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  1. Icebucket

    Proposals might need some help

    I just looked through this years proposals and there have been allot of obvious shady characters getting multi month funding without any real vetting or fact checking of theyr statements or declared accomplishments. what is going on ? --addrant/ I proposed years ago that a trust rating would...
  2. Icebucket

    Dash futures market ?

    Has anybody suggested a dash futures market where MNs can park theyr extra dividends to be used in a fair market? This is bound to happen anyway but it will be a phony market not based on DASH .. . this market could be the official Dash market that will work with financial institutions. It is...
  3. Icebucket

    Should core decide if dash is opensource Evolution or should Mns decide ?

    Im wontering if it should be entirely core decision to opensource evolution code. To me as a MN it should be put up for a vote for MNs to decide if that is the way to go. There are copycoins standing in line to benifit from what dash and MN support has benefited. There can be opensource...
  4. Icebucket

    Masternode owners!!

    I have allot of ideas that I thought would have been addressed months ago.. .regarding making mns life easyer... curious if other mns feel there is something lacking .. want to get as much input as possible.. please share your conserns /solution or whatever.... Im done waiting for someone to...
  5. Icebucket

    I am amazed #masternodes

    Im working on my private venture and every now and then I look at dash status and its the same as I left it... this is a sudoku for my brain as I thought power of crowds would squash all of my concerns over time.. There are so many things that I have dreamed up but people posting proposals...
  6. Icebucket

    Dash Mining Club // pre-pre proposal

    I got inspired by to begin working towards creating similar project centered around Dash mining. I live in Iceland where most of the big mining operations are based due to cheap electricity cost, practically free cooling and one of the fastest internet connection in the...
  7. Icebucket

    Was I just kicked and banned from slack ?

    somehow im not able to log into dashnation slack anymore, not shure why that happened maybe @TaoOfSatoshi @TroyDASH or @mastermined can explain to me why this is
  8. Icebucket

    Dash documentary

    I have been in touch with numerous really talented producers about making a Dash - professionally made documentary. There is definitely interest by the film producers community. I have been in touch with a quite a few and a couple of them actually are working on a block-chain documentary...
  9. Icebucket

    Dash charity fund ?

    There was some pre-proposal done this month that asked for a 2000 dash for funding a dash charity fund. Firstoff my hat goes off for that proposal owner for being the most optimistic proposal yet. The idea is not new, to fund a charity. but to give some guy 2000 dash to set it up is insane...
  10. Icebucket

    Financial accountability ?

    This might have already been addressed before, but I did not find it. Since DASH is a sort of a publicly owned company, should there not be a 3rd party audit on its financials. So that shareholders (masternodes) can review a unbiased review of how capital is being handled? For example, I have...
  11. Icebucket

    Interesting read about India going cashless Wonder if there is a Hindi version of Amandas show out there somewhere, might be a good idea to focus some attention on India.
  12. Icebucket

    There is talk about dash being the new Paypal ?

    Im interested to know how that might become a reality. I see a few ways that are plausible, but im interested in how the community/developers envisions it
  13. Icebucket

    Proposal instructional video, we might need one

    So the proposal system has been in use for quite some time now. Amanda has done videos on how you can make a proposal but I feel like there is missing a educational video on how to use the system properly. For one we get proposals from random people that nobody knows, posting multi month...
  14. Icebucket

    Snowden makes so much sense could be talking about Dash

    The first 5 minutes of his speech could be directly directed to why Dash needs to be but the whole thing is also fascinating.
  15. Icebucket

    Private send option for vendors in wallet?

    Will It be possible in the in the future for people that only want to be payd with private-send to reject normal pay automatically with an message prompting up on the buyers side that it will only be received with private-send ? So the user can setup his wallet to be only able to get...
  16. Icebucket

    What company would you like to integrate Dash ?

    Im just thinking since we are going down this path of paying for being included into private platforms (WOC) what company would you like to have Dash integrated with, assuming there will be a fairly big price tag on that integration. Ill start, I think would be a good...
  17. Icebucket

    Blockchain: Money conference not funded.. why ??

    So this should have been a winner proposal from the beginning, what went wrong ? Im curious why people did not vote for it. The reasons I can see why people did not like it was no1 the price 15.000$ As I understood the proposal then this was for 2 different conferences one in Nov, the other...
  18. Icebucket

    So there are 2635.09 DASH left of this months budget

    How about some advertising on Reddit, the Ad I get when I log into reddit is from Zcoin. Would like to replace that with a Dash Ad. When you google reddit advertising you get this: All Reddit ads are $0.75 CPM – that is, you get 1000 views for $0.75 – which is a fraction of the cost of many ad...
  19. Icebucket

    Do freelance Bitcoin developers know about Dash ?

    I was browsing for freelancers for a project Im currently working on and it just struck me that maybe some of the freelance Bitcoin developers looking for work on these sites possibly do not know about our funding mechanism. I know that the proposal phase is in place so posting on these sites...
  20. Icebucket

    Reaching out of the cryptosphere

    Just saw this posted on BTC A new youtube "quick lesson" on why you should invest in Dash: Made me think this might be a good Idea to reach out to people running popular channels (50.000 + subscribers) About personal finance and investing. Since 9% annual gain is probably something that...
  21. Icebucket

    vulnerability bounty fund

    I was going checking out Ethereum Bounty program and think we should consider something similar for Dash This is from theyr site: "The value of rewards paid out will vary depending on severity of impact. Rewards for minor 'harmless' bugs start at 0.05 BTC. Major bugs, for example leading to...
  22. Icebucket

    Lamassu update ?

    Im curious about the Lamassu ATM project, The price was 20.000$ for the integration (think I read that somewhere). How much has been payd thus far ? Does anyone know ? Becourse there are 6 months remaining on the proposal. According to Dash Central. Is there some "Already funded" function...
  23. Icebucket

    Snail mail project

    I saw that our marketing genious sent some of his buddys working in the investment field some snailmail brotchure. Why not send every investment firm in the world a snail mail?? With brosures to level the playing field, should not cost an arm and a leg if he already made those brosures for his...
  24. Icebucket

    Marketing Idea for Dash

    Just had this thought, So I might just be brain farting here. How about printing out allot of Dash stickers with just Dash on it and a QR code that leads to an intro to Dash video. Send them to anyone who wants to participate who then sticks them somewhere near a Pokemon hotspot in their...
  25. Icebucket

    Bounty fund

    I want to propose a Bounty fund I have been seeing some proposals that "need" technical write ups and other ones that can easily be harvested from our community. For fractions of the cost to hire someone that knows nothing about Dash and has to start from scratch. It does not need to be a big...
  26. Icebucket

    Allowing other than master-nodes holders to participate (Budget proposal discussion)

    I just had this Idea and it may be a brainfart but I wanted to float it here anyway. How about putting into the budget system a small amount, lets say 200 dash a month. that is accumulated by the foundation until Christmas every year. So the pot might reach 2400 dash over the span of the year...
  27. Icebucket

    Private Partnership, using the masternode system for good of everyone?

    Has anyone thought about how all of those 3700 VPS can be used in a better way? I know that the primary concern is to be a currency but is there not space for some thing bigger without any significant scarification. Why don´t we partner up with some privacy centric company like TOR, Signal or...
  28. Icebucket

    Is there any way to game the Budget system ?

    Im wondering about the Budget proposals funding mechanism, Is there any safeguard to fraud ? I saw some development proposals and thought to my self that if I wanted It would be really easy to game this system. Throw up some proposal, clame that I can deliver and Dash away after the final...
  29. Icebucket

    Can you think of a project to fund ?

    It came to my attention that if all of the coins in the superblock are not allocated the rest of the coins that have no proposals get destroyed. That seems like such a waste. So I wanted to create this thread for the community to brainstorm on ideas of proposals. Never mind if you have the...
  30. Icebucket

    This Will Destroy the Swiss Banking System, good news for Darkcoin?

    It's a shocking event that is about to happen... It will shake the foundations of the "safest" banking system in the world, causing a major market crash around the globe... And the wealth of millions of people will simply evaporate. This sounds like a script from a disaster movie, but...
  31. Icebucket

    Debug window not accessible, 32bit linux

    Hi everybody, been traveling the world so I have not been around lately. But nice to see that darkcoin is improving every day. This issue Im having has been addressed in the past, but seems that it still is happening for me atleast. The problem back then was some memmory issue that flare took...
  32. Icebucket

    Open Source Minions Video

    I made this video to celebrate the open sourcing of Darkcoin. The video itself is open source so you can share and post as you like :wink: here is a download link if you want to post on youtube or whatnot...
  33. Icebucket

    PyPar2 ? what is that ?

    I have a 32 bit linux OC and when I downloaded the new qt it opened up this PyPar2 program When I run it it creates allot of .par files on my desktop, what is this and why does my qt not open. Can anyone help me with this? thanks
  34. Icebucket

    DRK Promotion Idea

    I just had an Idea. The MasterNet, DarkTor, Iris or what ever it will endup being called might need some cash injection to get more people to help, cover Evans expenses, etc. So how about putting the project up on Kickstarter ? There are millions of people that visit that site and fund all...
  35. Icebucket

    Linux 32bit wallet bug ?

    I think I found a bug.. When I first open the wallet there is a File menu that appears when I move my mouse over it. and everything works fine But after I encrypted the wallet the file menu wont show. Anyone else experience something like this ? Im using
  36. Icebucket

    MN not working properly

    Im experiencing some difficulty getting my node to work, the node worked fine for one day and then went offline. I have tryed to reset the masternode genkey about 5 times. It works fine for few hours and then goes offline. I tryed to change VPS service provider with the same MN and changed...
  37. Icebucket

    Masternode Unlisted

    I was running my MN just fine for 2 days and then it got unlisted by some reason unknown to me. I got allot of help from Splawik21 from BCT and he patiently guided me through this problem, and now I want to pay it forward and show how this was fixed. This guide is for a Linux cold wallet setup...
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  39. Icebucket

    Interesting lectures

    Kristov @ Texas Bitcoin Conference, March 6, 2014 Panopticoin: Bitcoin, Anonymity, and Freedom If you come across some good lectures, Please post them here :wink:
  40. Icebucket

    Andreas mentions Darkcoin in 2013 ?

    I think Andreas might be a Darkcoin prophet Check this Bitcoin Neutrality talk he did in 2013 @34:50 min the question starts at 34min