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  1. ayruel

    Just had an idea for us miner collectively help DRK before next fork !!

    Wallet updated ,,,just web info Price fall ,,cz many fail update.. Bad for public ... i told b4 at irc more fail after first hardfork Trader ...didnt want to take long risk .. so ..sold all their coin
  2. ayruel

    Pool List

  3. ayruel

    Pool List

    All p2pool auto list at p2pool scanner .. all p2pool is listed
  4. ayruel

    Pool List

    Added now ..thanks every1
  5. ayruel

    [XPOOL.CA][Multipool] x11 | sha256 | scrypt | lyra2REv2 - KNC Titans, Large GPUs & Nicehash support

    nice pool .. i cant add to pool list ..need 4% like ratio to edit post ,,maybe moderator can help btw i try mining at this awsome multipool
  6. ayruel

    Pool List

    sure ..but help me to like this post ..every post must exceed post ratio about 4 % like to edit its new forum feature
  7. ayruel

    Reverting RC3 Masternode Payments Fork

    ./darkcoind --reindex Why revert ? ... just ignore, if another pool/exchanger not follow dev instruction .. its only need time .. they are following soon
  8. ayruel

    Pool List

    ok ..thanks
  9. ayruel

    Fork to stop masternode payments

    Next Fork mus be better ... If fail again ... its bad ..
  10. ayruel

    Pool List

    Added .. all p2pool list ... thanks for info
  11. ayruel

    Pool List

    fee? tx fee?
  12. ayruel

    0% mining fees at

    Pool list : Spread the hash
  13. ayruel

    Pool List

    ok ..sound good
  14. ayruel

    Pool List

    sure ..added
  15. ayruel

    Pool List

    i try to give more info ..thanks for ur suggestion
  16. ayruel

    p2pool-drk hardfork how to for May 14th

    Block 68938 & 68873
  17. ayruel

    MPOS [Pool] - Coinotron --- New DASH PPS worker = 3% ( plus lowered other rates ) !!!!!

  18. ayruel

    p2pool-drk hardfork how to for May 14th

    Report : last block 1 h All p2pool : 6 h last block
  19. ayruel

    [noob] How do I connect to a p2p pool?

    CC miner :
  20. ayruel

    Pool List

    All p2pool list : & Multipool with darkcoin payout :
  21. ayruel

    Postponing Masternode Payments Till May 25th

    So this wallet worked with new nomp Updated?
  22. ayruel

    0 fee Mining Pool

    Wallet is updated Version 90303 Protocol Version 70014 Wallet Version 60000 This code includes the following changes and improvements: DGW3 - fixes all issues with various architectures Magic numbers for Darkcoin messaging will be changed from Litecoins
  23. ayruel

    0 fee Mining Pool

  24. ayruel

    Developement work for p2pool and NOMP Stratum patch

    good challenge .. 5 DRK to the bounty Transaction ID: 78ae3466c0220332cf1301a14c6454cd823cad0484c144a3197ec926faf2b00a
  25. ayruel

    0 fee Mining Pool

    Nomp Stratum No fee mining Low TX fee (auto or manual) only 0.00001000 DRK drk (maybe more low in future,who knows?) Minimum payout from 0.001 drk (maybe more low soon) Pplns Ddos Protection Vardif and Static work share Support always listen to miner.find me(ayruel) at
  26. ayruel

    Dark is part of this lives ---------->Donate : XdKnfzJyJzuweG8meAMRNvuV2AV7SH8sF3

    Dark is part of this lives ---------->Donate : XdKnfzJyJzuweG8meAMRNvuV2AV7SH8sF3
  27. ayruel

    Donate : XdKnfzJyJzuweG8meAMRNvuV2AV7SH8sF3

    Donate : XdKnfzJyJzuweG8meAMRNvuV2AV7SH8sF3
  28. ayruel

    Day Traders

    What ever ..price has movement ... downtrend coming..but do not ask me when .. ;)
  29. ayruel

    Dark on Bitcoin Wisdom!

    Very nice ... mintpal is big volume too
  30. ayruel

    DRK / USD now on

    What payment method ? Wire Transfer pnly?
  31. ayruel

    Game Dev For Darkcoin

    ok ..agree hi too ... iam Indonesian ... thanks for ur repply..... the problem for playing some game ..sometimes its hard to pay something with paypal,visa etc.. if darkcoin taking action before another good movement
  32. ayruel

    Game Dev For Darkcoin

    First think if i create some coin is : How to return all/half coin belong back to dev .. my answer is only : trade it ... first think for people is : for what this coin belong to me ...what i can spend with this coin ... my answer is : make people to spend it at online market ... Next question...
  33. ayruel

    Game Dev For Darkcoin

    For Online Games like Mmorpg rpg ..etc First I apologize for not being able to use English perfectly and if this trhead in wrong place please move it :D This idea has long existed in my brain but because of the limited ability I have. i cant make it true .. :) you should know that gamers spend...