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    Dash, The official Cryptocurrency of FanDuel!

    I love the effort behind this. However, unless FanDuel's customer base can both deposit AND withdraw Dash, I don't see the point. It is the customer withdrawal side of things that makes crypto appealing. The customers have no reason to jump through hoops to convert fiat into crypto and...
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    Pre-Proposal: World Series of Poker

    Jeremy, here's some evidence to the contrary. Portland Meadows has another one coming up this Friday.
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    World Series of Poker booth

    I had a similar, grander (dare I say better) idea. The following quote is straight from an employee of Caesars who deals with such matters: "We have significant compliance issues with cryptocurrency and do not accept it for tournaments or general gaming. We would need to pass. Thanks for...
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    Questions about InstantSend behavior in a flooded network

    The problem that manifested itself is that the received IS funds could indeed be regular-spent after being mined into a block but could not be instant-sent until 6 blocks had been mined.
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    (Pre-Proposal) DASH ATMs

    It's a little less funny when you're married to an epileptic, I assure you. But I'm not gonna be one of those PC maniacs. Just figured I'd educate.
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    (Pre-Proposal) DASH ATMs

    Ummm..grand moll seizures perhaps?
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    Pre-Proposal: First ever Brick and Mortar Crypto/Dash Poker Tournament

    If I am understanding his proposal correctly, the entrance fee would be 0.075 Dash, so even if the ATM charged 5% fees, the customer would come out of pocket for .07875 Dash, but due to the Treasury 20% subsidy of the prize pool, each entry would increase the prize pool by .09 Dash. So I can't...
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    Master Node Owner/Operator

    Master Node Owner/Operator
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    Project Announcement: DASH for sports betting business in Peru

    What will make your product distinctive from (who transacts in Dash among other coins)? I am 1000% behind pursuing use cases in the online sports and poker markets, but don't understand why once you somehow teach your bettors to be crypto savvy why they should continue to do business...
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    Dash Masternode Collective [Pre-proposal]

    Exactly. Trustless shares is the only way to evolve to the next level. Pun intended.
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    Bitcoin trade

    The shortest answer is that you don't accept it's here for the long run. But that's not the response you were looking for.
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    Welcome Bradley Zastrow - Director of Global Business Development

    Congrats and welcome Bradley! Question (since I just learned that core Headquarters are in Scottsdale in this post): I am a (relatively new) MNO and happen to be spending a week in Scottsdale soon - would love to meet anyone associated with the project. Is this feasible? are on me!