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  1. Gass

    Is it possible to change the username?

    I hope you guys had a good weekend and are fresh as lick of paint. I was wondering if I can change my forum username, is it possible and if so, how?
  2. Gass

    Receive & send tips in Dash ―

    Only one click needed Keep track of your tips Not only for people who need/want support Tippers make points when supporting other users never tipped by them before. The site allows to send private and public messages only when tipping. Having a page as a tipper can allow the recipient to...
  3. Gass

    Rare price hop

    This looks weird. Dash is now #54.. Yesterday, if I recall correctly, it was #63.. Someone knows something about this? ..
  4. Gass

    Address changing

    I checked my wallet address and it's not the same as before, why is that? And what happens if someone sends Dash to the other one? This is a little bit confusing...
  5. Gass

    Why are some users registered years ago and have a ¨new member¨ tag?

    Shouldn't the new member tag be related to the amount of time registered rather than the number of messages?
  6. Gass

    New to blockchain dev - looking for recommendations to get started

    I'm interested in developing web apps that interact with the Dash blockchain. I don't really know from where to start, there is a lot of information and documentation but honestly I don't understand shit. I'm looking for step by step tutorials or websites like W3schools with examples for...
  7. Gass

    Length of Dash wallet address

    I'm developing a web app and would like to help the user input their correct wallet address. I'm thinking in doing this by making some validations. The first that came to mind is the length of the address but I need to be certain that all dash addresses have the same number of characters...
  8. Gass

    Can someone explain me the sync?

    I'm relatively new to the crypto wallets in general and I was wondering what is the app really doing when Syncing? And why sometimes is fast and other times is slow. Will this be improved in the future? What do you guys think?
  9. Gass

    Amanda B J. Twitter

    I consider Amanda B Johnson to be one of the most interesting persons in the crypto space. I have been searching for her Twitter but haven't succeed at it. Does she have one? and if so, someone knows it?
  10. Gass

    There is a problem on the home page of

    Hi everyone, I would like to report a problem on the home section of the website, so the developers or people in charge of the website can fix it. BUG: when the user changes the language to a non-english some buttons have no text on it, as shown on the screens attached.
  11. Gass

    Forum thread damaging Dash image

    Hi guys, I'm new so I apologies if this thread is off topic. I would like to sound the alarm for the moderators and the overall community regarding an issue that is affecting the image of Dash. When people search on google "Is dash a dead coin?" or "How many people work in dash crypto?" and...