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    Project Constellation: A Consumer-Focused Dash Explainer Video

    Excellent work by you all at Eralith as usual. You have proven to be faithful in all you have done in the past so you will continue to have my strong support. Top rate work on "border free" BTW!!!
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    Ignore Dash: Branding as THE COIN for "Instant Confirmations"

    Amanda and team, I applaud you for your creative marketing ideas. The one thing though is I'm concerned that the end user (buyer) doesn't give a whooot about instant settlement. Case-in-point is credit cards which take days to settle. Not one person in literally 100,000 consumers give it a...
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    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    We have an understandable handycap when trying to pick between these two or possibly more brand logos. That is, we all are completely familiar with what Dash is. Unfortuneately 99% of the world population doesn't know what cryptocurrency is and I would venture that 99.9% or more have never heard...
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    Los Angeles Dash Cryptocurrency Users

    Hi Jim, I'm way out of your area but wanted to say I think you had a great idea. I hope you have great success.
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    Pre-Proposal: ATMs in major French cities

    May I assume that since you will be asking for funds from the Dash Treasury that this business will be running at a no or low profit? If this will be a for-profit business for you than why would you not make you profit from the running of the business like all other successful endeavors.
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    (Pre-Proposal) DASHPayCard - DASH Branded Debit Card + Fiat/Dash Integration

    Daniel, Can you provide some pricing information when the time comes? If Charlie will be asking for funding then can we assume it would be a not-for-profit endeavor by him? If it's not a non-profit then why wouldn't the profits from the business compensate him enough to not need funding from us...
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    (Pre-Proposal) DASHPayCard - DASH Branded Debit Card + Fiat/Dash Integration

    D I disagree. This is tantamount to buying yes votes by discluding the no votes. Think about it.
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    (Pre-Proposal) DASHPayCard - DASH Branded Debit Card + Fiat/Dash Integration

    A welcomed idea. Thanks Charlie. There are other offerings but the "elephant in the room" is that they are offered to nearly everyone except US persons. Will your card be USA OK? Additionally, how do the information swaps with the US Gov. play in to it vs. other countries?
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    Proposal: Infrastructure - Applications (March)

    Ryan 300 Dash equals around $7500. For Slack? Really?? No! Email is Free.
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    Version 12.1 Release

    Tungfa, It seems that you champion the poor merchant's plight. But I ask "what merchants?" all publicly available info. on dash accepting merchants show virtually no Dash acceptance except the guy selling hot sauce out of his garage and me, of course, selling photographs. Now,I overstate a bit...
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    Proposal: Business Development - Major Exchange

    Exciting enticing news. HOWEVER..... It's a lot of funding to "look into" something without a firm commit to "go ahead". I'm not in favor of Daniel Diaz being involved in handling one single Dash on my behalf unless and until there is a full and complete disclosure of previous alleged fraudulent...
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    New website discussion

    I find it to be way to busy with too much right on the front page. This gives a cluttered look and is an immediate turn off. Rather have a few main features stated on the home page, as was suggested previously, and then if someone wants to learn more about that particular aspect they can select...
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    Proposal: Legal (Sept)

    Ryan, I am a very reasonable older man. Hopefully someone you would respect if you knew me. I feel I need to tell you that I trust and respect you just based on the interview with Amanda. That out of the way I feel very uncomfortable with your vision of becoming a alt-bank. Sure it's a great...
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    Proposal: Legal (Sept)

    Ryan, Just a thought, as US govt becomes progressively more Orwellian(plan on it), wouldn't it make a ton of sense to push aside all this and simply locate operations(?) in some friendlier locale? I can't see that it could have a negative impact more so than splitting the block reward did...