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    Pre-Proposal Max Keiser Stephen Baldwin Across America Road Tour TV Sponsorship

    Stephen Baldwin's job should be to ask people for their keys.
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    Mathematical system to show value of Cryptocurrency

    As jimbursch mentioned, there are already other terms in place, but in case you were curious, what you're talking about is called scientific notation: It's very well recognized and is written as 5.64e-6. It also happens that the syntax you chose...
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    Banned from Dash Nation slack

    Greetings There are some dash community members who may wish to contact me. I've been banned from there without being given a reason. I suspect it was for voicing my opinion on a particular reddit thread but that's irrelevant. I do not know how closely related the slack and these forums are...
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    Pre-proposal: Circus City Sponsorship

    I would agree with this. The "circus scene" is actually much more vibrant in modern times than many expect and it is a counterculture with a strong community. It is a good place for dash to be, similar to the skatopia proposal. There are lots of young folks involved for whom introducing an...
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    Is Dash getting chumped?

    I recall seeing an update from tenx about how the card is getting released in Singapore this month but US integration would take longer. I saw that 2 weeks ago or so. As for Charlie's card, I saw him speaking about the card on dash nation slack, one of the other rooms not too long ago as well...
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    Masternode voting discussion thread

    Answered, but then possibly contradicted by "The aim of this mechanism is to make reliable payments to well-behaving masternodes" and "Each block that is solved the miner will add the address of the masternode that he believes should get paid and increment a counter. Upon reaching six...
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    Masternode voting discussion thread

    I have a question about masternode voting I brought to IRC but it was not answered. <dimesz> can no one answer this question? what is the voting that the block miner gets to do? it decides which masternode to use? <eu-Robert> dimesz: google gave me this brief explanation...
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    How to set up ec2 t1.micro Ubuntu for Masternode part 2/3

    Ahhh, I see.. 9998 is the rpc port. Those lines are also redundant then, as the security group should block it. You should specify in your guide that your iptables rules are only for people using this in amazon instances with a port filter. From reading just the iptables rules and without...
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    How to set up ec2 t1.micro Ubuntu for Masternode part 2/3

    I don't understand what you just said. Are you saying you didn't write these iptables rules? These are your inputs: These look okay. They accept on port 9999 but reject more 2 connections from the same ip and more than 8 connections from the same class c network on port 9999. Your tcp flags...
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    How to set up ec2 t1.micro Ubuntu for Masternode part 2/3

    Why is port 9998 rejected but every other port opened?
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    community: now includes support for QR codes in the terminal. I'm too busy (or lazy) to implement this into the webpage, so for now, it's something the command line people get first.
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    Hey all I've allowed free registrations on this site now. Many thanks to those who supported it!
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    It seems you only copy pasted 63 0's. Your attempt followed by mine right after it that did go through. registration attempt: {'addr': u'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX', 'user': u'bobosmittypants', 'txid': u' 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000'} registration...
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    community: now strips html for command line browsers.. $ curl XcWPrhrtpJtBowmT3FfebLWDUZQPUZ73tz
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    While checking it, I inadvertently put you in. But it did work for me... Let me know if you want me to change anything with your signup. registration attempt: {'addr': u'XeY2ZTyHUhD9oesZ4DJ8EFdGZC2TWPkToS', 'user': u'Lzeppelin', 'txid'...
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    I saw that. x.x.x.x - - [24/Mar/2014:00:14:36] "GET /?register HTTP/1.1" 200 1125 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/33.0.1750.154 Safari/537.36" registration attempt: {'addr': u'', 'user': u'', 'txid': u''} Was that...
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    community: is a free dynamic domain name service... once the domain is set up there, anyone with an account there can register subdomains from for example, you can have point to whatever ip you want, including your own ip address of your computer or to a...
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    This is true. It's a matter of trust, which may seem ironic when the common thread is a coin that is attempting to create a trustless anonymizing solution to bitcoin's public ledger. At the same time though, it's similiar to the amount of trust you have to put into other "pillars" of the...
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    Registration at is now free.. Repasta of original post: Greetings all I've launched the domain I intend to share the domain with everyone, so read on. This page is looking to be a shorturl of sorts for darkcoin addresses. It has support for command line...