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  1. Kanuuker

    Opinions wanted on supplemental advertising proposal for the Marketing Hub

    The Dash Marketing Hub is considering putting in a temporary supplemental advertising proposal to maximize the DashDirect virtual card launch but would like the community’s input beforehand. DashDirect launching the virtual MasterCard program is an opportunity for Dash that won’t come again...
  2. Kanuuker

    How Private Is Dash?

    I've heard a couple of criticisms towards Dash's privacy features and I was wondering if someone could address these for me. 1) Dash isn't private because masternodes can view transactions and masternodes can be traced via their IP. Is this true? 2) While there wasn't much clarification, in a...
  3. Kanuuker

    Node incentives?

    I'm brand new to Dash so forgive me if my question is baseless, but are there any incentives for being a regular node? If not, wouldn't that make sense? I would love to run a regular node with no voting rights rights if I could earn even just a little. Thanks,