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    Lamassu atm

    Hi, i am going to buy a lamassu atm. But they have only btc and eth mentionend on their site. Is Dash integration still a thing?
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    Project proposal - Make a tails version with integrated dash wallet

    Hi, i would appreciate to have a tails version with integrated dash wallet. Now that abraxas accept your currencie, you could do a favor to these customers and offer them a secure tails image. Greets Kong
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    How long does the mixing take for coins worth 250 eur?

    Hi, how long does the mixing take for coins worth 250 eur? Want to make a purchase at abraxas.... Greets
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    Why should i use Dash instead of Bitcoin?

    Why should i use Dash instead of Bitcoin? I am a gambler... And my country don't even know what bitcoin is.... and also other sites accept 0 confirmation transactions... They are as fast as Dash transactions, and they can not be falsified by a third party, because of the huge...
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    How can a cryptocurrency become mainstream?

    How? I wonder... Why should anyone make the effort to get verified (idendity) at a bitcoin exchange, to buy a cryptocurrencie with fees, with which he/she then can buy something on the internet? It is so much easier to use a credit card, it is already established and everyone knows how it...
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    Rebranding = looking for regulation?

    Do the Darkcoin devs try to agree to the ny regulations? To become an "offical cryptocurrency"?
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    Interview mit Ken Jebsen über Kryptowährungen

    Hi, Ken Jebsen kritisiert ja immer das FED System. In diesem Sinne könnte ja jemand der Deutsch spricht mal ein Interview mit ihm haben um Alternativen zum jetzigen System aufzuzeigen. Er hat immerhin bis zu 100000 Views pro Video. Was haltet ihr davon?
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    Wallet unlock bug

    The function "walletpassphrase <passphrase> <timeout>" doesn't work as it should. I tried this function several times, but after one transaction the wallet gets locked again. I am using v0.10.17.23-g6be18c6-beta version of the wallet. Could anyone try to reproduce?
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    Please add a walletunlock function for a certain amount of time.

    Hi, i really want the walletunlock function back. When playing at, it sucks a lot that you have to put in the password for every single bet. It's not userfriendly. Give the people the choice how to use their wallet.