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  1. Cofresí

    Mysterium Network - A Decentralised VPN would be nice to see this dashified and in the Evolution market place ;)
  2. Cofresí

    instantX + micropayments = unlocking the potential for real PUSH mechanism in cryptocurrencies

    When talking about the goodness of instantX, one argument that often comes to the fore is that they are useful primarily for larger transactions/purchases of items/services of higher value. While this is certainly true, I would like to highlight the importance instantX could have on the opposite...
  3. Cofresí

    Does Satoshi know/care about DRK?

    You bet he does. Or at least that part of Satoshi which is Nick Szabo would. That is of course if you allow for a moment that this elusive cryptographic polymath of a renaissance man (if there is actually a person with that name behind the web persona that calls himself "Nick Szabo") has...