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  1. Samuel Barbosa

    Women In Blockchain Series, with Naomi Brockwell

    Please remember to interview Eugenia (@algodon.franelas) from Dash Venezuela, she's been doing great things for Dash in Venezuela.
  2. Samuel Barbosa

    Pre-Proposal: DASH TEXT - SMS Wallets for Everyone (Exclusively for Dash) - FIRST STAGE VENEZUELA

    I really like the idea and the team behind it is very capable. Does the popular mobile phone plans in Venezuela includes a good amount of SMS messages? Otherwise, what are the costs of sending SMS in Venezuela? Will it have a holding limit and password? It worries me a little bit that phone...
  3. Samuel Barbosa

    Una Ciudad Cripto en Latinoamérica con Dash?

    And of course, a partnership with Eugenia (@algodon.franelas) from Dash Caracas would really speed things up. She has great experience in growing a local community. I was in the 5th Dash Caracas conference and was amazed to see more than 700 people learning about Dash and to know (and pay with...
  4. Samuel Barbosa

    Una Ciudad Cripto en Latinoamérica con Dash?

    Hi George! This is a great idea. I'm a Brazilian who lives in Medellín for almost 3 years now. Medellín is becoming the South American's Silicon Valley, the city has a great entrepreneurial spirit and the people is very forward thinking. I think that (at least) two initiatives should be...