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    pre-proposal: (Dash Iran begins) we are going to educate and encourage

    I like it. Your team member zeynab has reached out to me on discord, feel free to do the same to discuss some ideas in more detail.
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    Proposal submission time

    The calculation is made already during voting but finalized at the voting deadline. Payout is ~3 days later. You can also theoretically upload a proposal for the next cycle already in this cycle however that’s not advisable as it has led to confusion and subsequent no votes on previous...
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    Dash Savings: a easy way for Venezuelans to acquire Dash

    Hello, Thank you for uploading this proposal. I really like the idea, especially that you want to charge a fee and aim to be self sufficient. There’re quite a lot of projects that do not align their incentives with growth and plan to stay dependent on Dao funding forevery. Thumbs up. Could...
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    Dash + Mercury Cash

    Hello, What exactly do you want to build? I find it very hard to believe that you would be awarded 2000 Dash for any purpose. MNOs are also increasingly opposed to fund businesses that don’t provide a clear competitive advantage. Looking forward to hear more from you
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    pre-proposal: (Dash Iran begins) we are going to educate and encourage

    Hello, Thank you for your proposal. I think Iran would be a good place for dash to have a foothold. However I see some unaddressed problems in this proposal. 1. It’s not clear how you want to get into the Iranian business world. It’s unclear which problems dash would solve in Iran. The...
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    New site is live

    The site is a really great step in the right direction visually. On the flip side I think its content misrepresents what Dash really is. Dash is not only a fast and cheap form of payment but also an alternative to traditional currencies. There is no mention of that anywhere I could find at...
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    Pre-proposal Dash Boost: Advertising campaign with Billboards

    This proposal really interests me as I have advocated before to move away from the conference and meetups marketing tactics which I perceive as low impact and high cost towards more traditional scaleable marketing activities. In light of google and Facebook banning non exchange advertising...
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    Pre-Proposal: Modular Networking Backend for Dash Core

    Interesting proposal. I’m not very versed with I2p. Would your proposal introduce the need to change the ip adress requirement of the deterministic masternode dip? You mentioned having been a core dev before. Do you see any evolution functionality not being feasible after the changes you propose?
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    Dash Core Group Q3 2018 Summary Call - 12 November 2018

    @kot your assumption is correct
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    ABEE Pre-Proposal: Dash Integrated Rideshare App

    Ridesharing is a hyper competitive market. I think to assess this proposal you need to share way more about your business plan. How are you funded? Is future funding secure? What makes you special to compete vs first movers? How do you plan to become cash flow positive? How far along are you...
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    UPDATED Pre-Proposal: Dash + Alt Thirty Six Sponsorship Marketing 2019

    It appears that alt36 uses dash only as a payments rail to push around fiat values. Dash seems to be held for the fewest time possible. As such many transactions on the alt36 platform won’t directly lead to an upwards pressure in dash price. I don’t necessarily see this as a negative as the...
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    Pre-proposal: Dash BE (Business Evaluation)

    Interesting, I like it. That’s next to dashwatch another very valuable service to have regarding proposal due diligence. However I’m not sure if it’s the right time to start this. How much would it cost?
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    Dash Core Group Q3 2018 Summary Call - 12 November 2018

    From an outside perspective DCG seems to be exclusively focused on the medium of exchange property of dash. Do you intent to shift the attention partly towards the store of value property from a business development and/or software development perspective in the future? How do you plan to...
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    Pay to name Evolution Concept

    As I understand it pay to usernames will just be another option. So there will be pay to qr, pay per nfc and pay to username/pay paymentrequests. You probably won’t find pay to username interactions too often in real life. Usually you will fulfill payment request the merchants gives you in...
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    A Case For Venezuela. Why Focus DASH Promotion in Venezuela and Latin America

    1. alejandroE posted these Numerus some time ago on discord. I believe it was 40-60 tx per day on the Pos which is the dominantly used pos in Venezuela. 12.000 attendees were from the 12 conferences over the last year. I believe it was even more but I didn’t wanted to go through the last...
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    A Case For Venezuela. Why Focus DASH Promotion in Venezuela and Latin America

    @DeepBlue thank you a lot for taking the time and responding so extensively. I largely agree especially in points 4. and 6. It is my understanding that 12.000+ Venezuelans in Caracas have been trained in multi hour conferences. They have downloaded their wallets, recieved their first dash and...
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    I would suggest you to skip the conferences. There are no B2C conferences in the legacy payments/money industry. No UsD conferences, no euro conferences, no Visa or MasterCard conferences. That’s for good reason. Conferences are expensive, not scaleable and don’t provide a effective mechanism to...
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    A Case For Venezuela. Why Focus DASH Promotion in Venezuela and Latin America

    I largely agree with your analysis and believe if we managed to onboard Venezuela to dash we would have achieved a major stepping stone and greatly helped out the venezuelan people. Yet I have two main concerns I’d like to hear your opinion on: 1. Even though the situation in Venezuela is...
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    Announcing DIP 5 - Blockchain Users

    I strongly feel usernames should expire after a certain time period. I also think people who got their account compromised would like to sign up the same username as before, so reuse of previous usernames is something to consider. That’s probably already on the list as non mvp features...
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    Announcing DIP 5 - Blockchain Users

    I agree for the most part with @GrandMasterDash considerations. The backwards comparability could make or break very interesting usecases currently not considered. Leaving out period is a good idea imo. A decentralized DNS service would be very interesting to explore in the future Leasing out...
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    Pre-poposal: DASH REMITTANCES - Increasing the supply of Dash in Venezuela

    Do you plan to issue equity of this business to the upcoming Dash Ventures trust? How about issuing equity for the other business you set up in the past? If yes to what extend? Keep up the good work, you’re really making it happen #dashening
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    Pre-Proposal: Co-Funding of Dash Embassy Thailand / Asia Embassy Expansion Step 1 (Oct-Dec 2018)

    Hello, as you might remember I’m a huge fan of the embassy model and very much look forward for other embassies to establish. From the top of my head I have the following questions: The Name Embassy ASIA is very broad. Do you plan on targeting every Asian country? Naming your embassy to broad...
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    pre-proposal DASH distributed point of sales

    I would prefer the product to have one well incentivized team behind it to bring it to market. Just open sourcing it, asking a few businesses to integrate and then letting it rest on github is far inferior for adoption imo. But we’ll it is what it is. Nevertheless your product description makes...
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    Pre-Proposal: ForceTech Dash Pay Plan

    As far as I can tell you have not answered any of my questions. Can you please provide answered to my [email protected]
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    New Threats for Dash - Swish and the like

    Hey, this post is a bit dated but I decided to contribute my opinion anyway. Dash is a currency and not a payments app and as such it has to compete against currencies and not payments apps. The only thing in which it has to compete with payments apps is it’s usability and features as these can...
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    DCG Business Dev Strategy, Presentation and Q&A

    What are your plans to give dash the final catch up push inside the cryptocurrency industry? There are some highly successful services that are still not integrated with dash. Gemini, Coinbase, bitpay come to mind but certainly also a few others. How do you plan to get dash into the crypto...
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    pre-proposal DASH distributed point of sales

    You propose to develop an interesting pos solution of which we could definitely need more. But how do you plan to bring this to market? What is your growth strategy? What is your long term business plan?
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    Pre-Proposal: ForceTech Dash Pay Plan

    Why can’t you just integrate one of the numerous easy to integrate dash payments solutions? The only way I can see this proposal working is with a generous exclusivity agreement and much dash promotion on your platform. I’m very sceptical of paying for integration into rather crypto unrelated...
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    Dash Core Group Q2 2018 Summary Call - 10 August 2018

    How big is the current remaining marketing budget? What does core plan to achieve with these funds and over which timeframe do you plan to spend these funds? The dash treasury is currently under significant pressure. While Core is building significant buffers other important Dash businesses...