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  1. Tony

    SegWit, Lighting, RBF…in Dash ?

    That was a pleasant and educational read! Many thanks to Alexander for writing it and Tungfa for pointing to it ;)
  2. Tony

    Version 12.2 release

    Since there is no protocol update this time (which would require a start command=pushing back at the end of the queue), I decided to update the MN without waiting for the payment. Starting the MN after the update, I'm on the same place on queue as before. So, in my case updating went really...
  3. Tony

    Masternode Operators: Sentinel Hotfix (Action Required)

    Heya guys, I'd like your thoughts on having a cron job pulling every half an hour sentinel git. Something like cd /home/dash/.dashcore/sentinel && /usr/bin/git pull 2>&1 >> sentinel-pull-cron.log Pros? Cons?
  4. Tony

    Many mns inactives

    Confirming that this worked. Thank you @qwizzie
  5. Tony

    Many mns inactives

    WATCHDOG_EXPIRED here as well. Running ./venv/bin/python bin/ comes up with errors (sometimes) Traceback (most recent call last): File "bin/", line 244, in <module> main() File "bin/", line 191, in main perform_dashd_object_sync(dashd) File...
  6. Tony

    Masternodes with offline (paper) wallets

    Getting rid of MasterNodes is like throwing all the nice features DASH has, out of the window. Features like InstantSend, PrivateSend and Decentralized Governance, without which DASH would be so feature-less like ... Bitcoin! :p
  7. Tony

    The Birth Of Darkcoin

    Nice to have this story up here Evan. Although we haven't officially met, I've known and supported the project really early on. Then unfortunately life and obligations were taking too much of my time and eventually I forgot about Darkcoin :-( So this story is a really nice reminder for me...
  8. Tony

    Why does my masternode go inactive randomly?

    Yes, memory problems I guess. I had to move my MN to different server and provider due to dashd crashing quite often and laggy performance. Memory problems kept crashing dashd and VPS overselling issues led to very slow and laggy performance. If you're not using a dedicated MN hosting service...
  9. Tony

    Masternode position in the payment queue

    Before using moobot I guess we need to request to install it? For now I'm happy with the dashman :)
  10. Tony

    Where is my masternode payment?

    Agree with @Dandy , patience is the key. My latest payment took 9days and 9hours to "reach" the MN.