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  1. IronVape

    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd

    It’s a way to spin up your own private version of a testing network. So that you can experiment with various aspects of dash in a controlled environment. Currently there is only one test network, and when someone breaks something on it, everyone has to stop testing until it gets relaunched.
  2. IronVape

    Lots of money being spent on “Marketing”, yet I have to search, photoshop and custom make handouts.

    Yes. Someone on discord gave me that link last week. I’ve spent a week photoshopping using the info graphic as a start point. The handout is still not really correctly formatted, but I ran out of time and just got the rush delivery today. So that at least I have something to give out at the...
  3. IronVape

    Lots of money being spent on “Marketing”, yet I have to search, photoshop and custom make handouts.

    Can we please get organized enough to provide resources for our own community members who are using their own funds and donating their time to promote Dash? The brochures from the Miami conference (and ALL other marketing materials) should be easily available to people (such as myself) who are...
  4. IronVape

    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    Submit, vote, and move on. Evolution matters. Nothing else.
  5. IronVape

    Pre pre proposal Idea for blockchain cowork space in Tampa, FL

    Standing room only at the Wednesday meetup this week!! I'm anxious to see what kind of proposal @Rosa is gonna put together. PS. Merry X-Mass to everyone everywhere.
  6. IronVape

    What are the parameters of Core Team business development?

    Who is the "we" in this sentence?
  7. IronVape

    Dash Across the Border Tour in the Bitcoin Bus 2018

    I tend to agree. Let Blockstream and fund their own tours.
  8. IronVape

    Pre pre proposal Idea for blockchain cowork space in Tampa, FL

    Live at Blockspaces right now. Ether developers meetup. Topic = smart contract for development contest.
  9. IronVape

    Pre pre proposal Idea for blockchain cowork space in Tampa, FL

    Just ignore Demo. He's our resident troll. We don't block/ban him because he would just get a new account and start again. It's better to leave him alone.
  10. IronVape

    Pre pre proposal Idea for blockchain cowork space in Tampa, FL

    Hi Rosa, glad to see you here. Full disclosure first: I am one of the oldest members of the Tampa Bay meetup group(s) and I am partly responsible for the popularity of Dash among our members. I convinced Rosa and Gabe that Dash had a winning strategy over a year ago. I give $10 in Dash to...
  11. IronVape

    Amanda with PMBC: Update Thread

    Thanks Amanda. Love the way you have always keep us updated on your proposals. Others will hopefully learn to do the same.
  12. IronVape

    Dash Leopards Soccer

    @JZA. Hey guy. Hitting someone with a Troll tag just because you disagree with them is.... Well... Not very wise. I notice that NO ONE has ever tagged you as a troll. Yet. There is a disagree button, perhaps you should consider changing the tag.
  13. IronVape

    Price stability and basecoin

    Just some points to add.. Not contradicting anyone: 1. Pegging is not desirable. All pegs are gameable and ultimately doomed. 2. Tracking / hedging is desirable. 3. Tracking USD is good because... 3 A. It's easer to track something with falling value than the opposite. 3 B. USD is...
  14. IronVape

    Price stability and basecoin

    An on-chain USD tracking token as part of the Dash ecosystem would be a huge asset to the platform. It would be a major undertaking, but it would make Dash merchant acceptance extremely easy. Laser focus on Evolution right now... But future plans??
  15. IronVape

    MNOs - Are you OK with DashIncubator backers supporting proposals?

    1.). Thanks for asking! 2.). Yes. The current model is acceptable. 2a). As @martinf mentioned lower returns and even negative returns would be a nice option. I donated to the Venazela conference proposal, and I would do break even or even negative return bets on proposals that I like...
  16. IronVape

    How about a Dash banking licence to shift the fiat gateway initiative into overdrive?

    I like the idea. How would you structure it?
  17. IronVape

    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    @algodon.franelas 0.2 sent
  18. IronVape

    Need 5 Dash to create proposal??

    Submit a pre-proposal describing your project and respond to suggestions and criticisms. If the community likes your idea, there are 2 or 3 different ways to get the 5 dash proposal fee paid for you.
  19. IronVape

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program ~45 attendees. 16 new people set up with wallets and refunded cover charge in Dash. Pic 1 is the young woman collecting cover charge. Pic 2 is Rosa. Presenter and cofounder of the group. Pic 3 is the group abut 1/2 hour before start. Pics 4,5&6 are the transactions...
  20. IronVape

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    Hey guys, Here is the address for my brand new shiny official Apple approved Dash wallet. XeamMykfNgMVjMCujyXCgduK8UE9Mb7fpM If you could be so kind as to send the Wild Card prize to it... I will be distributing it to newbies tonight. P.S. No real hurry.. I can self fund my evangelism, but it...
  21. IronVape

    Lowering masternode collateral to 100 pre proposal

    I skipped over reading this thread for along time because the title alone is enough for me to say "no thank you", But after reading through it now, I gave Mizzy a whole bunch of "agrees" just to offset the "troll, and stupid" tags. I don agree with the idea, but the level of vitriol being...
  22. IronVape

    bitcoin civil war is getting worse , time to take advantage of it ??

    That's the best summary I've ever heard.
  23. IronVape

    [pre-proposal] Exchange Listing Incentive Program

    Assuming escrow and accountability are in place... I fully support this Force Mutiplier! 4 payments of 1,275 would fit into the budget a bit smoother. Also. 75%, on activation, 15% at 6 months, and 10% at one year .
  24. IronVape

    DASH Español, spanish information hub

    . Yes, lets ask him to produce documentation at the same level that Amanda and Pete did. As a final note: I am a veteran of the block size war. And, therefore am completely unimpressed by "moderator" tags and "Core Group" tags. Nonetheless, using such tags to support unresearched and...
  25. IronVape

    DASH Español, spanish information hub

    . And it was immediately followed by a proposal for three more months which was approved and has been paid two months already. Why are you pretending to be unaware of this?
  26. IronVape

    DASH Español, spanish information hub

    @TanteStefana "they don't get paid for meetups" ---- Yes they do. They get 16 Dash / month for the last 5 months and will get another 16 before they ask for more. That is more than $2,500.00 per month just to host a meetup. If ten poeple ahow up thats $250 each. I find it very hard to...
  27. IronVape

    Proposal Assistance - Dash Treasury - Claim of ownership

    It looks like a 3rd party owns the proposal that you think is yours. You will have to talk to the real proposal owner about getting your idea posted. Note: If this proposal gets funded. The Dash does not go to you. It goes to whoever your mystery sponsor is. Note2: Dashcentral did not...
  28. IronVape

    Proposal Assistance - Dash Treasury - Claim of ownership

    Do you in fact own that address? Did you create it using the same wallet that you are trying to sign from? What happens if you send 0.001 dash to that address? Does it show up in your wallet?
  29. IronVape

    DASH Español, spanish information hub

    Why is this different from all the other "give me money and I'll make video" proposals? Because, It's JZA and we know him! We paid him $1,400.00 per attendee to present Dash and other cryptos... A big "success"! We pay each and every attendee at his meetup group between $100 and $200 every...
  30. IronVape

    Open Letter to CEO Ryan Taylor and DASH Stakeholders

    Saving for the future is fine. But... Any attempt to re-generate unspent treasury funds should be proceeded by a MN vote because you are talking about altering the coin supply schedule. That is not something which should be taken lightly!
  31. IronVape

    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    @algodon.franelas Most cloud mining offers are pure fiction. They have no actual mining equipment. They are just pyramid schemes. Some are semi-legit but they are not profitable. They make their money by taking advantage of the fact that newbies don't understand how mining difficulty...
  32. IronVape

    Coincap poll

    Recient mentions of using uncreated treasury funds as a network "savings account" prompt me to ask this question.
  33. IronVape

    Meetup in Monterrey Mexico on July 1, 2017

    Full reimbursement is appropriate. 35 truly interested people for 2.2 Dash is a bargain.
  34. IronVape

    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    1.). I do not think that $2,500 is enough to get this done. You need more. 2.). Cancel the cloud mining event - perhaps replace it with a "how to spot and avoid crypto-scams" event
  35. IronVape

    Continuing 'Dash Detailed' weekly YouTube show

    Amanda was an established crypto-currency reporter, investigator and enthusiast BEFORE she came to Dash. She brought a big following of crypto people with her to Dash. She knew a lot about our network before she came and made it her business to learn and explain what she did not already know...
  36. IronVape

    amanda and pete deserve a nice long vacation

    I would support a proposal in the 100 - 200 Dash range. Too late for this budget cycle. Next month?
  37. IronVape

    Dash Core Team Q1 2017 Summary Call

    Outsource the post production. Plenty of freelancers in the world.
  38. IronVape

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Bug Bounty Program by BugCrowd

    This is less than we pay for our "Air Force". I know "marketing" is our big buzz word this month, but let's try to keep our priorities in line. Killing bugs is way more important!