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  1. fible1

    Announcing my departure from Dash Core Group

    Thank you for your hard work Andy, I sincerely hope to see you back soon. Enjoy your rest! Pablo.
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    Dash Service Desk Dry Run

    Thanks for pointing out that's the wrong video, will have it fixed in a few minutes :). Edit: Most of these articles are placeholders or copy/pastes from the excellent guide at Our own knowledge base should grow organically once we have steady traffic. Pablo.
  3. fible1

    Dash Service Desk Dry Run

    Dear Community Members, It’s a pleasure to inform you that after much preparation and arduous work, we will begin trialing our Customer Service Desk on the main Dash website between Tuesday, 22nd of May and Friday, 25th of May. This short trial is intended to help us gauge customer traffic and...
  4. fible1

    Dash Community Q&A (2-Part Post)

    I agree with you that merchant support is a major issue. I think the trick it to get a technically able person in Tier 1 support, but you will still have bottle necks in Tier 2 as Core Team devs are not going to be any less busy because "support" comes calling instead of the merchant directly...
  5. fible1

    Dash Community Q&A (2-Part Post)

    I think I can give a complimentary answer: We currently have a general purpose support desk, we have actually been running the support desk in stealth for over a year. This is NOT the same as a merchant specific support desk but we have been planning to develop additional team members with a...
  6. fible1

    Pre-proposal: Let millions of Chinese investors on Huobi invest Dash

    If this is really Huobi it is an interesting proposal. Needs to be vetted. Pablo.
  7. fible1

    Where do you sell your dash?

    Kraken to BTC and BTC to Bitstamp. You can trade directly for Fiat on Kraken but I trust Bitstamp remittance more. Pablo.
  8. fible1

    Ledger Nano S wallet

    Trezor was the first HW wallet, it is also fully open source and has a long track record of strong security and good incident response, so to answer your question, services tend to integrate Trezor before other HW wallets. I believe they also have the largest user base but i can''t find the...
  9. fible1

    Open Letter to CEO Ryan Taylor and DASH Stakeholders

    Not that I agree with you, but kudos on writing something coherent and reasonably thought out. I was ready for some troll mumbo-jumbo. Pablo.
  10. fible1

    Proposal: Dash debit card

    @joemoraca Not sure why. The features are definitely not very visible, even from within the site. Hope that helps :). Pablo.
  11. fible1

    Proposal: Dash debit card

    @joemoraca Haven't used it in a while but I can vouch for the fact you could spend dash to your Spectrocoin card a couple months ago. I moved on to another card because Spectro is particularly expensive but it was available; you could also trade fiat for Dash. Pablo.
  12. fible1

    New release imminent?

    Interesting. Pablo.
  13. fible1

    New Forum Feature: Masternode Owner Badges

    Thank you! :) Pablo.
  14. fible1

    New Forum Feature: Masternode Owner Badges

    Does it take a few minutes for the badge to show up? I followed instructions about 10 minutes ago and its still not showing up. Pablo.
  15. fible1

    Payment not shown

    Already helping this customer on support portal, no worries. Pablo.
  16. fible1

    Proposal - BuyDash website: Easiest and fastest way to buy some Dash for Newcomers

    Sure, happy to help any way I can. Just drop me a line. What I would do if I were you, given that this is meant to get users feet wet only, is to limit daily buys to a low amount, like 5 USD. Say 15 USD for phone verified users. Given this is not a business, I would not even think about 50-500...
  17. fible1

    Proposal - BuyDash website: Easiest and fastest way to buy some Dash for Newcomers

    Having run similar services for much less liquid (as compared to Dash) game currencies like Linden Dollars, I think you are MASSIVELY underestimating the level of fraud you will experience once the scammers find out, they will drain your hot wallet daily. I suggest you add a step, like phone...
  18. fible1

    Payment not shown

    HI Fred, Please email me at [email protected] and I will try to help you figure this out. Please be as detailed as possible. Pablo.
  19. fible1

    WTS for sale

    Ill give you 60 USD for it; assyuming you are on namecheap and its an easy transfer. Pablo.
  20. fible1

    Dash offline Wallet

    Trezor is the gold standard, and highly recommended. Pablo.
  21. fible1

    Proposal: Business Development - Major Exchange

    Bitstamp or Kraken, those make the most sense. Pablo.
  22. fible1

    HD crashed, lost Dash Core
  23. fible1

    Dash Core Team Q4 2016 Summary Call

    Also interested in how masternodes will remain incentivized when the block reward approaches 0 or becomes very small.
  24. fible1

    DASH: Detailed Investor Report #5 + Pre-Proposal

    You have my votes :). Pablo.
  25. fible1

    what is the cheapest way to buy dash (regarding fees etc.)?

    Spectro and others mentioned are actually pretty expensive as aside from fees they quote their own prices. They are convenient for micro purchases but for all out cheapness at volume you need to buy bitcoin first at an exchange like Bitstamp and then buy Dash at Poloniex. For 11 cents or so more...
  26. fible1

    Best hardware wallet for DASH

    I am using Trezor with DashMNB; flawless. Pablo.
  27. fible1

    Masternode with Trezor?

    Yes. :) Pablo.
  28. fible1

    Masternode with Trezor?

    Remote server hosted by @splawik21 . Pablo.
  29. fible1

    Now that Trezor support is live, can someone please explain how to use it

    It would make sense to me that anyone could use it, but you would have to ask @moocowmoo , but that would make sense to me; even if there is a small charge. Pablo.
  30. fible1

    Now that Trezor support is live, can someone please explain how to use it

    At least one [email protected] has said they will have a super easy online version to start your Trezor from 4-6 weeks from now. I heard another one is working on that as well so if you have some patience it will be done. I can confirm the script posted above works, but it is not user friendly...
  31. fible1

    Masternode with Trezor?

    I got my Trezor nodes running today with MNB script and A LOT of Chaeplins help. If you are technically minded that is the way to go as it works. Otherwise you can try using build 120 of Electrum-Dash, its pretty buggy (it wont register Trezor on windows 10 for example) but it should do the job...
  32. fible1

    Recent Masternode Count

    I can tell you myself and a few others I know of took our nodes offline to prep for 12.1 release. I myself needed to move them to a Trezor now that 12.1 will allow "masternode start" on Electrum-Dash. Pablo.
  33. fible1

    Anybody need cheap hosting?

    Not if you do it the normal way which is to set up a cool wallet on a computer you only connect to the internet to issue restart commands (computer you control and keep safe, say and old laptop), and a set up a hot node on the VPS. The "hot" node holds no private keys, so it doesn't matter if it...
  34. fible1

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    This was a great idea, nice job @mastermind !
  35. fible1

    Ledger Nano S wallet

    Trezor Bridge runs as a Chrome extension; nothing strange, all hardware wallets need a bridge app to run on your system. Chrome just happens to be a convenient way to do this. Pablo.
  36. fible1

    Proposal: Business Development - Major Exchange

    I think we should trust Ryan's judgement as he has made clear he is now handling core team funds. I agree Daniel did not handle communications or outcomes well in the past, but we should not hold this against Ryan. Given community feeling, listing Daniel on the proposal was likely better...
  37. fible1

    Masternode questions

    @halso has good advice. Pablo.