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  1. stan.distortion

    Feature request, new thread notifications.

    Would something like that be possible, something like receiving an email notification when a new thread is posted or an RSS feed of all activity that could be filtered on the reader side? I'm looking for a way to get a notification any time a new thread is posted in the "Official Development...
  2. stan.distortion

    Some questions on data contracts

    Layer one validation methods, can they be used in data contracts, can a valid Dash address be a required field for example? Can a document be editable by more than one identity, for example, if an app had voting as user created documents could the app delete them after the vote? Are there any...
  3. stan.distortion

    Chinese Dash Telegram group.

    A Dash China Telegram group was launched recently by administrators of the main Dash Telegram group:
  4. stan.distortion

    Hashrate as a reference to price.

    As mining hardware develops the gains will be smaller and smaller with most gains eventually coming from improvements in IC tech. That means at some point hashrate can be used as a built-in reference to price, not an exact reference but certainly adequate for keeping things like proposal and...
  5. stan.distortion

    Platform/dApp development subforum

    Can we get one please? Info is very thin on the ground at the mo. Thanks.
  6. stan.distortion

    Re-post, Andy Freer (former Dash CTO) shared some interesting thoughts on Dash Discord today.

    Re-post of a re-post, from Discord to Reddit to here. Reddit post is here: Andy Freer (former Dash CTO) shared some interesting thoughts on Dash Discord today. Here's a summary. Andy Freer is the former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Dash who is now taking the lead on Dash...
  7. stan.distortion

    Anyone remember Dark Age of Camelot?

    Probably one of the best remembered MMO's there will ever be, there was always talk of a DAoC2 but no game since has ever quite hit that mark. Multiplayer battles where the focus and DOaC got it right first time. it's still going on open source versions of the servers and desperately in need of...
  8. stan.distortion

    Governance improvement wishlist

    Posting this mostly as a reminder to self as points come up. Feel free to add to it, I'll try to keep this post updated with whatever gets added. 1. Tree structures. Top level such as Development, Marketing, Legal etc. Branches such as Development>Electrum, Development>Core Client etc. 2. More...
  9. stan.distortion

    Joel Valenzuela, Did the Bitcoin Cash Split Accidentally Solve Crypto Governance?
  10. stan.distortion

    Pre-proposal: Renewable enegy DAO

    TL/DR A renewable energy project intended to address the "cryptocurrency uses too much electricity" complaint. It aims to do this by supplying more power from renewable sources than the total used by Dash, the initial stage is a relatively small hydro installation (around 20 to 100Kva) for a...
  11. stan.distortion

    How much mining power is needed?

    Any at all? If Bitcoin had started out with an incentivised network of full nodes then mining may only have been a bootstrap phase, brute force to get things up and running before passing on to... idk, access based security? I think that means everything is passed on to proof of stake so that...
  12. stan.distortion

    A totaly stable economic foundation

    Just supposing such a thing was possible, something that meant your savings today would be worth exactly the same in a hundred years time, would there be much demand? I mean, I don't mind the ups and downs of cryptocurrency but it's often pointed to as a hindrance to adoption, is that really...
  13. stan.distortion

    Appearance on the Crypto Show - Dash Force News
  14. stan.distortion

    Erik Voorhees article and vid No mention of Dash in the article (maybe conspicuous in its absence) but well worth a read and even more worth watching the vid, imho there's a good chance Eriks vision is...
  15. stan.distortion

    Nvidia AI/deep learning

    Re: Think about Bitcoin mining for a mo. Ok, it only does a single type of computing but all the same, it's by far the most powerful computing network in the world, nothing else even comes...
  16. stan.distortion


    Blockchains, they're great! Someday the whole world will be run on them, they'll bring the kids to school and everything! Ok, the hype gets a bit much sometimes but it's no secret that they can dramatically improve the efficiency of an awful lot of things but that means they'll need an awful lot...
  17. stan.distortion

    Question about Bitcoin Unlimited.

    Hadn't really looked at this before and just read an article covering how the block size is decided with it and I don't see any method for reducing sizes mentioned, the block size limit can only be increased with it? And miners make the decision or could clients elect to raise it?
  18. stan.distortion

    WTB 3D printed components

    Looking for the someone to print the main components for a small (around 2kw) Francis turbine (case and impeller). Can provide dxf or gcode files, impeller size roughly 4 inch cubed.
  19. stan.distortion

    We're under attack

    Maybe, maybe not but the wider online community has been in a real shitstorm for the last few days and attempts to break apart the community are more or less inevitable at some stage. Make no mistake, Dash is one of the most dangerous projects in the world today. Cryptocurrencies are a real...
  20. stan.distortion

    Lemmy’ Kilmister is dead...

    ...long live Lemmy!!
  21. stan.distortion

    Budget proposal, reserach group.

    Where do budget proposals go? Not sure if general is ok but anyway, just a thought on a kind of sub-proposal type thing, a budget available for research that can be managed and used as needed without creating individual proposals for each case. I'm thinking something like a small committee that...
  22. stan.distortion

    Dash, backed by innovation

    This is the biggie for me, the thing that makes a place in the top 5 cryptos well and truly justified and I think it could be capitalised on way more as a means of promoting Dash to a much wider audience. Within this community we know what crypto has to offer but the wider and more general...
  23. stan.distortion

    Instead of using the hash to build the quorum at all once...

    BTC thread post: Re posting here as... well, BCT :/ How reliable is the network time? It worries me it could be vulnerable is all, I'm stuck thinking the block count is a sure indication the network has gone forward but...
  24. stan.distortion

    Locked "Dash Announcements" thread on BTC?

    The trolling's way out of hand and announcements get lost in the FUD, would a thread just for keeping up to date be worth while?
  25. stan.distortion

    Distributed volatility bot

    Does this belong in speculation? Does anything like this exist? I'd made a volatility bot a few years back and it worked well, it was when speculators where playing havoc with bitcoin but I only ran it monitoring and simulating trades to test, things smoothed out after and I lost interest...
  26. stan.distortion

    Decimal places

    I'd been wondering about dasksend and transaction fees appearing high when it needs to break up a denominated amount, could some sort of enforcement when dealing with decimal places reduce this? Like a low fee for up to 3 decimal places but it ramps up fast and puts up a warning when going to 4...
  27. stan.distortion

    Mining post-evolution

    Sideline of a point from the "Can you think of a project to fund?": Created another thread because it's something I'd wondered about, if quorums can offer a high degree of security will mining loose...
  28. stan.distortion

    Scaling Bitcoin workshop

    Does Dash have any presence at this? I'd imagine Dash's approach would get a lot of discussion so someone representing Dash to offer some expert guidance could benefit both networks.
  29. stan.distortion

    WTS Mechanical engineering (EU)

    Machining and fabrication for Dash, milling, turning, cutting, welding, design, specification, one-offs, international shipping, low rates.
  30. stan.distortion

    Anyone know any good howtos on git?

    "Git for dummies" or something along those lines 'cos I'm feeling pretty damn stupid trying to get a grip on it at the mo. Trying to play around with the UI and have dash forked on github just fine and 0.12.0 cloned and compiled on my local system but I'm absolutely mystified how to switch to...
  31. stan.distortion

    Mining with renewable energy.

    I've little experience with mining but a fair amount with renewables, mainly wind power and storage methods and always interested in sharing what I've learned over the years and learning more. Anyone using renewables for there setups? I'd be interested in hearing some of the pitfalls and...
  32. stan.distortion

    How would a trust network work?

    Just been wondering about this one from trust as something like a currency point of view. A lot of thoughts on the internet are on networks like this powering a credit system, how much people would be willing to loan each other and that makes a lot of sense but I'm thinking of trust as a unit...
  33. stan.distortion

    How do I word search a subforum?

    Or does anyone know of any hardware/engineering threads?
  34. stan.distortion

    Pope attacks capitalism

    No mention of cryptos and I'm not a big fan of the church but this Pope's got his head screwed on:
  35. stan.distortion

    Masternode services

    Things like alts being able to use the dash masternodes to run their own instantx, anonymization, maybe voting, etc.
  36. stan.distortion

    Interoperability between chains.

    Imho this is the next major leap with cryptocurrencies, the market within the network. That depends on how things pan out, maybe they could evolve into a single network capable of handling every exchange of everything but I'm guessing parallelism will be essential for scale and the desire for...
  37. stan.distortion

    Voting system and difficulties with democracy.

    Continued from this discussion: Last post: Another of his relevant to that: I'd guess that depends on the level of anonymity achievable with masternodes on the one hand (good imho) and the acceptability of...
  38. stan.distortion

    Forking threads

    Threads go off topic, its even more inevitable than Godwin's law and it seems to be something we overlook as just one of those things. How about being able to fork threads, take an off topic post that remains in the thread but also forms the start of another and maybe the other way around too...
  39. stan.distortion

    Coinfire, honest journalism?

    Hadn't been following the whole XPY and GAW thing but don't much like the sound of it. Hadn't paid much attention the news site CoinFire either but noticed most crypto news sites have had varying degrees of FUD and bias creep in. Time will tell on coinfires SEC report so not too concerned about...