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  1. SonicDash

    Penetration testers

    My friends and I have been pentesting for 5 years, mostly financial institution's WebApps. If you're interested, we can test your webAPI. PM for more details. Thanks!
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    When Dash Hits $100 I will Buy...

    Is it worth it? It's just a 2-Auth right?
  3. SonicDash

    Video Translation for Subtitles

    OMG it's so sexy. "Private, Instantaneous, Secure"
  4. SonicDash

    Private Encrypted Email

    Thanks for your responses everyone! But the common factor of all your replies is that they kinda or won't go to android. And I'm rockin' android so I can have an encrypted external storage. Gotta stay secure, you all know. ;)
  5. SonicDash

    Dashout for the Cashout. ;D

    Dashout for the Cashout. ;D
  6. SonicDash

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    There's good people here. Just helping.
  7. SonicDash

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Welcome to the community!
  8. SonicDash

    Private Encrypted Email

    I was annoyed that I wasn't able to login to Prontonmail on my phone. I can't use a client with it. I'm still searching for a good Private Email Provider.
  9. SonicDash

    Video Translation for Subtitles

    I'm just lurking around here, and am excited for your project! Can't wait to see the video!!!
  10. SonicDash

    Dash or Die

    Dash or Die
  11. SonicDash

    №2 - Anonymous payments: DASH or Bitcoin+Mixers?

    Careful about talking about your Darknet day/s, or even posting your schedule about them. This may de-anonymize you, and I don't want to know who you are. Only what you are about. <3
  12. SonicDash

    DDoS Dash?

    Found this. Is this true? -from reddits
  13. SonicDash

    Dash stickers advertisement

    This is a trusted model. Should we get him as a quoted supporter? Probably.
  14. SonicDash

    Gotta Go Dash!

    Gotta Go Dash!
  15. SonicDash

    Cryptocurrencies by Stanford

    This stanford class is physical. The coursera one isn't. Free online courses on Coursera.
  16. SonicDash

    Cryptocurrencies by Stanford

    I'll just leave this here if people are interested in what Stanford is teaching about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. There's a chapter about anonymity and cryptocurrencies, though they don't reference Dash, only Zero.
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Thank you TaoOfSatoshi! I know you're busy, and maybe someone else can answer this. When is it appropriate to use DASH and not darkcoin? Thanks!
  18. SonicDash

    I have a feeling this topic might be controversial, but here goes... (we NEED DNM adoption NOW)

    This thread must stay here. For all people whom have the same question as you, about advertising on DNMs. raganius' post has opened my eyes to what Dash needs. It must be seen as it is seen here, on these boards. People can use the coin for what they want, but everyone has a good idea what...
  19. SonicDash

    Dash stickers advertisement

    I think this is a great idea. We should compare the advantages of Darkcoin vs Bitcoin since bitcoin is mainstream, the people who already have an idea about cryptocurrencies, will see Darkcoin as the true currency, once they understand it has more privacy than bitcoin.
  20. SonicDash

    WTT Trade Dash for BTC,

    PM sent.
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Sup everyone. Just saying hi and that I'm interested in learn more about Dash Coin and how it compares to other cryptocurrncies.