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  1. servercookie

    Really bad prices when buying dash

    So i have been trying to get my hands on a few hundred Dash, but everywhere i check i am getting some seriously messed up prices. Marked price is 5.6 usd and they are charing 6.4 usd, i understand they do a markup...but that is just wayyyy to much. Does anyone know were i can easly purchase...
  2. servercookie

    Technical trading of the DASH - Updated several times a day

    If anyone want to purchase Dark Coin then its a good idea to wait, the chart is showing divergence and the volume is not picking up at the top right now. I am personally looking to buy much lower prices, hoping to grab 400 dark coins at around 0.01160. The bottom looks like 0.0067, and i am...
  3. servercookie

    Is this performance normal

    Hi everyone, Just started test mining on my day to day computer 2 x GTX 980TI Its showing a about 17mhz inside the cmd window, and showing average 15mhz on the suchpool site. Is this normal for two of these pretty high end Cards to perform at this Level, i have heard that AMD Cards are better...