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  1. Lebubar

    Dash Trust Protectors Please React!

    How strange and ironic, in the sacrosanct name of truth and transparency someone can throw some random and false allegation? MM had all the necessarily tools in hand to be able to investigate a little further those points before making defamatory allegation. He didn't, why? I also found MM...
  2. Lebubar

    What did you like the Best thing about dash?

    Best killer functionality imho is IS/InstantSend. Second PrivateSend, optional privacy is wonderfull idea and was never cracked a single time yet!
  3. Lebubar

    I want to know about Dash?

    If you like video: coinbureau made some relatively objective and interesting video explaining Dash: Then you have all the Amanda's Dash School series.
  4. Lebubar

    Dash Holders - huge "changing of the guard"

    Manoeuvring soon? :)
  5. Lebubar

    Masternode Question

    You can use one of sharing service and have half a MN (get some Dash revenue, while you find the 500 missing Dash for your own full MN)
  6. Lebubar

    Getting into Stack Exchange

    Finally I did it :)
  7. Lebubar

    Proposal: DS Liquidity Providers v2

    I think that they had a little more than the pure colaterals fees. A small bonus for the time spent, launching, starting DS from time to time, for electricity to run the PC where the client is running, etc... ;) And surely for the budget to have more chance to pass!
  8. Lebubar

    I want to produce “Dash vs Bitcoin” video, need a help with script

    Make a DashNDrink against a BitcoinNDrink in a hot warm day :)
  9. Lebubar

    Network Stress Test?

    Interesting. What about stressing with instantX on mainet? ( hmm should be expensive at the end at 0.01 fee per transaction..)
  10. Lebubar

    We should reduce the cost of proposals.

    Why no option to have (more than) > 5 DASH in the poll ?
  11. Lebubar

    The Community could help me run the Half Marathon of Argentina through campaign donations?

    I will certainly vote "Yes" for this iniciative.
  12. Lebubar

    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Alex-ru promotional initiatives

    Your videos are really nice, I'll also support you. I voted for a 1 time payment, and I think you'll have more chance to make it pass like this. (With this nice uptrend we have who know where price will be in 1, 6 or 12 months?
  13. Lebubar

    Satoshi Round Table

    Are you joking?
  14. Lebubar

    DASH at Anarchapulco

    Bravo! Really nice. Your speech was really great, you say it all. Thanks.
  15. Lebubar

    Marketing VS PR

    Solarminer, We need more people to know Dash. Even if still some work or merchants adoption. PR will not only attract more investors or users, but maybe some worker that will do something to the ecosystem and help Dash to grow. How did we get new developers? The minimum is that they know what is...
  16. Lebubar

    Marketing VS PR

    Dash need PR right here, right now!
  17. Lebubar

    iBeLink™ DM384M ASIC Dash Miner

    Tks for this detailed report. 50, is few I think they will be sold very quickly, did we know how they'll make the sell? On a website? First in first out?
  18. Lebubar

    An Idea for a New Type of Forum

    Ok maybe on forum you win, as you are bitching here all day long. Sorry but once again this discution is not very constructive, so I'll not continue here, some things to do in real world. What about real life? This count?
  19. Lebubar

    An Idea for a New Type of Forum

    No it's not this, it's not having opposing views. Debate, diferent thinking is good. Ranting all day long saying : you should do this, or that you should not do this or that and make nothing, is not constructive!
  20. Lebubar

    An Idea for a New Type of Forum

    Lol. Good point jpr. The idea is intesresting, but I don't think it can be applied, it can divide even more and look unfair. We need free speach.
  21. Lebubar

    Budget System v2 / Transform PR

    Same here, and aggree with you Kot :)
  22. Lebubar

    Dash Partnership with Transform PR

    Before I wanted more MN to have more ROI, now I want more just to have more votes ;)
  23. Lebubar

    DASH at Anarchapulco

    Hey Juan, Check your PM. I live in Mexico city, I can't go to Acapulco at those date. But if you need help for anything just PM me back.
  24. Lebubar

    Budget Proposal Voting Status Table

    Nice. Much more clear information. So much budget proposal this month ;)
  25. Lebubar

    Dash Partnership with Transform PR

    Hmmmm, Not cool. PR and better visibility is really what we need now. (imho) Is that massive "no" came from the dash/$ debate? (In which desert are you guys?)
  26. Lebubar

    Problems with Budget System / Possible Solutions

    Forever can be problematic for the reason you give, 1 year memory seems good balanced. Maybe enable a re-evaluation, or make a renewal period (ie: re-open vote every X months for 30 days, 1 month before the terms of the "period" contract. ) For example : a contract of 1 year with 6 months...
  27. Lebubar

    Problems with Budget System / Possible Solutions

    I love your two ideas David. 1. How long (if there is a limit) do you think the network will/should remember the unpaid Dash from superblock? (forever? or fix a limit?) 2. This is good to avoid breaking contracts and make Dash look un-profesional. I think that long time period contracts will...
  28. Lebubar

    Budget Proposal - Vendor-Experience UPDATED

    It's not MY money, and yes I got faith in them, as said they already made something successful. Did people talked more about evolution or Dash N Drink during the Miami conference? Edit : we are not sure it'll be 100% success but at least we can say at the end : at least they (we) tried. Edit2...
  29. Lebubar

    Budget Proposal - Vendor-Experience UPDATED

    The only question you must ask to yourself : Do you want to make this possible: "The goal is to create the software and hardware to easily interface with a wide variety of products." If you answer yes to this question, then vote Yes.
  30. Lebubar

    Budget Proposal - Vendor-Experience UPDATED

    Great update Solar, thanks for the detailed description. You have my vote.
  31. Lebubar

    Poll: MN Voting: Binary or Fractional?

    So 0.5 means 50% Yes and 50% no, I'm not sure what I want..?... To complicated! Stick it Yes/No binary, you agree or you don't agree.
  32. Lebubar

    TNABC = personal view II

    tks, great feedback.
  33. Lebubar

    Personal Views on the Miami Conference

    No oficial reports from Evan or Daniel yet? (Not about the bikinI no one care, but about the whole conference)
  34. Lebubar

    The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread Day #2

    Even better to know : how many wallet has been download from google-play? Someone must have this info?
  35. Lebubar

    Personal Views on the Miami Conference

    Thanks babygiraffe This is exactly what I feal regarding the laBITconf in Mexico. Exactly the same.
  36. Lebubar

    The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread

    Someone know when Evan will speak?
  37. Lebubar

    The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread

    Cool... Thanks man. Great!!! Much better booth instalation than in Mexico lol
  38. Lebubar

    Dash Partnership with Transform PR

    My MNs which voted Yes to this, are happy :grin:
  39. Lebubar

    Dash Birthday / Trademark Resolution / Blocksize Limitation

    Happy bithday Dash! Just a little thing : I'm not fan of the fee on all transactions. I know we have to do it to mitigate spam attack on the network... Can we have more detail about how much the fee will be?
  40. Lebubar

    DashTV - The easy way to keep an eye on your investment

    It seems that it was not fixed permanently ;) down for me right now. Edit : working now.