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  1. bluebit

    How to check for confirmed Dash transaction with ESP32?

    As a beginner in the field of microcontrollers such as Arduino Nano, ESP32, etc. I'm looking to learn how I can check for a Dash payment status with the ESP32 that's connected via Wifi to the Internet. Do I need to learn how to connect to an API or HTTP GET or something else, its all new to me...
  2. bluebit

    Is the Woocommerce Dash Plugin still being maintained?

    I'm getting an error: Dash payment gateway NOT operational. Insight-API error in connection or network status
  3. bluebit

    Can we get Dashpay Card?

    I like what SmartCash is doing, they are coming out with the SmartCard in 2 months Can the dash masternode owners please fund a Dashpay Card, I'll be its #1 user :)
  4. bluebit

    Looking for help/advice on how to get my Dash website finished before launch this year

    So I created in spanish, the english version is on its way but currently running into roadblocks in the design look, chat/support system, uploader system, and few other minor issues. I'm trying to make it as professional as possible. I'm not sure how many web devs are on this Dash...
  5. bluebit

    Dash Evolution - Question about Moderator

    I just watch the Dash Evolution video and saw that if a merchant has a dispute with a customer that a moderator can become involved in order to settle the dispute. So how does this exactly work? If lets say I use Dash Auto Pay every month, I'm guessing every month Dash is deducted from my Dash...
  6. bluebit

    WTS Want Airbnb Giftcard, will send you Dash!!!

    We can start with small size gift card to build trust.
  7. bluebit

    Airlines to accept Dash - I see opportunity

    I noticed that after reading this article and going to the Peach Airlines website that it appears they stopped accepting Bitcoin. I see this as a major opportunity for Dash. First off, I believe they stopped accepting it...
  8. bluebit

    Request for Dash iOS Wallet to have Spanish Language Added

    I've got lots of spanish friends that want to use the wallet and i always have to translate the english to them, please add option in the wallet to switch to spanish. This would be a big help!!!!
  9. bluebit

    Anyone can recommend a VPS with wordpress woocommerce, dedicated ip, free ssl, and cheap plan?

    So far the cheapest I found is Cloudways for $7 per month. The reason I'm doing this is cause I have my website hosted at shared hosting and it would be way too expensive to get a dedicated server in order to enable gmp extension for the Dash Woocommerce plugin, I know that...
  10. bluebit

    Currently paying a Developer to create a Dash wordpress plugin

    Stay tuned, should be completed in 20 days. This plugin is different than the other Dash plugins created so far.
  11. bluebit

    Developers, I will pay for this wordpress plugin - Dash Ad-Captcha

    I just had this killer idea, but since I'm no developer I can't create the plugin, so I'm going to throw this idea out there in hopes someone creates it and I can purchase this plugin. Dash AD-Captcha Wordpress Plugin I'd like advertisers to pay me with Dash for ad spots to show inside a...
  12. bluebit

    Buyout Dashcoin

    We have a 4 letter symbol, DASH, it's great but most exchanges use 3 letter symbols. Bitfinex still has DRK on it's beta page, they love using a 3 letter code. Dashcoin has DSH. I say we buy them out, and use that symbol. It would also get rid of any confusion for new people that see Dashcoin on...
  13. bluebit

    Craigrant is spamming the forum with his videos

    At first when craig started making videos about Dash everything seemed great. But now it seems apparent that something different is going on. As a community do we want Craigrant to be representing us? He appears to be goofing/clowning around, posting his videos all over the places in order...
  14. bluebit

    Dash + Independent Films

    Just had this amazing idea...let's put the Dash Soda Machine in movies. Film students are always finding ways to earn the film prizes offered by various film contests, as well as creating movies to submit to well-known film festivals. Let's find a Director interested in using the Dash Soda...
  15. bluebit

    Dash + Protonmail

    For those that don't know about Protonmail, it's an private encrypted opensource email service provider based in Switzerland. I use them all the time. It's free to use. Now I was thinking, what if there was a send Dash button inside of Protonmail. They have a giant privacy-minded userbase...
  16. bluebit

    This guy left Ethereum and Bitshares

    Charles Hoskinson talks about why he joined and left Ethereum. There was a difference of opinion about having a profit or non-profit hybrid structure. Also Charles doesn’t agree with some of the tech decisions. He also elaborates on his departure at Invictus Innovations, known for Bitshares...
  17. bluebit

    Idea - Gift DASH ATM's to Universities

    I believe it would be great to put a DASH ATM in every tech/engineering university, all over the world. DASH ATM in a tech university in INDIA, CHINA, HONG KONG, GERMANY, USA, etc Students get to learn how to use the new technology, they can build their own DASH soda machine and do fun projects.
  18. bluebit

    Instantx Soda Machine next to DASH-Lamassu ATM

    I have an idea, since we are going to have Dash integrated into Lamassu ATM, why not put an Instantx Soda Machine next to every Lamassu ATM, that way people can automatically buy on the spot something with their newly acquired DASH :)
  19. bluebit

    Added gitian builds for Raspberry Pi

    what is this? added gitian builds for Raspberry Pi I can't read code, can someone explain to me what this code does, I have a Raspberry Pi but haven't made it into a masternode yet. I'm waiting for the new Dash version to come out and buster's video tutorial to start multiple masternodes on VPS.