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    Sending coins from mn address

    Hi, I have two mn's in my wallet, but one has not been running for a while and I've been unable to get it working. I would like to send those coins to another address, but didnt want to send and end up breaking my other mn. How is it I can specify to send those particular coins (broken mn) and...
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    The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014)

    Just got round to watching this last night, fantastic doc...yet so sad what happened to Aaron. Thought most of you guys/girls should watch it if you haven't already. Not got anything to do with Dash/Bitcoin or crypto-currencies, just a interesting watch. Trailer: Full Doc
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    Masternode voting

    I'm having problems voting on the proposals. When using Dashman, I get the following error: do: export PATH=/path/to/dash-cli-folder:$PATH I enter "export PATH=/path/to/dash-cli-folder:$PATH" and it seems to accept it (no errors) but when re-trying...i get the same error. So was trying to...