no payment

    hewl why few MN have a better privilage than other payments after 6 dasy my MN wiaitng 10 days without payment
  12. nnx3

    masternode queue/count : 1/4555 (selection pending) for 15 days

    this backdoor was doing by dev some MN are better than other, DVS MN always was first have look address payment every 6days
  13. nnx3

    new mining reward ASIC/MN

    have look on NEM (XEM) 0% profit for scipt minners 100% for masternodes this configuration is as fuel for THE ROCCKET price :D no more scipt mining!!!!!!, we will be better for our world , no pollution etc
  14. nnx3

    [] Dash Masternode Ninja - Free Masternode Monitoring

    In my case, dashninja geoip database not going good, I have check IP and is visible as US but I checked and have IP from Shanghai
  15. nnx3

    new mining reward ASIC/MN

    but there are not a ecosystem just (its mono-system) , because CPU/GPU minner are kick by ASIC technology who are in few black hand :) .. as baikalminer ... buy ASIC are impossible.. BAIKALMINER responde: Sorry to tell you that this pre-order of cube and quad-cube miners were sold out again, and...
  16. nnx3

    new mining reward ASIC/MN

    anybody know CPU/GPU minning is not a profitable ony ASIC an MASTERNODE give a profit... but ASIC company doing extra profitable businnes for themselves , all sales ASIC are stoping DASH mining are a scam :D now its time to change rules!!, whot do you think about new mining reward: miners 24%...
  17. nnx3

    new blockchain expolorer is a BLOCK EXPLORER not for DASH only but for many more OTHER crypto currencies. Chainz is technical good but have look on its many better for check transaction with stats more artist. coders are a blind for arts :D I know !!!! ITS talking about...
  18. nnx3

    new blockchain expolorer

    please bad cover give bad promo - normal people and mainstreem don't check source code, good coin need fast, secure, and good functionaly and good statistick on block explorer, then Dash price will fast going up many other coin have a better tech advance
  19. nnx3

    new blockchain expolorer

    U can still dislike to do new BLOCK EXPLORER but, its true all my normal (not a geek) friends dont like DASH because Dash. don't have good interface to check payments, DASH still looking as antediluvian project when people start with internet... future platform don't looking as dash.
  20. nnx3

    Sentinel run test passed = No

    moocowmoo your scipt are really good work :D , do: git pull and startus are ok: dashman/dashman status | grep "sentinel tests passed" sentinel tests passed : YES but we must every few days do: git pull? this will be update in next dashman? otherway good choice will be change...
  21. nnx3

    when people start telling you they have a answer. There are no answer at this poin. Part of...

    when people start telling you they have a answer. There are no answer at this poin. Part of growing up is to live without answers.
  22. nnx3

    new blockchain expolorer

    hello, good coin have a good block explorer, We should do new site with nice design, people look like good project as blocktrai have look
  23. nnx3

    Voting for ALL Dash holder, not just Masternodes

    perfect way!, everybody should use own address for vote with weight of ammount dash, some address have 35000 dash and other have 20 dash, Its will easy to do with sign messages in core wallet.