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  1. Ignition75

    Home Theatre / Media Player / TV / Logitech Harmony Integration

    Hey, I'm in need of some advice. Running Windows 8.1 on my Media Player with XBMC. I've also got a HD Homerun TV tuner. Windows Media Centre is awesome for TV Tuning, it works flawlessly but is a pile of crap for watching content such as mkv and mp4 files. XBMC is awesome for the mkv and...
  2. Ignition75

    Link issue with "Read Announcement" on the front page.

    Read Announcement button currently linking to:
  3. Ignition75

    100 Gh/s Rig for Rental? Has the time come?
  4. Ignition75

    Your first gaming console and game?

    Atari 2600 and my first game was Street Racer, as a 5 year old I thought I had died and gone to heaven :smile:
  5. Ignition75

    Operation Bridge the Gap

    I'm thinking of organising a crowd funding campaign to commission some people to spend the time and write some professional and helpful guides on the following: An introduction to P2Pool mining. An introduction to masternodes. Which technology to choose for managing masternodes, Windows or...
  6. Ignition75

    What I'm paying for farms should be a crime.

    Can't believe how cheaply I'm renting farms these days. They must be getting free electricity, I can't understand how anyone is making a profit at these prices.
  7. Ignition75

    WTS Microsoft Windows 8.1 - CD & CD Key - Brand New OEM

    Each one of these guys had Windows 8.1: I've sold the farm now and I'm left with 30 of these: They are brand new, un-opened, just used the CD Key on the front cover as I built each rig from an image. I can send you the CD Key for 30 DRK, for 35 DRK I can post you the CD as well. Since...
  8. Ignition75

    DRK Team Tips - Crowd Funding

    Over the last few months I've realised how much hard work goes into development and testing by the Dark team and prominent members of the community. In many cases, lots of personal time and financial resources are contributed to testing and infrastructure of this project. I'm running a crowd...
  9. Ignition75

    Stonehedge is back!

    Hey dude, you're back on DCT! Welcome back, is that rented or your own farm?
  10. Ignition75

    X11 Mining Optimisation Project

    Hi all, I've been in discussions with a couple of very talented OpenCL (AMD) and Cuda (Nvidia) developers who both think there are decent optimisations to be had from spending some time on existing mining software. Both have done similar projects for other coins, and, lets just say there was a...
  11. Ignition75

    Are these masternode permissions correct?

    Ozziecoin setup my masternodes for me, since he went AWOL I'm going to need to reach out to the community for a little help whilst I come up to speed on IPTables and Linux in general. This is what I know I have, Ubuntu 12.02 64 bit with csf as a firewall on a VPS. I only have one IP allowed...
  12. Ignition75

    How does one fix a corrupted wallet?

    I was clearing out some old wallets by renaming them in and out of wallet.dat. Was going fine until one corrupted. It's got about 30 DRK in there, so it's not the end of the world, however the client has renamed it to a BAK file and can't seem to fix it. Any ideas how I can proceed?
  13. Ignition75

    Potentially the first restaurant in Australia to accept Darkcoin

    I'm having dinner tonight at this restaurant, looking to chat to the owner about being the first restaurant in Australia to accept Darkcoin. Potentially use it as a PR exercise as well. It looks better at with mood lighting.
  14. Ignition75

    I have reached out to

    I decided to keep it short and sweet: Congratulations on going Crypto ignition75 to bizdev (less than one minute ago) show details To whom it may concern, Firstly I would like to congratulate you on being one of the more progressive companies on the internet by accepting crypto currencies...
  15. Ignition75

    The DARK community really pulled together.

    Hi All, Wanted to say how impressed I was with everyone that contributed towards donations for Kristov's code review. A big thanks to CoinzCoinzCoinz, Vertoe, Camo and anyone else that put in big donations. As well as everyone else who put in what they could afford. Kristov mentioned how...
  16. Ignition75

    I moved a node but it's fooling the network somehow...

    Hi All, I'm running a VPS setup with my master nodes, they were created with guidance from OzzieCoin, I've recently branched out on my own and I'm setting up my own nodes with success. I wasn't feeling it with Singapore anymore. My London nodes have been getting 1 payment a day, sometimes 2...
  17. Ignition75

    Warning - Windows Question Inside

    Hey, I know Microsoft Windows are swear words amongst the technical elite, however I'm guessing one of you may be able to help me. I've noticed with P2Pool it's very sensitive to having a nice clear connection to the ISP. Previously, when I was pool mining with 30 rigs, I could slam my...
  18. Ignition75

    P2Pool Question

    Mods please delete post.