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  1. coingun

    Consensus 2018 - Live from NYC

    Come follow along with the Dash team as we enjoy Consensus 2018. Here is a few things to click on: Live Stream: Agenda: Image Gallery: If you are at...
  2. coingun

    Form migrated

  3. coingun

    Green Candle Inc.

    It is with great excitement and anticipation that I am finally able to introduce I would love to answer any questions that the community has. So let's chat!
  4. coingun

    Mystic Dash Challenge + PVC Sponsorship

    Sup Dashians! Coingun here hoping to have a few minutes of your time. Hopefully everyone got to enjoy or be a part of the recent #mysticdash challenge that was recently put on. The #mysticdash challenge was the brain child of Firas Zahabi head coach at Tristar Gym. Firas and I got connected a...
  5. coingun

    Antifragile, Robust, or Resilient
  6. coingun

    PoSvc Implimentation Discussion...

    Nice to see the cow moo'ing again!!! Specially after all the discussion. 16:16 <@gitcow> [ darkcoin | master | Evan Duffield | 2 days, 10 hours, 5 minutes ago ] bb7672f Complete implementation of Proof-of-Service (not debugged)...
  7. coingun

    Block 200,000! To the Moon.

    Looks like our little baby is growing up! Darkcoin 200000 There it is in all it's glory! Hashed at Time: 1420768974 (2015-01-09 02:02:54) Masternode that got paid...
  8. coingun

    Vultr rebooting masternodes

    Today I have had all my masternodes rebooted from vultr. It happened without my knowledge. Just a heads up if you have masternode's on vultr might want to check their uptime.