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    Thinking about getting a Masternode

    Hi I am thinking about getting a Masternode however I am struggling to evalute the future potential for growth of DASH. Is it considered a Privacy coin? Also what are the future plans for Dash? Thank you very much.
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    Have a node wallet balance 1060

    But I cannot send! I need to cash out 200 immedialtely but I cant.. My wallet says insufficient baclance. Please help quickly please.
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    Dash dropping %'s per day more than my investment

    I know the score about altcoins and bitcoin and the fluctuality. I am however dissappointed by DASH. Which is why I am thinking of cancelling my node ( I paid for a year upfront) and leave because the signs are its going down. Any reason not to? Any at all?
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    future of DASH

    Hey so I am just thinking. What is the future of dash and will we all be rich beyond our wildest dreams? Also what advantage if any does Dash have over stealth coin, dogecoindark, monero etc? I already have 1 node but considering another one based on the answers :) I have bad experience...
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    Help getting started please

    So I have read a bit about Darkcoin and cashed in some BTC in order to get 1000. I am using the latest mac wallet. What do I do next? I want to send anonymously obviously and also is there some kind of POS? I am really terrible when it comes to denominations so please talk to me like a baby. Thanks!
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    WorldAidCoin is here

    Allow me to introduce WorldAidCoin is a spendable currency that is aimed towards bringing relief in moments of disasters and turmoil in the world. WorldAidCoin has a core team of 50 Guardians at any one time who are responsible for carrying out what action the community decides. We are here to...
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    Need help with Darkcoin physicals

    I have just made an order of some rather sexy physical darkcoins (they are a black coin with a gold D). However I now need help wioth how to generate the the public keys and private keys if anyone can help me with this. Or perhaps partner up with me? I currently make silver physical bitcoins etc...
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    Wanting to buy 1k Darkcoin for USD or Bitcoin

    I am looking for 1k or 2k darkcoin please can pay with paypal or bitcoin or potentially bank transfer. Must have a good rep though either here or BTCTALK
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    Mining on a macbook pro

    Is there any guides on this at all please? Love the idea of this coin.