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  1. TheCryptoGrandpa

    Pre-proposal: The CryptoGrandpa Dash to solve a huge real world issue...crypto tax

    “pssst…we all know that nobody really gets how these things are taxed, right? Well, guess what, nor do the tax advisors across the planet!” – I have that on good authority from my friendly crypto accountant. Hello from the UK…my name is Christopher James Pomfret, Please come and meet me in my...
  2. TheCryptoGrandpa

    Pre-proposal Video introduction

    Good day from the UK, My name is Christopher James Pomfret. Welcome to my video introduction to my pre-proposal of my vision for Dash to play a pivotal role in educating Tax Advisers across the world to solve a HUGE and URGENT need...immediately. Giving Dash an incredible brand enhancement...
  3. TheCryptoGrandpa

    Masternodes and how they receive new proposals...?

    Good day everyone, Please ca you help... the masternodes instantly receive all the proposals? Or as part of my own marketing should I seek them out when I make my proposal? Thank you Christopher
  4. TheCryptoGrandpa

    CPAs and the US Tax Season...

    Are there any CPAs on the forum? I would be humbled to receive your ideas on how you help clients with cryptos understand their tax liabilities. Thank you Christopher