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  1. scratchy


    Gibts mittlerweile einen Anbieter für Kreditkarten in DE? würde gerne on the fly alles mit dash bezahlen..
  2. scratchy

    dash office?

    Does the dash team ( has an office, where the physically work and meet?
  3. scratchy

    whatsapp bot

    Hello, can we make them adopt Dash? impact would be giant, cause we have instant sendt
  4. scratchy

    china ico ban

    Howdy Wie seht ihr dir Problematik mit china ico bans, sowie die Gerüchte das bald btc in china banned wird? Ruhe bewahren?
  5. scratchy

    Whatsapp and dash

    Hello, Today a friend send me an dash address via whatsapp, several times... even addresses from 3rd partys like kraken.. i was not able to copy them into my dash wallet. (It was red, stating invalid address) Then he send me those addresses via mail and it worked instant. Did anyone had the...
  6. scratchy

    .56 nodes not start pinging

    hey, i got trouble since i run on .56. it seems the nodes dont start to ping. status on the nodes say: { "vin" : "CTxIn(COutPoint(a840f157aa9cc908272688d06563f4cfd3e21accd8882b7f5354383aa4241939, 0), scriptSig=)", "service" : "", "status" : "Not capable masternode...
  7. scratchy

    Dash google trouble

    Hey Guys, I see a lot of nice work about dash outside, very nice videos, nice presentation on conferences. But i currently see a big problem, its the way how we attract new people. If they try to google for "dash" they only get a bunch of crap. Also i heard storys that some of them were...
  8. scratchy

    WTT [] Masternode cloud-service (4$/Month)

    Hey (pre)-Masternode Owners! Are you tired of manage/monitoring your masternode(s) or is your VPS to expensive? Heres your Solution: presents you one of the firsts masternode cloud services on the net! How does it Work? All you have to do is to enter your dashaddress in...
  9. scratchy

    [] Masternode cloud-service -> Please use as alternative

    Service Closed, please use as alternative
  10. scratchy

    [0% Fee][PPLNS/P2Pool][RC5] & P2POOL

    Hallo Leute, Ich möchte euch kurz auf aufmerksam machen, denn wir unterstützen seit einer gewissen Zeit nun auch DRK-Coin. Wir sind schon länger als Pool bekannt (Ende 2013) hauptsächlich im Bereich von LTC und haben bisher sehr positive Rezensionen bekommen. Welche vorteile bietet...
  11. scratchy

    P2Pool [0.9% Fee] [~100MH] Port 80 Mining

    Hey guys, Heres our P2Pool: / What the adventage to join Fast Support DDOS-Protection Proven Stability Full Virtualized Enviroment Port 80 Mining Low Fees Fast updates of coind (Were really interested in a stable network!) Own...
  12. scratchy

    Post Conditions

    Those post conditions are really strange... I can get if theres a posting condition for preventing one time visiters / spammers. But really im not allowed to P.M. s.o. until i get likes? How strange is this? PS: I need some likes please :/