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    WTB Need another Android dev to help me finish a project.

    I'm a veteran Android developer and I'm working on multimedia app which is taking me longer than I'd like to complete. Hoping there might be some Android devs around that wouldn't mind getting paid in Dash. To clarify, I'm looking for a native Android developer only, no mobile web...
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    DashPayments for WooCommerce Released

    I had a similar problem, bluehost said it wasn't available at my service tier or something like that. I've opted for integration, it was rather painless to set up.
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    Dash Electrum v 2.6.4 - Mac

    Having the same issue, here's a stack trace from the command line: XXXXXX$ ./electrum-dash.bin Traceback (most recent call last): File "electrum-dash", line 330, in <module> File "site-packages/electrum_dash/", line 115, in __init__ File...
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    Listing all addresses for an account?

    From my observation an account is a just a label for a bucket of addresses that can be created arbitrarily. I have a couple of questions? Is there a console command that will show me all the addresses that roll up to a particular account? Can an address be associated with multiple accounts...
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    getaccountaddress 0 (what does this do?)

    I've been reading several of the masternode setup guides, and the instructions don't go into any detail on what a lot of the commands actually do, for example after running "masternode genkey" we are asked to run getaccountaddress 0. I'd like to know what is the 0 account, as opposed to the...
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    listunspent transactions doesn't include masternode accounts?

    I was playing with Dash-QT and wrote a short python script to group all my unspent by address and I noticed that the Dash I have assigned to a masternode doesn't show up in the unspents, but is still reflected by getBalance, how exactly does getBalance work and why doesn't that 1k show up as...
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    Get balances per address

    Thanks, I'm trying to figure out how I can run multiple masternodes off the same controller wallet, but in this instance there's already one masternode in place, so I need to make sure that I only move funds that aren't allocated to that masternode, this is much easier said than done from what...
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    Get balances per address

    Using the dash console how can I get a list of all my addresses with a non-zero balance? Seems like this should be possible?
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    Mac version / won't stay connected

    I'm running version 2.4.1 and like the title says, it won't stay connected to a server (using auto-connect). Currently I have to exit/restart the app to get a new connection established. Any hints on how to fix this?
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    Darkcoin crashes on reindex

    Still crashing after removing the plist, I've sent you another debug.log as well.
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    Darkcoin crashes on reindex

    FYI, this crash is still occurring on, 100% of the time.
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    Darkcoin crashes on reindex

    Thanks, I've sent you the crash log.
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    Darkcoin crashes on reindex

    Details : Since upgrading to Darkcoin 0.11.013 I haven't been able to sync (no block source available). Running on a Mac 10.10.1 (Yosemite) I dropped to command line and tried reindexing, it opened up the app, started to reindex and within a second or two crashed. Now it crashes every...