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  1. ericsammons

    What's this Trust Protector thing all about? Let's meet them and chat about Dash stuff.

    I too have submitted my name as a candidate for Trust Protector. I’ve been involved with cryptocurrency since 2013 and been a Dash Masternode owner for over three years. I’ve written numerous articles on Dash, and I am the creator of Dash Vote Tracker, which was the first site dedicated to...
  2. ericsammons

    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    I find it hard to distinguish between “what I like” and “what is best for Dash,” for the reason I like something better is that I think it is best for Dash! I also don’t have strong opinions about things like this; they seem to be a lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing (or little). But at...
  3. ericsammons

    Improved Budget Proposal Tracker:

    1. I'm grabbing the MN count from DashNinja's API, which seems to be off. I've reached out to figure out why that is. 2. Great idea! I'll try to get on that soon.
  4. ericsammons

    payment queue

    Try to understand how it works before attacking it. Here is a simple description: If there are 4,500 Masternodes, then you begin at position #4500. Every time a MN gets paid, you move up one: to 4499...4498...etc. However, once you get in the top 10% of the queue (in this case #450) you...
  5. ericsammons

    Masternode Operators: Sentinel Hotfix (Action Required)

    First of all, great work to all involved in catching and fixing this situation so quickly. But it does raise some questions. This seems similar to an SQL injection, in that a malformed entry caused the system to crash, which seems like a possible attack vector. For example, if InstantSend had...
  6. ericsammons

    Proposal: Marketing & Communication (October)

    Sounds great - I look forward to seeing it. I really wish I could be there, but some health issues will keep me away. Hopefully next time!
  7. ericsammons

    Proposal: Marketing & Communication (October)

    Thanks for the quick response, and I think that sounds good, Fernando. I agree Ogilvy are the experts and their views should be paramount. And if you are involved, I have a lot of confidence. This might be something I should know, but who is on the board? Is it the "Dash Core DAO Management"...
  8. ericsammons

    Proposal: Marketing & Communication (October)

    The advantages of a relationship with such a prestigious firm should be obvious. I do have questions about how decisions will be made, however. For example, let's say Ogilvy creates a new Dash logo. More than likely, they will create a few mockups to choose from (at least, that has been my...
  9. ericsammons

    Dashvotetracker Issues

    Yup, stupid bug on my part, which I fixed. Unfortunately, I didn't get the vote history for those proposals since the bug, so it will start with after I fixed it just now (and it begins to show on the page after about a half hour).
  10. ericsammons

    Dashvotetracker Issues

    Or it could just be a bug. :) I recently made some changes to DVT, and obviously I must have screwed something up. I'll look into it.
  11. ericsammons

    PRE-PROPOSAL: New (& Improved?) Look for DASH Detailed

    I'm ambivalent about the new look. I'm not a fan of the music (which has already been addressed), and I probably like the less-formal YouTubish look of the existing Dash Detailed. Of course, I'm an old fart, so I might not be the target audience. Regarding the cost, I have no problem with what...
  12. ericsammons

    More power to the rich?

    You have a common misunderstanding here. Masternode ownership is *not* targeted to "typical (non-tech-geek) consumers." In fact, it requires tech knowledge and a significant commitment to Dash to run a Masternode. Dash itself - the currency - is what is targeted to non-tech-geek consumers...
  13. ericsammons

    The Dash Masternode Network: A Response to Critics

    Since I've been involved in Dash I've heard a lot of criticisms of the Masternode Network - and those criticisms have become louder since the recent price rise. So I thought I'd write an article to address them: The Dash Masternode Network: A Response to Critics
  14. ericsammons

    Conflict of interest accusations and defenses

    I still don't think there is a problem. If some small cabal of MN owners votes for proposals that benefit themselves but not Dash, that is out in the open for all to see. It's not like the proposals are secret - we know where the block rewards go. We might not know exactly who is in the cabal...
  15. ericsammons

    Conflict of interest accusations and defenses

    If MN owners vote in a proposal that helps Dash, it helps all Dash holders. If they vote in a proposal that hurts Dash, it hurts all Dash holders (themselves included) and people can abandon the project. It doesn't matter if it takes 3 voters or 1,000 voters to pass the proposal.
  16. ericsammons

    (Pre-Proposal) DASHPayCard - DASH Branded Debit Card + Fiat/Dash Integration

    This is something I've been hoping for. As I've written about before, I regularly convert some of my masternode profits to Bitcoin, then transfer to Coinbase to spend with my Shift card. Having something to remove the BTC part out of that process is great...and having someone like Charlie make...
  17. ericsammons

    Bitcoin is Sick. Will It Heal, Be Amputated, or Die? (Dash mentioned)

    I just published an article on Bitcoin's troubles, and also how that might impact Dash: Bitcoin is Sick. Will It Heal, Be Amputated, or Die?
  18. ericsammons

    Ongoing DDoS attack on masternode network

    Maybe it was vultr conducting the stress test to get everyone to upgrade! :D
  19. ericsammons

    An Honest Assessment of Dash, Today’s Hottest Cryptocurrency

    With the recent influx of new users due to the price rise, I've written an article evaluating Dash from the perspective of someone who's been involved for a little while: An Honest Assessment of Dash, Today’s Hottest Cryptocurrency
  20. ericsammons

    Help Me Share Dash with Millions on Facebook and YouTube: JAN 2017 Budget Proposal!

    Jerry, don't get discouraged: people involved in the community for years have had proposals rejected. I would recommend producing some type of Dash-related content *before* another proposal. Let the MN's see what you can do. Then go to the next step: a small project that has very identifiable...
  21. ericsammons

    Proposal: Business Development (January)

    It might be fine now (and it is understandable now with a large early-adoptor MN segment), but I don't think long-term that is a healthy situation. Over time I'd rather have greater checks and balances, so that the core team is answerable to a truly independent MN owner population. I agree that...
  22. ericsammons

    Proposal: Business Development (January)

    Just to be clear: everything in this vote was on the up-and-up; the mistake was in my understanding of the process. Frankly, I don't have a big issue with proposal passing - it obviously had plenty of MN support. And I'm glad you registered my "angst." I wasn't trying to start any type of...
  23. ericsammons

    Proposal: Business Development (January)

    You learn something every day, I guess. I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the process, but I didn't know the votes were locked at budget finalization - I thought it was at the superblock generation (although I guess the name "finalization" should have given me a hint :oops:)...
  24. ericsammons

    Proposal: Business Development (January)

    Demo's trolling aside, I think he is correct: this proposal did *not* have enough votes when the superblock occurred, yet it was still paid ( Why is that? If you look at the history, the superblock was paid at 01:47:53 on 1/4/2016, yet at...
  25. ericsammons

    Proposal: Business Development (January)

    If I cared what an ambiguously-defined, troll-infested "community" thought, I'd be all-in with Bitcoin. All that matters is the masternode vote - that represents the only community that counts. I'm voting "no," but I accept the results of the masternode vote.
  26. ericsammons

    Proposal: Business Development (January)

    Although this thread has been derailed a bit, I'd like to address the original topic: the January Business Development proposal. I support the Dash core development team, and believe they are doing a good job shepherding the project in a competent fashion. If I didn't, I wouldn't own...
  27. ericsammons

    Electrum Maintenance (Pre-Proposal)

    That makes it clear - thanks!
  28. ericsammons

    Electrum Maintenance (Pre-Proposal)

    This is a great idea; I would love to see the electrum-dash client better supported. But just to be clear: are you proposing hiring someone to manage supporting the client? Or is there someone already in mind, and the funds from this proposal would just go to that person? Or is this just to see...
  29. ericsammons

    Any paid Dash Instructors/Tutors?

    I recommend moocowmoo as well.
  30. ericsammons

    Proposal: Business Development (January)

    Yes, I agree that unnecessary administrative overhead is to be avoided, especially in a small team. Just to be clear, here is how I would see it happening in practice: The true owner of the proposal would give regular (most likely monthly) updates on the progress of the project. This could be...
  31. ericsammons

    Review of the Dash Budget System, the First Blockchain-based Decentralized Governance System

    I've just published a review of the Dash Budget System's history: Review of the Dash Budget System, the First Blockchain-based Decentralized Governance System
  32. ericsammons

    Proposal: Business Development (January)

    That would most likely be sufficient. I think the two most important things to know are: Who is the true "owner" of this proposal? I.e., who is responsible for seeing it to completion. Who is responsible for the funds associated with this proposal? I.e., who is in control of the payout...
  33. ericsammons

    Proposal: Business Development (January)

    I want to thank @babygiraffe for this update on these lingering projects. I find both he and @kot do an admirable, professional job in communicating to the community to the best of their ability. And for longer-term projects, I think monthly updates is fine, unless there is some pressing...
  34. ericsammons

    Electrum DASH on OSX - Can't access funds after latest Trezor FW update

    I just discovered something I didn't know before. If you go to and connect your trezor, you will have access to your DASH funds that you stored via Electrum. On the main page, select "App Settings" on the left side of the screen. In the "Currency Backend"...
  35. ericsammons

    ZCash and Dash Block Reward Distribution

    I just published an article on ZCash's block reward distribution, noting its origins in Dash's own innovative distribution structure: Incentives Drive Innovation: Examining ZCash’s Block Reward Distribution
  36. ericsammons

    Out of the Cryptocurrency Sandbox

    I see you're using this as an opportunity to air your personal grievances. However, you've quite missed the point of my article. I'm arguing that in order to be successful long-term, a cryptocurrency has to look beyond the insular crypto community. However, there are very many ways to do this...
  37. ericsammons

    Out of the Cryptocurrency Sandbox

    I've posted a new article discussing the insular cryptocurrency community and how Dash is trying to break out of it: Out of the Cryptocurrency Sandbox
  38. ericsammons

    Apple vs. Dash: The Importance of Privacy

    I thought I remembered seeing someone at Jaxx saying it was for privacy reasons, but they told me that they weren't really given a reason, so my memory must be faulty. I updated the article to say it was speculation that privacy was the reason. Note that it's true that Dash isn't on their list...
  39. ericsammons

    Apple vs. Dash: The Importance of Privacy

    I just published an article over at Medium on the battle to get Dash into the Apple App Store: Apple vs. Dash: The Importance of Privacy
  40. ericsammons

    Partial compulsory MN voting

    Actually, there is nothing wrong with someone being an MNO "purely for the dividend." In fact, I would guess most people have MNs for the dividend, and if they are involved in the voting process, it is in order to protect that dividend. If a MNO doesn't vote, that is their right. If their lack...