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  1. HammerHedd

    P2Pool Au Revoir, Darkcoin-kicks-ass

    As Darkcoin is now Dash, I'm shutting down I will probably bring up another p2pool node in the near future with a better front end - and Dash, of course! [Watch This Space]
  2. HammerHedd

    P2Pool [ANN][P2Pool] Darkcoin Kicks Ass!

    We have upgraded p2pool and darkcoind to 10.10.1! A p2pool mining pool in the SE US. Good latency to everyone on the east coast of the United Sates. Need help with mining configurations? Try these: minerd -a X11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u [wallet...
  3. HammerHedd

    P2Pool Setup help

    As more and more people come over to Darkcoin, presumably more and more people will want to set up a pool of come sort. P2Pool is really easy to set up, but there are some glitches. I learned a lot about setting it up from Chaeplin, who ported P2Pool to Darkcoin. Unfortunately for the search...
  4. HammerHedd

    [WTS] D-Link DWA-652

    Fun! Now I just need something to sell... How about these? I have about 20 of these D-Link DWA-652 PC Card wiFi adapters, new in the box. obviously THIS box is open - yours will still be shrink-wrapped. More info here...
  5. HammerHedd

    New P2Pool

    OK, it looks like everything is up and running! Come try out: stratum+tcp:// for those of you CPU mining: minerd -a X11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u [your wallet address] -p [any password will do] for those of you GPU mining: sgminer --kernel...