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  1. roomservice

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Explorer Android App

    The app will support individual addresses (1) in the very first version. You could copy / paste an address or browse the blockchain and add it into a list of "watched" addresses. Adding support for HD wallets (2) could be a feature for later versions - if community wants it. The api used, seems...
  2. roomservice

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Explorer Android App

    Sure, i'll add it to my todo list - both incomming and outgoing transactions and an option where you can configure in which notifications you are interested in. Great feedback guys, keep going :)
  3. roomservice

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Explorer Android App

    Thanks for your feedback so far! Already started creating the app - will go for a proposal with a working app. At this time, i can tell how much work was done and how much to ask in case of funding. Here are some early screenshots of the app, if you are interested: Basic market data and Dash...
  4. roomservice

    Pre-Proposal: Buy Dash with Google Play.

    Google Play Store charges 30% fees for any in-app purchase - this doesn't make sense to me. Source: On top of that anybody can request a refund on in-app purchases for various reasons, good luck getting your Dash back...
  5. roomservice

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Explorer Android App

    DashCentral app in its current state is specificly targeted for masternode owners, for what it works really great - no doubt about that. The idea of Dash Explorer is to bring both useful information and usability about DASH to the Android eco-system in order to improve DASH on the smartphone...
  6. roomservice

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Explorer Android App

    Dear DASH community, today i wanna submit a Pre-Proposal for a possible Dash Explorer Android App, would love to hear your feedback and discuss if this idea is worth a funding. PDF Version: About me: I'am fairly new to the Dash community - about 2 month now. Guess you...
  7. roomservice

    Baikal miner Quad-CUBE available

    Awesome - want to buy!
  8. roomservice

    Are there any sites selling Bikal Quadruple Miners?

    All info i got come from our friends @bitcointalk:
  9. roomservice

    Are there any sites selling Bikal Quadruple Miners?

    Good news from Baikal: seems like they are going to sell new ASICs later this month. Link:
  10. roomservice

    Dash Casino www.Palastcasino.Com --- Roulette, Slots, Poker, BlackJack--

    Kein Impressum, kein Firmenname, es hagelt nur so von Rechtschreibfehlern in den Nutzungsbedingungen -> seems legit :) :) :)
  11. roomservice

    Bargain: Who wants 6500 dash?

    Can't Dash be somehow improved in order to prevent such an exploit? My first thought, just add this rule: - Proposals have to be at least x (enter magic number here) days old in order to be included into next super-block Would that work out or any negative side-effects?
  12. roomservice

    Wie man 6.000% Gewinn mit der Bitcoinalternative Dash macht

    Hi Mark, fantastische Arbeit - habe gleich deinen YouTube Channel abonniert. Danke dafür!
  13. roomservice

    Baikal New miner Giant-A900 Now open for sale

    Giant-A900 looks awesome - any news when product will be available again? Seems out of stock on Baikal website o_O
  14. roomservice

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi folks, just discovered Dash today - looks like an awesome project and well organised. I would love to become a part of the community and maybe a part of the project itsself.