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  1. fible1

    Dash Service Desk Dry Run

    Dear Community Members, It’s a pleasure to inform you that after much preparation and arduous work, we will begin trialing our Customer Service Desk on the main Dash website between Tuesday, 22nd of May and Friday, 25th of May. This short trial is intended to help us gauge customer traffic and...
  2. fible1

    Electrum Maintenance (Pre-Proposal)

    @kefkius @flare @splawik21 I would like to submit a proposal for maintenance and incremental improvement of Electrum-Dash. This is one of the few wallets that works with Bitcoin Trezor for Dash as well as masternodes. This wallet is part of the next level of security masternodes need as Dash...
  3. fible1

    Electrum-Dash (Pre-Proposal Planning)

    (CLOSED) I have been playing with Electrum for a few weeks but a key flaw was recently pointed out to me: Electrum-Dash does not appear to support coin control (which is weird because Bitcoin Electrum does support it). This is really a deal breaker for masternode owners because it makes...
  4. fible1


    Is Slack down for everyone? I haven't been able to load for an hour or so, both our Slacks give me "Server Error". Pablo.
  5. fible1

    Interesting Possibilities: BTCRelay Tech Pablo.
  6. fible1

    Membership Adjustment Request

    I would like to suggest that it may be a good time to re-evaluate the membership fees the foundation is charging. I am not 100% on this but I think the membership fees have not been re-evaluated for over a year? Price has gone up a lot since then. Anyway, just a request from someone who wants...
  7. fible1

    WTB (CLOSED) Make a quick 5 bucks (Skrill or PayPal)

    I'm having trouble downloading the "Stealing Bitcoin with Math" video here: I am having trouble downloading this video, I have a quick 5 bucks to anyone who can upload this video to either dropbox of gdrive and provide a download...
  8. fible1

    Need 960 USD of BTC @Spot, will pay 1010 USD of Skrill (negoitable)

    Can anyone lend a hand? Pablo.
  9. fible1

    Online Bank

    I just signed up with the online bank; customer service is amazing, I hope they stay legit. A good place for anyone looking for a new bank. Opened and verified my account in 10 minutes. Pablo.
  10. fible1


    Well it happened again, my personal laptop was hacked. Not going into details, but I want to warn everyone that there are some very sophisticated spearfishing emails going around. I got one over the weekend (unfortunately deleted) that addressed me personally over a crypto related matter. This...
  11. fible1

    WTB Make $10; Google Docs Feed

    I need to import "market cap" and "24 hour volume" feeds to my google docs spreadsheet for the cryptos Dash, Rads, VCash (formerly vanillacoin), Ether and Bitcoin. Anyone who can help me import the feeds will make a quick 10 bucks via skrill or paypal. Please PM me if interested, I will post...
  12. fible1


    Is anyone familiar with DNET? Does anyone have any more info on the coin or the developer? Thanks in advance. Pablo.
  13. fible1

    Free Crypto Book

    Hey Guys, I just released my book on how to pick the best cryptocurrencies to invest in for the long term. It's free of charge (link below) and touches a lot on Dash. I welcome any feedback, and if you enjoy the book (even if you don't), please take a moment to leave a comment on Amazon. Free...
  14. fible1

    Has anyone used this site for Dash? Is it safe? Any feedback is appreciated. Pablo.
  15. fible1

    JFYI: I'm trying to use the foundation website but it is giving me an https error. Would be worth to look at as I tried form another connection and have the same issue. Pablo.
  16. fible1


    Hey Guys, I am trying to find out who on the core team is in charge of electrum-dash. With recent price increases, I think it would be very useful to finally integrate masternode support to the Trezor on Electrum. I would like to know how I can help in terms of donations or whatever to get...
  17. fible1

    Job Offer - YouTube Channel

    As some of you may know, I am starting a new YouTube channel focused on crypto investment, with a bent on altcoins. This will be done professionally and on a full time basis. The reason for my post is that I am looking for someone who can help with online marketing, and more importantly, to help...
  18. fible1

    Dash Node

    Does anyone have a guide on how to put together a Dash node on a raspi? I don't mean a masternode, just a regular full node to help with network load. I have a couple of raspi's sitting here with some spare bandwidth, thought it would make a cool project. Pablo.
  19. fible1

    Article About Improving Addressing Pablo.
  20. fible1

    2FA on Evolution

    Does anyone know how evolution will secure account access? I'm still working my way through the White Papers but with this was the first thing that popped into my mind when reading about the new system. Will there be some form of 2FA? Thanks, Pablo.
  21. fible1

    What to Look for in an Altcoin

    Hey guys, I'm writing a short booklet on how to buy altcoins for the "buy and hold" sort of investor; how to avoid scam coins, signs that a coin has a good base, identifying trolls, gauging a developer, getting community feedback, etc. I was wondering if you guys could tell me what you look...
  22. fible1

    WhatsApp Group

    A Whatsapp group was started by members of the Portuguese forum and it has been great fun! Since we all speak English anyway we would like to invite anyone who wishes to join to please PM me their number so they can be added. I think this is a good way to get around Slack restrictions and it...
  23. fible1

    WTB XML Script

    A need a google docs XML script that loads VanillaCoin price in USD. It should take anyone that is not me less than 2 minutes to do. 1 Dash or 5 bucks paypal reward, your choice! First PM wins. Pablo.
  24. fible1


    Is anyone familair with VNL? Looks quite interesting (though the community is a bit guarded). They seem to have equivalents to masternodes and IX but without the need for masternodes. Any one have more insight into this coin? Pablo.
  25. fible1

    Microsoft to Sponsor Ethereum Conference Pablo.
  26. fible1

    When Dash Hits $100 I will Buy...

    I thought it would be fun to post what we would buy if Dash hit 100 USD. I'll start: (Edit; Changed My MInd; I just fell in love with the SkyDweller): Pablo.
  27. fible1

    Bitcoin Confirmations Glacial

    I submitted a Bitcoin TX 45 minutes ago with a 0.001 BTC fee. Zero confirmations so far. Sigh. Pablo.
  28. fible1

    WTB Dash for PayPal

    Would anyone be willing to sell me small quantities of Dash on a semi-regular basis in exchange for PayPal? Think 100 Dash Increments. I am on-boarding some family and friends who want to play with Dash before jumping in, and it is really, really expensive to deal with wires, etc. Unless you...
  29. fible1

    Price Discussion Thread

    I noticed there are a couple of threads discussing issues related to price, but no thread to collate them all. Although I'm not currently surprised by the price drop, as this has been the Dash cycle after releases for a while now, I am surprised by the magnitude of the fall. Anyone care to...
  30. fible1

    PR Services

    eduffield I would like to suggest the following services for our upcoming PR initiatives. I have good references from most of these and most of them are under 1k per month. Pablo.
  31. fible1

    PGP Signature Invalid

    The latest build (.49) gives me an error when attempting to verify the PGP signature. I am uslng toolsley, is anybody else seeing this? Afraid to use it now. Pablo.
  32. fible1


    Can anyone please give me the commands to dump all private keys at once, including change addresses? Is there a way to glean the private keys from the wallet.dat? Thank you! Pablo.
  33. fible1


    IS there any port other than 9333 that needs to be open for the wallet to work? Can't seem to get it running on ubuntu with gufw on lock down. Pablo.
  34. fible1


    Hey :), I'll grant I'm no expert on cryptonote but I've read pretty much everything there is to read on the net about it, including both white papers, core discussions and as much of the Monero forums as I could stomach. The core benefit I see is that obfuscation is automatic. Anecdotal...
  35. fible1


    I would be interested in having a discussion with members of the community who have a working knowledge of Monero. I have read as much as I could find on it, and am working through their forums; there is a lot that seems suspect to me but I can't say I have wrapped my head around it yet...
  36. fible1

    100 New Masternodes

    Has anyone else noticed 100 new masternodes came online since yesterday? #DashChart Pablo.
  37. fible1 (Dash Mentioned)

    I did a quick interview for CNA, did my best to mention Dash as much as possible :) Pablo.
  38. fible1


    I notice that master nodes that are started together tend to get paid at or around the same time. I just had 3 of my MN's get paid pretty much at the same time. My worry is that this might be a security flaw, for exampl,e someone start 20 MN at once and then has a higher chance of controlling...
  39. fible1

    Trading Volume

    Does anyone have any insight on what's up with trading volume over the past 2 weeks or so? It's gone down a lot. Pablo.
  40. fible1


    What ports do I need to keep on to run Dash and masternode start-many? Thanks.