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  1. maky

    Wrapped DASH and DASH <-> ETH bridge.

    What do You think about creation of token wrappedDASH (like wBTC, wGOLD etc) on ETH. Contract and system controlled by for example masternodes? We could get handicap of DeFi and they can move from DeFi to quick and cheap payments on DASH system.
  2. maky

    12.1 Migration - "Invalid protocol version"

    dash-cli getinfo: "version": 120100, "protocolversion": 70206, "walletversion": 61000, "balance": 0.00000000, "privatesend_balance": 0.00000000, "blocks": 616511, "timeoffset": 0, "connections": 8, "proxy": "", "difficulty": 77817.46919843456, "testnet": false, "keypoololdest": 1415488991...