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    NOMP CoinMiners - DASH Pool

    DASH is ready in our pool! (1hr payment period) CoinMiners.Net 1% Fee Register-free Mining & Auto Payments (after 0.05 DASH) Server located at Europe
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    It's my birthday! yay!

    waking up a ghost! Happy bday! :D
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    GAW Cloud mining

    GAW is simply legit. I have a good investment at there and always got my payments. Just in last 6 week nothing seems good about payments. But I believe it'll be fixed soon. No other cloud mining company is hardworker like them...
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    Pool List

    Hello guys, Our new and fast p2pool is alive now. It's located in U.S. working on a fast server. Address: drk bitcoin net co<<<<< you can find at p2pools website. Forum doesn't allow me to post links yet :) It's a p2pool so the username is your wallet address, password is as desired...