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  1. Lorax

    Taxes for accepted Dash proposals Unless you are a federal employee, there is a 99.9% chance you do not legally owe a penny. I can understand this is confusing and daunting to you and you are scared to do the right thing and its not your fault. Americans have only been lied to about the income tax since...
  2. Lorax

    Thailand and SE Asia Youtube Video/Marketing

    I dont recommend others to do this, or if they do, do at their own risk, But I find reputable people on, I do a couple bitcoin trades, and then go direct, keep it small amounts. My last transaction was direct and Dash was used. You can meet a trader face to face and ask to buy...
  3. Lorax

    Thailand and SE Asia Youtube Video/Marketing

    Hi Amzar, After some more thought after typing this up. I would need to focus on Thailand first and only Thailand. The main goal is to find serious actors and English/Thai speakers. Fortunately Thai's have a great work ethic and if paid accordingly they can produce a lot of content without much...
  4. Lorax

    Dash is the currency even Mothers can use but Why would they use it?

    Theres a few issues with your mindset of mothers. Mothers have kids, kids are the real target audience. This is a generational thing. Kids were using Facebook long before mothers were(depending on the age of the mom of course) But in 10 years, there are kids who were born after Dash was...
  5. Lorax

    Thailand and SE Asia Youtube Video/Marketing

    I have been involved with Bitcoin since Spring of 2013. I have traveled through south east Asia and I keep meeting and networking with many people in many various walks of life, some are in big business, others are social media musicians, entertainers, bloggers who are Thai, Korean, Japanese...
  6. Lorax

    DASH in Malaysia

    I'll be headed to Malaysia soon!
  7. Lorax

    Cryptocurrencies that have governance.

    I have found NXT a very interesting coin, soon to be Ardor.
  8. Lorax

    Dash as world money transfer for unbanked people

    I like this idea.