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  1. amanda_b_johnson

    What is proof-of-service?

    In researching this question, I'm quite surprised to say that Google has only shown me two results that have "proof of service" in their titles: this and this. So, really, what is it? And how does it differ from PoS and/or PoW? And, most importantly, why does it matter to Dash? Thanks.
  2. amanda_b_johnson

    Question regarding jurisdiction in which Core Group, Inc. is planning to pay tax

    Regarding Glenn Austin's recent statement that the Dash Core Group intends to request funding for the payment of "state and federal" tax, I realize that I'm confused regarding where DCG is currently registered. MY GUESS is that the New Zealand/Switzerland trust thing is not yet executed, and so...
  3. amanda_b_johnson

    Ignore Dash: Branding as THE COIN for "Instant Confirmations"

    PROPOSED: Fund a trial run of "Ignore Dash," a display-based ad campaign scheduled to run in May on websites within the Google Display Network. "Ignore Dash" ads can advertise any number of Dash attributes and integrations, but this run will focus on branding Dash as the coin for "Instant...
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    UPDATE and Path Forward from Amanda B. Johnson

    Hello and thanks for taking the time! Firstly, a list of coverage achieved over the past 30 days: Your Money, Your Wealth It’s Your Money & Your Life! BitNewsToday CoinSquare Bad Crypto podcast UCLA “Cyber Days” BitNewsToday DigitalLA panel YourStory Two additional entrepreneurship-themed...
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    Amanda with PMBC: Update Thread

    Hi, all! I'd like to create this thread to keep you updated on my publicity proposal's progress. (Each time I make a monthly proposal for continuation of funding, I intend to include a video that gives a full recap of the prior month's activities. But I know some investors appreciate more...
  6. amanda_b_johnson

    Time to lower PrivateSend fee, pretty please -- it's up to ~$6 USD!

    Hey, all. And especially @UdjinM6 and his Core development crew. As you already know (this is for the benefit of anyone who doesn't), sending a PrivateSend transaction (the automated kind, not the manual-select kind) rounds up the send amount to the nearest 0.01 Dash. That's now ~$6.27 USD...
  7. amanda_b_johnson

    PROPOSAL: Scaling Up Publicity with Amanda + PMBC

    PROPOSED: Hire Amanda and the publicity team at PMBC to execute a year-long, multi-step strategy to get DASH coverage in the mainstream publications, podcasts, and television stations which cover consumer tech. Please see 5 minute proposal synopsis here: Price breakdown: PMBC monthly fee =...
  8. amanda_b_johnson

    An Open Letter to Dash's Investors -- Amanda B. Johnson

    Dear Dash investors, First, let me starting by saying – great job! Since my last video publication for Dash almost two months ago, I’ve been closely following the network’s developments (of course). And I’ve got to say, I’m continually impressed with the wisdom, foresight, and ambition I’m...
  9. amanda_b_johnson

    [Proposal] Reimbursement for Social Media-Based Outreach Campaigns

    Reimbursement proposal for the Dash payouts and additional labor costs incurred across 3 weeks of social media campaigns – from Wednesday, June 7 to Sunday, June 25. If you'd like to know more about campaign turnout and what was learned, here's a summary from my partner Pete. Also, here is an...
  10. amanda_b_johnson

    PROPOSAL: Should We Continue the Maxed-Out Campaigns?

    Hi, masternode owners. As you may know, this week has marked the first campaign in our most recently passed treasury proposal, which provides four weeks’ worth of social media-based market outreach. It requested 79 Dash in labor and 67 Dash for paid incentives. The first week’s campaign –...
  11. amanda_b_johnson

    PROPOSAL: ABJ to Shift From News Updates to Global Market Outreach

    The concept of DASH Detailed was created with one goal: show the cryptosphere what they’ve overlooked in Dash. To achieve this, I created explainers about our system’s technical aspects. I made tutorials on how to interact with our network. And I gave lots of news updates. I now feel that this...
  12. amanda_b_johnson

    PRE-PROPOSAL: New (& Improved?) Look for DASH Detailed

    PROPOSED: 1) To fund a professional studio (Pro-Creative) to design, film, and edit future episodes of DASH Detailed. (See the pilot episode below -- it's a remake of last week's video) 2) To discontinue the weekly nature of the Spotlight series in favor of moving interview content to...
  13. amanda_b_johnson

    'We're Doing the Planning That Takes Us to 1 Billion" - Ryan Taylor, Dash Director of Finance

    Thanks for watching the first Spotlight, and kindly forgive the bandwidth problems I experienced. Currently crafting a solution that should eliminate them going forward. Thanks! - Amanda B. Johnson
  14. amanda_b_johnson

    DASH: Detailed Investor Report #5

    Hello. Here is our 5th investor report. It includes a pre-proposal at the end, but you can stop watching at ~5:35 to just hear the investor report. Video is unlisted, as it's intended for voters/investors rather than our general audience. Thanks!
  15. amanda_b_johnson

    DASH: Detailed Investor Report #5 + Pre-Proposal

    Proposal begins at min 5:25 in video. Quick facts: - Bump up to 2 shows, regular DASH: Detailed on Wednesday + new show (Spotlight) on Friday - Spotlight is an interview with a VIP in Dash, be it developer, contractor, business owner, investor, etc. - 3 month proposal - 215 Dash/month total...
  16. amanda_b_johnson

    Join (and support me) LIVE this evening at 7pm EST on the Crypt0 YouTube channel

    It's at
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    PROPOSAL: Amanda to Present Evolution at Anarchapulco's “Cryptopulco”

    Reimbursement to Amanda B. Johnson and Pete Eyre for travel and lodging in Acapulco, Mexico, where Amanda will present DASH Evolution at Anarchapulco's special day of “Cryptopulco” on February 28th. Pete will record presentation and upload it to YouTube the same day. Details: Anarchapulco –...
  18. amanda_b_johnson

    Proposal: All Subtitles for DASH: Detailed – Now Cheaper!

    Summary The DASH: Detailed team wants two payments of 50 Dash to: Get subtitles in 6 languages: French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. Publish Chinese-subtitled version of each episode on China's equivalent of YouTube, YouKu. (If DASH: Detailed seeks to renew its...
  19. amanda_b_johnson

    Something DASHOUS This Way Comes

  20. amanda_b_johnson

    A little Twitter tip, for those who tweet

    Hi, all. I've just seen on Twitter this great article published by Joel Valenzuela (@thedesertlynx) on CoinTelegraph -- you know, the one about Dash being used on more than Ethereum is. I also noticed that several Dash fans tweeted the article on their own, rather than simply...
  21. amanda_b_johnson

    Proposal: Real Mandarin & Cantonese Translations for DASH: Detailed

    Hello, masternode owner. We’ve thus far been approved to receive funding for Spanish and Russian subtitle translators, and we’ll begin publishing those this week (Dec 7). You can expect to see the translated subtitles available within 48 hours of each Wednesday’s video going live. I’ve been...
  22. amanda_b_johnson

    Real Spanish & Russian Translations for DASH: Detailed

    Hello, masternode owner. As you may know, the recurring Core proposal "International Outreach/Marketing" was initially extended to provide foreign language subtitle translations to DASH: Detailed, but that will end this month. Interested parties have indicated that they'd like to see Dash...
  23. amanda_b_johnson

    Proposal: 'Decentralize All the Profits!' expense reimbursement

    The team of DASH: Detailed will be hitting 4 cities in November to speak at the following meetups on behalf of Dash: Salt Lake City – SLC Bitcoin Meetup, Nov 10 Minneapolis – University of Minnesota, Nov 16. Austin – Decentralized Tech meetup @ Brave New Books, Nov. 27 Albuquerque – University...
  24. amanda_b_johnson

    Posting to verify that it's actually me who joined Dash Nation Slack

    Yup. Joined Cheers.
  25. amanda_b_johnson

    POLL -- Should DASH: Detailed have subtitles in different languages, translated by real humans?

    Hi, all. I'd like to determine whether funding should be requested and allocated for real humans to do multilingual translations of DASH: Detailed. Translations would then be posted as subtitles on videos. BACKGROUND: We've been adding Google Translate-automated subtitles for ~25 different...
  26. amanda_b_johnson

    DASH School is released! Bounty-funded effort, complete

    Playlist of all six videos is here: Remember -- these are targeted toward the uninitiated, so they're explalined like you're five. You won't learn anything (except maybe in video 6), but your mom might.
  27. amanda_b_johnson

    Proposal -- Renew DASH: Detailed for 6 Months

    We the production team of DASH: Detailed – Amanda B. Johnson and Pete Eyre – are seeking a six-month agreement renewal for our weekly video series. To review, in the preceding three months of production we have: - Published one video per week - What Stands Between Digital Currency & 'Mass...
  28. amanda_b_johnson

    Amanda & Pete Go to Atlanta

    Pete and I were asked quite recently if we would attend the upcoming Atlanta Bitcoin Meetup. The reasons are two: 1 – So that I, Amanda, may make a 20-minute presentation before Evan’s 2 – So that Pete can be in charge of sound and video recording both our presentations We would be thrilled to...
  29. amanda_b_johnson

    Monthly Investor Report -- DASH: Detailed

    Hey, all. Here's the second monthly investor report for DASH: Detailed (DD): Monthly Allocation: 123 Dash SUMMARY We've been in production for two months, publishing nine episodes. During the second month, we have increased YouTube subscribership, added to our list of email subscribers...