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  1. Technologov

    Feature-request: Add tx index by default, allow ElectrumX RPC

    Hello, Today a server guy needs to install Linux, then Dash Core node, then configure txindex=1 , then Install ElectrumX to allow any light wallet Electrum users to connect. I would recommend to save the last 2 steps: *. Ship Dash Core software with tx index enabled by default. This is...
  2. Technologov

    I suggest using hybrid Masternode PoS + PoW mining

    For Dash: vs PoW it is better to build a hybrid PoW+PoS because we could do odd numbered blocks via PoW Mining and even numbered blocks via Masternodes (PoS), increasing defences vs 51% attacks (attacker will need to have both 51% POW + 51% stake to attack Dash... ) I propose to tech Masternodes...
  3. Technologov

    I suggest using hybrid Masternode PoS + PoW mining

    For Dash: vs PoW it is better to build a hybrid PoW+PoS because we could do odd numbered blocks via PoW Mining and even numbered blocks via Masternodes (PoS), increasing defences vs 51% attacks (attacker will need to have both 51% POW + 51% stake to attack Dash... ) PoW is still needed to solve...
  4. Technologov

    Dash-qt has a memory leak !

    Leaving my Dash Qt (wallet) opened up for 2 days, it's memory commitment went up to 10 Gigs ! Dash Core 12.3.2 (latest) on Windows 7 x64. Debug log attached: - memleak -10Gig -2018-08-12.log?dl=0
  5. Technologov

    Vote against 'Core Team Taxes' could put things into jeopardy

    Hello, Just wanted to inform us all that voting against 'Core Team Taxes' could put entire Dash Core team into jeopardy. This is because by law, taxes are payable *before* salaries. And 119 votes against it could make it hard to pass this proposal. Basically Dash Core team could be forced to...
  6. Technologov

    Suggestion: Mine half blocks via Masternodes

    Since Masternodes already play an important part of the Dash ecosystem, Dash is already defacto PoW/PoW hybrid algorithm, I'd recommend that every 2nd block be mined by Masternodes. Odd blocks by PoW miners; Even blocks to be mined by Masternodes (via PoS). This lead to better security (because...
  7. Technologov

    Problem upgrading Masternodes to 12.3

    When I installed Dash Masternode on Linux with 12.2, I downloaded like this: wget The problem is: This command with 12.3 fails: wget Any links? UPDATE: Nevermind. I...
  8. Technologov

    Masterblocks : Scaling Blockchain by summarizing balances What do you think of it?
  9. Technologov DASH price inaccurate

    It shows me $77, while in reality it is about $71-$72. Why? I think they are linked to the falling TETHER USDT or Bitfinex exchange. It includes a risk premium that their USDT may fall apart. I have explained the risks associated with USDT in my earlier post. The real price of DASH today...
  10. Technologov

    ATTENTION!! STOP using Tether USDT immediately! Moreover, 1 USDT goes for $0.94 USD at Kraken today. (18.04.2017) meaning, that savvy investors believe there is a risk of USDT collapse. Discounting USDT price vs. USD. Theoretically they should...
  11. Technologov

    ATTENTION !! Time to withdraw from Bitfinex

    After Bitfinex hack, it's shields were down -- it became a fractional reserve crypto-currency bank. BTC price difference reached $50: Bitfinex is smelling more and more like MtGox...
  12. Technologov

    How private Dash PrivateSend really is ?

    Dash PrivateSend does a coin mixing... but afterwards you submit a transaction and broadcast it from your own IP address (assuming Dash Core wallet), right ? So people can track you by IP address ? (both original and mixed coins) When you have mixed coins they return back to your wallet. So...
  13. Technologov

    Instamine is a non-issue.

    Partial Instamine is a non-issue. 1. Bill Gates pre-mined Microsoft stocks. 2. Mark Zuckerberg pre-mined Facebook stocks. 3. Vitalik pre-mined Ethereum. 4. Crypto-coins are both digital gold and a stock. I believe that creators need to have financial incentives to make their projects a...
  14. Technologov

    How Dash InstantSend really works?

    1. What happens if malicious miner includes anyway a double-spend transaction, that was supposedly locked by the Masternode quorum ? 2. What makes you think that Miners will obey a Masternode locking? 3. Will such a block, that includes a double spend of a locked transaction be rejected or...
  15. Technologov

    GoodVibe; Bad Behavior; And trolling

    hello, "GoodVibe" user goes after every single post that I do and puts "trolling" flag on it. I consider he is being the biggest troll of all on this forum. Should we do anything about this? Perhaps take away his ability to troll people? Examples:
  16. Technologov

    How-to compile Dash Evolution and join test net?

    How-to compile Dash Evolution and join test net? Are there instructions for Windows ? Are there instructions for Linux ?
  17. Technologov

    Pre-Proposal: DASH Proposal fee lowered to 1.0 DASH

    Dear Dash Nation ! Sudden spike of Dash-to-U.S.Dollar prices, put many new proposals out of reach for small projects. With regard to the recent maximum USD price of Dash at $120, We think the proposal fee should be reduced to 0.1 Dash. Without this change, We feel that opportunities will be...
  18. Technologov

    Pre-Proposal: fund "Seamless upgrade layer" dev for Dash

    Hello, Tezos developers may be able to develop "Seamless update layer" for Dash. What does it mean ? In Debian Linux there are 3 versions running at the same time "unstable" --> "testing" --> "stable". Same is true for Chrome browser updates in the background. (no longer painful upgrade...
  19. Technologov

    We should change voting from Masternodes to EVERYONE

    Hi All, Today I was in Bitcoin Israel in Tel-Aviv, trying to convince the people to switch over to Dash. I spoke about BTC transaction getting stuck and that Lightning Network has a broken and unproven economic model. One of the problems that they dislikes about Dash is that in order to be...
  20. Technologov

    Idea: Rotating Proof-of-Work

    To avoid the possibility of ASIC miners taking over the network, we can design a PoW algo with a difficulty time-bomb, like Ethereum did. Difficulty time bomb, if when block difficulty time is adjusted exponentially, making blocks 100x times slower to produce in a 2 years time. Giving enough...
  21. Technologov

    PoS/PoW hybrid -- Masternode Mining

    Hi All, I think that in addition to "collateralized mining", we can change an algorithm to produce even blocks by Masternoe staking (PoS) odd blocks by Miners. 1. This will balance the protocol upgrade power between more people (not only miners) 2. In case if miners are mis-configured to...
  22. Technologov

    We need security researchers Charlotte Gardner found exploits in Bitcoin Unlimited, which resulted in remote exploit and full node crash in Bitcoin network. We need to hire a bunch of those people both for security research...
  23. Technologov

    Dash insurance, backup wallet and split wallet

    Hello, What happens if I get run over by the bus? What happens if I die? I have a bunch of Masternodes that are worth a fortune. I don't want to give private keys to anyone, not even my family. But I want to give them a way to recover a private key, in case something happens to me. One good...
  24. Technologov

    How to get Masternode Operator tag ?

    How to get Masternode Operator tag ?
  25. Technologov

    On why we should give 0.1 DASH proposals a chance

    Dear Dash Nation! Many have voted to lower the new proposal fee to 0.1, but many others remain skeptical. And I understand. One hacker with 100 DASH can flood the network with a 1000 proposals easily. But in my opinion the risk is justified. Even if worst case scenario will happen we will...
  26. Technologov

    Dash Business Model upgrade: Invest in start-ups

    Dear Dash Nation. Just recently we have donated money to two start-ups: To Charlie Shrem Dash card and to TenX VISA card. I think we should upgrade our Dash business model. Right now, when we vote with Masternodes, we can fund start-ups, but we donate money, we don't invest money. We have zero...
  27. Technologov

    Masternode goes to 'NEW_START_REQUIRED' status; becomes INACTIVE

    This MN gets down: Dash Core shows 'NEW_START_REQUIRED' status. Dash Ninja shows : Status Inactive (0%) But MN itself says everything is fine: [email protected]:~/sentinel# venv/bin/python bin/
  28. Technologov

    How-to list all Dash addresses with 1.0 DASH inside?

    Hello, How do I list all Dash addresses with >=1.0 DASH balance inside using dash-cli ? Or how do I list utxo ?
  29. Technologov

    Voting for ALL Dash holder, not just Masternodes

    Hello, I would like to propose to change to our voting according to the amount of coins held, so that all Dash users will be able to vote. Not only Masternode owners with a 1000 DASH. Because if/when Dash breaks a $1000, like Bitcoin did, only a millionaires will be able to afford a...
  30. Technologov

    Can I compile Evolution and join testnet ?

    Hi All ! 1. Can I compile Dash Evolution dev-tree? Where do I get the sources ? 2. How-to join test-net ? Thanks, -Technologov
  31. Technologov

    Next-gen on-chain scalability - Masterblocks

    Hello developers ! Foreword: I have sold all of my Bitcoins for Dash in 2017, after scalability issues got my BTC transactions to stuck in limbo between 3 to 26 hours ! I think scalability is a real blocker if Dash, or any other crypto-currency for that matter, is to replace a legacy banking...
  32. Technologov

    [pre-proposal] Reduce proposals from 5 DASH to 1 DASH.

    I think that $500 dollars worth of Dash (5 Dash at $100) means that small projects will get priced out of the market. I think reducing the price is worth discussion. I think that a smaller sum like $50 or $100 is enough to prevent spam, but make small proposals to be allowed to be put to vote...
  33. Technologov

    What is Dash Masternode timeout period?

    After how many minutes of timeout will MN get kicked out of the network ?
  34. Technologov

    How-to debug Masternodes ?

    Hello, I have 2 different control wallets (Dash Core 12.1.4), and one of the wallets says my MN is 'ENABLED', while the other says 'NEW_START_REQUIRED' about the same MN (with same IP), when I look at 'all masternodes' tab in the GUI. How to debug MN what's the true state ? Thanks, -Technologov
  35. Technologov

    How-to vote with my Masternodes ?

    1. How to vote ? 2. Where is the list of all proposals ? 3. Any FAQ ? (link please) Thanks, -Technologov
  36. Technologov

    What happens if I run 'dashd' without sentinel?

    Excuse me for a stupid question... But... 1. What happens if I run 'dashd' without sentinel (on a Linux server) ? Is it still a Masternode ? A Full-node ? Or useless program, that does nothing ? 2. Is sentinel needed for a local wallet (Dash-Core on PC) ? Why, or why not? (I think it's not...
  37. Technologov

    How-to properly update Masternodes ?

    My understanding, is that I must stop "dashd", replace the binary and restart "dashd". Will it throw me out of payment queue? Is this the recommended method ?
  38. Technologov

    Is Firewall for Dash Masternode even needed ?

    The only difference (as far as I know) between Firewalled Masternode and Non-Firewalled MN, is that the Linux kernel will DROP packets in FW case or simply send REJECT ICMP message for non-FW Nodes. In both cases I have only 2 ports OPEN: TCP/22 (SSH) and TCP/9999 (Dash).
  39. Technologov

    Masternode FAILED with "NEW_START_REQUIRED"

    New MN running Dash Core 12.1.3, and stopped while I was asleep. (running as a $5 VPS on Vulture) 1. Why this is happening ? 2. how can I solve it ? (prevent it from crashing, esp. when I'm asleep or on vacation) 3. Does it reset the queue ? (so my MN doesn't get paid) I expected the...
  40. Technologov

    How to setup multiple Masternodes from One Wallet ?

    Hello, I bought a bunch of Dash coins recently (after running away from Bitcoin's scalability issues). How to setup Multiple Masternodes from them ? I have one control wallet and a bunch of VPSes. One of my VPSes is up-n-running as a MN already ! I was able to setup one Masternode according...