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  1. fl0at1ng_p01nt

    ALL ABOUT DASH 2.0 Resource channel & Website for Latin American audiences *continuation*

    Hello Dash Nation! This Pre-Proposal is about the continuation of the Todo Sobre Dash project. According to our commitment to the network, we have published 3 weekly videos since Feb 12, 2018. Using those videos to target people across Latin America through facebook. These are the numbers on...
  2. fl0at1ng_p01nt

    ALL ABOUT DASH *Update*_01

    Note: From February 25 until March 13 our Facebook manager was disabled by the platform. After opening a ticket and explaining the nature of the fan page, we got the account back. This was a set back for us but now are back on track. *Update 01 (Feb.12.2018) Hello Everyone! As promised in our...
  3. fl0at1ng_p01nt

    ALL ABOUT DASH Resource channel for Latin American audience

    Hi everyone! This is the former team behind Dash Podcast en Español. The podcast was part of the Dash Global Project, but funding for that project has been recently cut off, and with it, the weekly podcast. That is why we are presenting before you, our own take on the task, as we believe that...