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    The decentralized exchange bisq now accepts DASH as a main currency to trade

    The decentralized exchange bisq (formerly called Bitsquare) now accepts DASH as a main currency to trade. Bisq is one of the most important projects in the Bitcoin and Altcoin ecosystem. A true decentralized...
  3. aleix

    New Barcelona Bitcoin Community meetup -> Blockchain for the Energy Transition

    FYI: Blockchain for the Energy Transition April 21st, 2017, 19h - FabLab (carrer de Pujades, 102, Barcelona) Language (talk and Q&A): English As always...
  4. aleix

    mnpayments.dat error

    I try to restart the wallet after the upgrade, and I have the error "Failed to load masternode payments cache from mnpayments.dat". Now I cannot open the wallet. any thoughts? Thank you,
  5. aleix

    Next Barcelona Bitcoin Meetup -> Blockchain backed governance systems

    Next Barcelona Bitcoin Meetup -> Blockchain backed governance systems (DAOs et al.) With @fernando talking about the governace in DASH (thanks for joining us buddy!) Hi sou tots molt benvinguts
  6. aleix

    DASH en Exmo

    DASH ignaugura espacio en un nuevo exchange (con las oficinas radicadas en Barcelona ) Os dejo el comunicado de prensa (en castellano, que no es poca cosa ) que me acaban de pasar...
  7. aleix

    Bitsquare (p2p exchange) and some doubts about anon coins.

    As you may know I am involved (as a supporter and friend of the team, i'm not a dev) in the development of the Bitsquare project. You can check about the project here: Basically is a p2p exchage from BTC-FIAT FIAT-BTC and BTC-Altcoins Altcoins-BTC. Of course Bitsquare...
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    Dash Talk Barcelona BTC Group - May 26 2015

    This is a homemade video made with limited resources. I hope you enjoy it. :smile:
  9. aleix

    Y el ganador del Premio Proof of Honor 2014 es..... Evan Duffield!

    traducido de: Y el ganador del Premio Proof of Honor 2014 es..... Nuestra misión es buscar, seleccionar y honrar a las personas más destacadas dentro de esta industria floreciente que nos está dando tantas alegrías. El premio Proof of...
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    Entrevista con Evan Duffield (creador y desarrolador principal de Darkcoin)

    traducido de: ¿Evan, cómo te involucraste inicialmente en el mundo de las crytodivisas? Evan Duffield - Siempre he estado interesado en las finanzas, la programación y la criptografía, por lo que...
  11. aleix

    Bitsquare crowdfunding

    The development team of Bitsquare (decentralized exchange) have launched a campaign to raise funds to continue the project. As you all know, the project is open source from the beginning. Some programmers need to devote many hours, and they need to pay bills too! :rolleyes: The project...
  12. aleix

    Francis Reynders, ¡Bienvenido al equipo!

    Os informamos que Francis Reynders se ha unido al equipo de desarrollo de Darkcoin como core developer; Francis es licenciado en Ciencias de la Computación, tiene la certificación Linux LPIC-2 y aporta más de 20 años de experiencia en desarrollo. En su trabajo habitual es especialista en...
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    Dark Wallet/Bitcoin party in Barcelona

    I think we can create an "events" space for this kind of stuff... meanwhile: I know you are mainly from US / UK but if anyone is around my city: Tonight, nice party with the devs of Dark Wallet (and Bitcoin community in general) in Barcelona! (darkcoiners also invited :smile:) Just join our...
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    tons of spam-threads lately

    I erased 2 threads from spanish sub-forum, but I see there are a lot more. We can do something?
  15. aleix

    Some Master Nodes, outside US and EU

    I was thinking about the goverments (of the US and Europe mainly) and I think in the near future (with some “terrorist” excuse) they will try to close the DarkSend masternodes system. We are now out of the focus of the media, but if Evan succeed (and I have no doubt about that) we will be...
  16. aleix

    AD from ethereum

    I love this ad (maybe a bit presumptuous but, what the hell?): I think we need to create one of these (or hire the "mad men" from ethereum)
  17. aleix

    Alan Moore does,like,real magick

    (Just for fun) BTW I love Alan Moore work!
  18. aleix

    Bienvenidos al foro Darkcoin en castellano - Información general

    Fecha de salida: 23:00 EST 18 de enero 2014 / Sin preminnado Especificaciones Algoritmos súper seguros: 11 rondas de científicas funciones hash (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo) La recompensa del bloque está controlada por...
  19. aleix

    Master Nodes for non IT guys

    Hi all, The Darkcoin project is now starting a new phase with Darkcoin Master Nodes. If we want a strong net, I think most of master nodes must belong to members of our community. I (and I think a lot of people in our community) manage myself well with computers, but I’m not a professional...