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    09: Decentralized Decision Making: Proactively Building Dash Decentralization

    Short term capital gains if you are buying/using it a few days a week are likely negligible and long term capital gains aren't taxed up to $40-80k depending on filing status.. so the real problem here is when someone has gained a substantial amount of value in a given tax year and has the...
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    09: Decentralized Decision Making: Proactively Building Dash Decentralization

    I read what it said... you said its clear, I'm saying it's not.
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    09: Decentralized Decision Making: Proactively Building Dash Decentralization

    Can you link where it was stated clearly? Reading through it, I'm not really understanding how you would determine the tax of dash having paid sales tax at the same time. They aren't very clear overall on micropayments. "Generally, a person who in the course of a trade or business makes a...
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    09: Decentralized Decision Making: Proactively Building Dash Decentralization

    As far as i know the tax laws when referring to payments with crypto in the USA are unclear at best. May be wrong, but I asked a CPA i know personally. This was a few years back.
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    Getting The Message Right - Dash Offers Privacy - Not Anonymity

    It's not "serving both masters" there is a distinction here that is actually important. completely untraceable, easily traceable, and hard to trace are different things. a quick example would be; hiding something from non authoritative sources. This could be done with privatesend because they...
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    Getting The Message Right - Dash Offers Privacy - Not Anonymity

    One major problem with what you're saying is we use the wording anonymity on the website. I only saw it used one time for sure and that was under Community -> Masternodes , but it's probably found other places if someone looks for it..
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    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    Am I the only one that sees O&M's version as being a D on top and what could be a C on the bottom (though the one on the bottom could be rounded out more to be clearly a C)? It also screams blockchain. (everyone will soon know what a blockchain is) It's an actual logo and not just a letter or...
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    Simple Majority VS Super Majority - Edit due to title breaking rule 6

    Not that its ok either way, but doesn't it already go in favor of keeping the original logo just based off the way the votes are set up... I get 2 votes(2 different proposals) 1 is always no 1 is always yes.. T&C and O&M have split votes because it's unlikely that people will give both yes...
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    Where is my dash going?

    If the response is bad, it would be more helpful to clarify the question rather than make yourself look like a troll.
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    Have you seen the new IBM commercial that mentions blockchain?

    private blockchains may be good for keeping track of things, but when talking about actually owning things I don't see why they would be used in place of decentralized options.
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    Where is my dash going?

    i assume your talking about dash's price dropping.. "i have real money it goes nowhere" if you look into your "real money" it's not as stable as you probably think it is. (it loses value by design) This is a free market the value will go up and down just like every other product u have ever owned.
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    Proposal: Alt36 + Dash Payment Platform [15 Updates Included]

    One could also wonder what that says about you.
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    Why Dash will not be in the top 10?

    I'ts actually kind of amusing to me that you think people's opinions of dash on /r/cryptocurrency are "reasonable" to acknowledge. The "fact" that /r/cryptocurrency has a general opinion on Dash doesn't mean anything. At least your first 2 Facts could actually matter (if they were true).
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    Bulletproofs : can it can implemented as addition to Dash current privacy ?

    @dash New Network Your response to DavidK did nothing but validate his response to you.
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    Building the Dash DAO

    Individually Masternodes don't have control that's the beauty of the system... The "control" Masternodes are giving up (they aren't because Core already has this "control") is the ability to make educated decisions in real time through more than just Dash Core in its present state. The good...
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    Building the Dash DAO

    @Vedran Yoweri The fact that you call this trolling is ridiculous.. You think a large percentage of masternode can make better decisions than a qualified specialist with experience and inside information? Let's be real most masternodes aren't privy to the information about evolution or...
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    Building the Dash DAO

    @GrandMasterDash Your responses make me think you're missing the point of his post.
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    Dash Needs to Move to Proof Of Stake

    Collateralized mining is a good start. Miners spent money to help secure the network, and cutting them off without proper warning (I'm talking a year minimum) is the wrong way to go about implementing a POS system imo. Collateralized mining seems to be the best of both worlds. You get the...
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    Bulletproofs : can it can implemented as addition to Dash current privacy ?

    What sour grapes? This comment made no sense, and being so defensive makes me think you're mind isn't in the right place to talk about this rationally.. Of course I got the same impression from your first comment. Could you explain why its impossible for dash to implement this? Seems to me...
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    Bulletproofs : can it can implemented as addition to Dash current privacy ?

    Even if its true about malleability does it really matter? If we wanted to implement it, I don't see why we couldn't. also what problem would bulletproofs solve for the dash network? Either way it shouldn't be used at all until we know for sure its safe. I personally think its best to let...
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    Pre-Proposal: Would you like this proof of individuality to be implemented in Dash?

    what you are suggesting isn't proof of individuality. At best its probable individuality.
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    Pre-Proposal: Would you like this proof of individuality to be implemented in Dash?

    If there was a way to do this without compromising someones real world identity I don't see any down sides..Is this even possible though?
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    About dash sleeping article

    Imo Dash should be looking for talent and projects, and not just waiting for these things to show up on the proposal list.. Normal companies will actively recruit for positions they need filled. Hiring people to help look for experienced people and help create proposals should be one of our...
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    Dash advantages over Decred

    If Bitcoin and Dash had no other differences than that, bitcoin would be much better than Dash. I think all of this is important when comparing coins .
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    Dash Treasury Review Committee Master Thread

    Is it possible or even useful to make a system where anyone holding a set amount of dash can rate proposals? and just use that to help the masternodes decide what to do? We aren't sure that people will be educated on the proposals, but requiring a certain amount of dash will make it so the...
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    from how the rest of the market has been moving I'd say it's way undervalued. I'm buying what I can even tho I can't buy much. Wish I could afford a masternode, but i think that ship has sailed. I only found out about crypto currency a few months ago.
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    Going to write some articles about dash!

    I see so much misinformation out there about dash that I decided to start writing some articles on steemit. I have no reach right now as I'm just starting out. I'm just looking for some insight on how to go about this or maybe ideas for topics(I already have a bunch). If anyone could help me...
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    DASH advertising missing?

    lol this is very misleading.. the market caps are fairly close right now eth being about 50% of btc.
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    Invitation to closed-beta of FundChan

    Ill take a look
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    call to all new dash members. Do not accept the old guard confiscate all coins

    I don't understand how this is a problem, and even if it were how could you fix it..? taking something from someone to give it to someone else is not fair.. there is no fair way (as far as i can see) to redistribute wealth. If you find something that you think will be valuable in the future and...
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    User Incentives

    This is not just an incentive for Users. People would buy a merchants stuff just because of the 10% discount which would bring more customers to the merchant. The thing is people that otherwise wouldn't have, will acquire some dash and use it. This gets people accustomed to using Dash and...
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    User Incentives

    Has anyone talked about this? Like setting up with merchants to offer items at a discount for using dash, and funding it through the budget.. It seems to me like something like this should be ready to launch around the time evolution comes out. I think it would get more people interested and...
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    Changing the definition of a unit of Dash

    I don't like changing the name at all. i'd much rather just change where the decimal is, but i think people will eventually use the actual names of each decimal point on a regular basis if crypto goes mainstream anyways. In the end these kinds of sneaky psychological tactics shouldn't be...
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    Your opinion about Dash

    Lol! was gonna fill out your thing, but i'm not a trader, developer, or expert on dash.
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    We should change voting from Masternodes to EVERYONE

    I know Evolution is already starting to change this masternode system (for the better imo), but people need to stop talking like the little guy who doesn't have a lot of money or wasn't involved in dash early doesn't matter(these people should be your target users)... First off you have no idea...
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    Dash Bloodbath (Lock MN collateral blockchain-wide, spend more budget funds on dev)

    The idea that people think the price volatility is something people aren't aware of kinda shocks me.. I bought before the crash and I'm 100% ok with that. I expected it would drop (obviously no idea how much or when), but i bought anyways looking to the FUTURE not to the next few days/weeks...
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    What or who decides the value of dash

    300% in 4 weeks? how is this not good?
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    Double voting

    the 51% thing wont happen imo, if the technology takes off it will be much easier to use a different coin or just hard fork any problems. It isn't like the current system where there has been no other real option. As long as the masses want it the masses will get it, and the masses don't want...