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    Pre-Proposal: Co-Funding of Dash Embassy Thailand / Asia Embassy Expansion Step 1 (Oct-Dec 2018)

    Dash already had boys I the ground in Thailand. Have you been in contact with these people?
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    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd

    Does anyone know why the setup file is unisgned?
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    Dash wallet of course. Dash is digital cash there aren't many other dash apps apart from wallets
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    DASH CLUB - "The turnkey Motorcycle Rider" [Brazil]

    Interesting. How much DASH would you need for this venture?
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    DASH CLUB - "The turnkey Motorcycle Rider" [Brazil]

    What is the return on the investment for dash network?
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    What's Going on at Dash?

    I see that there is a search for a new CTO. What is the deal with Andy? Is he leaving Dash or assuming a new position?
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    Dash Core Group Q4 2017 Summary Call

    Are there any updates on Masternode blinding? I cannot find it on the roadmap. Has it been abandoned?
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    Congratulations Fernando Gutierrez - Dash Core Group, Chief Marketing Officer

    Nice one, Now that Fernando is the Chief Marketing Officeer, maybe it would be worth singling out the marketing departpement as a separate DAO and let them apply for budget independently from Core. It could increase decentralsation of the project. Any thoughts?
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    Dash Core 12.2 is here!

    it doesn't hurt, but can save a hustle later on.
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    Pre-proposal: Let millions of Chinese investors on Huobi invest Dash

    Second that. I am sure the core has thought of that, but it would be good to see some sort of confirmation. Maybe Green Candle can act as the escrow service.
  11. AnarchicCluster

    Is collateralised mining just proof of stake?

    As long as what macrochip is saying is true, yes. However, when I saw flare's comment I got an impression that collectivised mining is something that is in very distant future (by cryptoworld standard) if at all. CM seems to be not definite yet.
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    Evo usernames clarification please

    Chuck Williams talks about user names in this video try 46 minute mark
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    Is it existed "Mining pool"-like-"Masternode pool"?

    Yes. Splawik21 operates one of such pools. Moocowmoo operates another one. Both are active and reachable on this forum.
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    Proposal: Core Team Compensation (November)

    I think Daniel Diaz was the lead of business and development but he has left, and now the core is looking for a replacement
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    We need more million-dollar proposals

    I'm sure Ryan has spoken to coinbase'CEO. Getting Dash on Coinbase is not easy and I don't know how Masternodes can help with that. If it was only matter of money we would have seen a proposal already long time ago.
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    Neocash Radio interviews Joël Valenzuela from Dash Force

    I like your show. It is nice to match face to your voice.
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    In this months Dash mining is not productive!

    Life is full of risk. Sometimes investments pay off sometimes they don't. You just have to accept that, because MNOs can't do anything about it.
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    What happens to cryptocurrencies in general, if an effective quantum computer is ever invented?

    Ye Yes, just for the sheer fact that SHA256 is a single algorithm, where X11 is using 11 algorithms chained together.
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    Dash Mobile Apps

    QuantumExplorer is maintaining iOS app and HashEngneering is maintaining Android App. As far as I know HasEngineering is a third party but he gets pad from the treasury. QuantumExplorer is part of the Dash Core team
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    What happens to cryptocurrencies in general, if an effective quantum computer is ever invented?

    It has been discussed in the crypto community. Because Dash is very similar to Bitcoin you can have a look at this: To cut the long story short. Yes, quantum computers will be very efficient at breaking private keys however they will not...
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    Official Announcements (Translations Required)

    There is no official pay for translators. It is mostly done by volunteers.
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    The war has begun , time for the big guns

    I am a bit skeptical. I understand the idea, but we'd have to look at the economics behind it. In order to convince people to use miners as heater we'd need to make sure that it is profitable for them. Miners do produce a lot of heat but they also consume quite a lot of power. In order for this...
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    [PRE-PROPOSAL]: Dash 'Kuva' project - launching Dash in Zimbabwe

    Yes but these were much smaller projects. You are asking for a half a million dollars at current Dash price. On the top of that It is very likely that the value of Dash you are asking for will increase during the next 8 months. Therefore milestone financing with an escrow would be a good idea. I...
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    Browser Payment API - Compatible with Dash DAPI?

    The article states: Maybe someone from the core could look into it and see if it is compatible with DAPI
  25. AnarchicCluster

    Possibility of z snark privacy on Dash in the future?

    Evan seems to be sceptical about zk-snarks here is what he said on reddit. Source
  26. AnarchicCluster

    proszę o pomoc w tłumaczeniu

    Nie mam takiej możliwości. Tungfa i Udjinsa administratorami na transifex więc pewnie oni mogą to zrobić
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    proszę o pomoc w tłumaczeniu

    Witamy w polskiej spolecznosci Dash
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    how to check stats
  29. AnarchicCluster

    PrivateSend process

    The way I understand it, smaller amounts are not mixed and when you want to send funds annonymously your privatesend balance will include only mixed coins. However I am not sure it that's the exact case. @UdjinM6 is the expert I am sure he knows.
  30. AnarchicCluster

    Dangerous proposal precedent

    I think user @halso may have some more information. Apparently, he is a crew member on that yacht.
  31. AnarchicCluster

    Dash and defensive use of patents

    Yes it looks this way, but if I understand it correctly we could make provisional applications for parents and just never follow through with it for a year. That would shield us from exploiting patents by someone else. However I'm not an expert that's just my understanding of what Kinsella...
  32. AnarchicCluster

    Dash and defensive use of patents

    Not really. If the technology was out in the open for at least year it counts as a prior art and it's hard to get a patent on it.
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    The Dash Conference Press Release (London 24th Sep)

    Tickets ain't cheap but I guess these are the standard prices for conferences.
  34. AnarchicCluster

    Dash and defensive use of patents

    There are ways to prevent that. That's what is discussed in the video and that's what seems like blockstream is doing
  35. AnarchicCluster

    Dash and defensive use of patents

    Well, Dash masternodes operators are going to have a legal entity in Switzerland, so maybe there. However, enforcing compliance can be complicated. They would have to track down every (or maybe only majority ) of MNO. I don't see anything wrong in joining Blockstream's club, or them joining our...
  36. AnarchicCluster

    Dash and defensive use of patents

    I've stumbled upon this most interesting discussion about blockstream and their patents. As I understand Dash Core team wants to follow similar path and patent certain aspects of Dash technology in order to make sure that patent trolls won't get their hands on them. This discussion with patent...
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    Promoting DASH as an Investment to Hedge Funds

    I am not entirely sure how Hedge Funds choose their investments but I'd imagine they do a pretty solid amount of research before they go into something. With that being said I think we don't think pitching Dash to them would be a good idea because they will not base their decision on our pitch...
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    Coinbase "Token" - WeChat Type Product

    Yes I have seen it. I've posted it on this forum but in the Alt section It looks like they are trying to develop something similar to what Evolution is going to be. The question I'd ask is; how decentralised is that gong to be? If the payments are going to go only through coinbase it is no...