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  1. RichardAO

    "dash-qt: ./leveldb/db/skiplist.h:344"

    Im getting this message when dash-qt fails to start on my linux 64 bit system running debian stretch: dash-qt: ./leveldb/db/skiplist.h:344: void leveldb::SkipList<Key, Comparator>::Insert(const Key&) [with Key = const char*; Comparator = leveldb::MemTable::KeyComparator]: Assertion `x == NULL...
  2. RichardAO

    Complete price history

    Is there an official place where the entire price history, or at least the opening/closing/average trading price, of Dash can be downloaded? Or can anyone get this information from their exchange of choice and share it as, for example, a list of tuples i.e. date,price? Im aware that graphs are...
  3. RichardAO

    OFFICIAL DASH ROADMAP - Version 2.1.1 // Delivery Milestones

    Ive been proposing this for a while, Im glad this is part of the plan - even if I may not have inspired it :) How can I contribute/help?
  4. RichardAO

    Pre-proposal (aka an idea): create a DAO to build mining rigs for DASH

    Serious tech should be what we're about. As I mentioned, our network is at the mercy of suppliers; as our popularity grows, our hash rate needs to grow with it or we will stagnate and/or succumb to skyrocketing transaction fees like some other major coins. I understand that a rise in new miners...
  5. RichardAO

    Pre-proposal (aka an idea): create a DAO to build mining rigs for DASH

    It seems every supplier of new mining rigs that work on X11 are sold out. What if a small group of engineers were formed to build a DASH mining product to keep pace with the growing needs of the network? The company's main goal would be to build ASIC rigs for DASH, but could also sell rigs for...
  6. RichardAO

    Changing the definition of a unit of Dash

    How about this: .1 dash = decidash .01 dash = centidash .001 dash = milidash ...etc! 10 dash = DecaDash 100 dash = CentoDash 1000 dash = MegaDash No need for cute names because there are standards for that ;) Mine may be a little off, but I think I may have made some small holder feel better...
  7. RichardAO

    Reduction Of Proposal Fee To 0.1 Dash (Proposal)

    Really? No way? Why should I support something, potentially vote on it and pay for it, if you cant even get 5 of *your own friends* behind it? Leave the fee as it is, so only serious value-adding well-planned proposals get voted on.
  8. RichardAO

    Reduction Of Proposal Fee To 0.1 Dash (Proposal)

    No matter what the usd evaluation of Dash is at any given moment, people with good ideas can still gather support and make proposals. 5 Dash will always be 5 Dash, be it from friends or family or well wishers. Promote your great idea and you wont need to raise the funds - the funds will come to...
  9. RichardAO

    Reduction Of Proposal Fee To 0.1 Dash (Proposal)

    If you cant get five friends behind your idea, to lend you a Dash each, then how great of an idea can it be? Good luck.
  10. RichardAO

    Observations, ideas, proposals and constructive criticism.

    Im against lowering the proposal cost. And i cant afford to even make one. In any case I believe the pricing does set it up so less serious/less thought out proposals dont show their faces. If one wants to make a proposal bad enough, one can always convince 5 friends to lend you 1 Dash each...
  11. RichardAO

    Introduction to my extraordinary proposal

    As an aside, the 5 Dash doesnt need to all come from you. Perhaps you have 4 supportive german friends who can instant-send you 1 Dash each? Then, together with your one Dash, you make proposal. Should it pass, you pay back your very supportive friends :)
  12. RichardAO

    Dash now USD 76.9

    Maybe theres a 10x rule developing... Dash is 10x Litecoin, Bitcoin is 10x Dash. Maybe this is the stability point.
  13. RichardAO

    Reduction in proposal fee to 1 Dash (Pre-Proposal)

    If one cant afford 5 Dash, one can use the pre-proposal forum to garner support and perhaps obtain help from serious supporters of ones proposal who can pool Dash together for the proposal. Done. Sorry if this is repetitive/redundant. Seemed obvious to me.
  14. RichardAO

    A Dash brand ATM in downtown Lyon (70 Dash)

    I hear you and generally agree RE engineering perspective - I would argue that in this case we are talking about just three already well defined functions, not new solutions. Putting three functions under one hood isnt too much to ask :) The sound of one mining rigs cooling gear inside of a...
  15. RichardAO

    A Dash brand ATM in downtown Lyon (70 Dash)

    To add to your idea, would you consider adding a mining rig into the ATM machine itself? As the machine sits idle most of the time functioning only as an ATM, you would optimize electricity usage by mining DASH (optimally in a closed pool of similar ATMs), and be able to offer that DASH...
  16. RichardAO

    ATM+MINER+MN rig

    Has anyone ever considered buying a bitcoin/dash atm, and outfitting it with an ASIC mining rig and perhaps a MN inside? Ive never seen this anywhere and have been thinking this would be very profitable for the owner yet extremely helpful to the Dash community. A network of these types of atm...
  17. RichardAO

    Ongoing DDoS attack on masternode network

    Would it be helpful to report the IP hosts regarding their customers being used as ddos bots?
  18. RichardAO multipool

    How does one participate? You may soon be flooded w new people trying to get in on this, so maybe a new tutorial is in order?
  19. RichardAO

    New to Mining and New to Dash and the community

    What this forum needs is a sticky thats updated regularly for new miners. Many links here are years out of date. Can anyone write up new working guides? P2Pool looks appealing to me, but how do i use it?? I have a linux computer, and an internet connection...take my hand and walk me thru this!
  20. RichardAO

    Dash Core Team Q4 2016 Summary Call

    @lynx Im not altogether ignorant of how the treasury works. Im promoting ideas. Can you improve on my ideas by making corrections which help? If you disagree with my ideas, you can simply say that, or better yet you could refrain from commenting :)
  21. RichardAO

    Dash Core Team Q4 2016 Summary Call

    Well then how about my other points, re the treasury buys vps services en masse for resale behind the scenes for users? Perhaps a technician can be hired for the task of initial hands-on setup, and when task complete, the "automagic" can take place.
  22. RichardAO

    Dash Core Team Q4 2016 Summary Call

    Evolution Features Questions: 1. When a user has enough Dash in their "Account," will Evolution be able to automatically start a Masternode for them at their request? 2. Can the network, from the treasury, pre-purchase ownerless Masternodes to sell to users as per question 1 above? 3. Can...
  23. RichardAO

    Half way there - would you pursue the master node?

    No matter which way you decide, the price may change direction at any time. At least with shares, you have income every 7.6 days. Even at one share yielding 2.125%, 2.125% Of The Total 1000 Dash MN income, paid every 7.6 days come out to like $75 a year at currrent prices! Thats 75 less from...
  24. RichardAO

    Half way there - would you pursue the master node?

    If youre half way there, and youre not interested in MN shares, then just keep saving till you have it all. Having half a MN as shares will give you returns that can be used to buy more shares which can speed your way to having all the capital to buy your own MN sooner. Reconsider your...
  25. RichardAO

    Do charts exist relating emission rate vs price or tx fee?

    Is there a chart that shows the projected emission dates and rates vs the superblock payout dates and rates vs tx fees - or even better, that chart for Dash superimposed over the same chart for Bitcoin? I feel such a chart may offer insights as to when to buy and sell in that pairing. Proly...
  26. RichardAO

    Pre-Proposal: An alternative way to propose proposal in the budget

    I like the idea of being able to add useful amendments to a good idea. There's a downside though. Theres a chance that a "poison pill" gets added that becomes popular and effectively steals votes from the main idea, while not adding anything substantive. In your example, the option to go to the...
  27. RichardAO

    Transaction fees - how do they work?

    Will that 1% cap be voted upon before the release of Evolution, or has that already been decided? Will a 1% transaction fee remain attractive if the relative cost of Dash per dollar rises? Is there a way to peg the amount of the fee to some other moving market data to more fairly determine it?
  28. RichardAO

    Transaction fees - how do they work?

    How do the blocks become full?
  29. RichardAO

    Transaction fees - how do they work?

    The miners can prioritize which transactions they process and reject transactions if they consider the fee too low? This sounds counter productive if we are offering a product called "instantsend"... If senders elect to send low fees, and miners raise their bar above those fees, wouldnt this...
  30. RichardAO

    Transaction fees - how do they work?

    So am i to understand that transaction fees are voluntary/optional? Who sets the fee, buyer or seller? Is the fee negotiable? Also, to my earlier point, might this method or fee structure change in the future as coin emmisions reduce? Furthermore if a great deal of Dash is stored in...
  31. RichardAO

    android app/widgets

    I've seen many wallets, but haven't found the Dash market price app. Can you point me in the right direction?
  32. RichardAO

    android app/widgets

    Has anyone ever proposed a widget whose simple function is to display the current market price of Dash? Perhaps this app could be provided on the playstore, subsidized with advertising until purchased for some nominal amount? The advertising could be from vendors who accept Dash. If not, then...
  33. RichardAO

    Transaction fees - how do they work?

    I understand that the network needs to be compensated for the work of transactions it supports, but as the mining rewards diminish over time and the number of coins in circulation slows, will the transaction fee also change? Is this fee always a solid number of Dash, or a formula whose factors I...
  34. RichardAO

    So so so much to read

    So so so much to read
  35. RichardAO

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hey all nice, to be here! Havent any Dash yet, but I'm working on it :) Shout out to my NYS peeps!