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  1. bigrcanada

    Foundation Member and Masternode Badge

    Hi...never mind. Sorry...I see it now. Thanks everyone... Richard
  2. bigrcanada


    Hi, I'm looking to invest into placing a number of BTC ATM's in my area. Any machines that take both DASH & BTC? or other alts? Thanks....Richard
  3. bigrcanada

    Hello Again!

    Hi Team...been super busy at the winery, but been lurking every once and awhile. Like the new look!
  4. bigrcanada

    Multi wallet on Windows Machine

    Hi team, I've read the previous link on here about how to install multi wallet. I still dont get it. I want to install 3 wallets on a single PC. Currently I have 1 wallet with DASH in it. The other 2 wallets are on separate PC's. I have back ups of those wallets. What I wish to do is...
  5. bigrcanada

    Retailer How-To Setup

    Hi Dash. Well...we are finally 2 weeks away from launching the new winery site. We are looking for a great Bitcoin/DASH implementation info site for online retail as well as into our POS system. We currently use Shopkeep for our POS system software. Any easy to follow step by step links...
  6. bigrcanada

    Compliance of Darkcoin to DASH

    Hi everyone. I'm a bit fed up with some of the BS regarding non-compliance with our rebrand. Especially an exchange like Bitfinex. That is completely unacceptable. This is like selling Pepsi as Coca-Cola. Its nonsense. Just saying.
  7. bigrcanada

    Unexplained DASH withdrawls from MN wallet...

    Have a withdrawal of 49 DASH that I never made, happen on one of my masternode wallets. The amounts look like MN payments... this has happened twice now...another wallet had 66 DASH withdrawn?
  8. bigrcanada

    Dash Bash

    Hi Members, We like to announce that my wife and would like to host a DASH Bash, At our winery for Dash community members for the Pacific North West. Please pm if your interested, currently we are looking at end of August or early September. Any thoughts would be much appreciated...
  9. bigrcanada


    Is enforcement been activated? could this be the reason for the drop in MNs?
  10. bigrcanada

    Dash code of conduct...

    Hi everyone...its becoming obvious that we...this includes me, need to reevaluate how we represent the brand and currency DASH to the outside world. It has dawned on me...that we are fueling our own trolls and Fuddsters. I'm sure I've played a part in this as well. What would be great if our...
  11. bigrcanada


    Hi can I help with testnet? Is there a how to for testnet and how it works? Thanks.
  12. bigrcanada

    user masternode

    Hi Foundation members. Its come out on BCT that a user is speaking on behalf of the Dash Foundation Board members. I don't see this user as a foundation member never mind as a board member. Someone on BCT has asked the following: "Can you please explain your role on the foundation board and...
  13. bigrcanada

    My MN Wallet is stuck at 1hr.

    Hi...One of My MN wallets is stuck at the one hour mark on Block 248157 for a few hours now. I've done a re index and a zapwallettxes. Any helpful advise? Thanks.
  14. bigrcanada

    looking for input.

    Hi ....been thinking the last couple days on something that has always bugged me about crypto currencies in general...all of them. The ease or more like the lack of ease for consumers and merchants to get in and out of the crypto world. The reality for the situation is to start with ismost...
  15. bigrcanada

    Blinding & Merchant Strategy

    Hi gang! Welcome to the weekend. Any word on how Masternode Blinding is going and secondly, who will be in charge of marketing to Merchants and Merchant adoption strategies? thanks. Richard
  16. bigrcanada

    Foundation & Dev donation addresses

    Can someone please provide the wallet addresses to the foundation and Dev core development donation addresses? Thanks
  17. bigrcanada

    Bitfinex referer code...

    Hi gang...anyone have a referer code that I can use at Bitfinex? I'm just setting up a trading account there...thanks.
  18. bigrcanada

    Simple Printable brouchure style info...

    Can we get someone to make us a Simple, Newbie FAQ and explanation guide that I can get printed out locally. I'd like to have it at our counter to give people....simple info graphics....easy on the tech speak. We'd have to wait for the new logo for sure to make sure we stay on brand. Thoughts?
  19. bigrcanada

    DRK/DASH with CAD currency

    Hi Looking to buy DRK/DASH with CAD. 1K lots....please PM me. Thanks EDIT: I'll do amounts on here that are comfortable for the seller...if need be. Thanks.
  20. bigrcanada

    Want to set up Multiple MN's that are spread out.

    Hi...finally going to make time to do this, I've been procrastinating for way to long. What I'm looking for is to spread my new MN's around the globe and get a couple of people to give me a hand. Does this even matter if its all located in one location or not? My thought is groups of 4 or 5...
  21. bigrcanada

    Our Fine Dining Restaurant now accepting Darkcoin!

    Hi Peeps! Another announcement....we're excited to also now be the first fine dinning restaurant to accept DarkCoin! Hope you can come and enjoy our wines and now dinning experience from our Executive Chef Abul Adame! Cheers, Rich PS. Check our menu ...and PM...
  22. bigrcanada

    DarkCoin now Accepted...

    Hi Peeps! Another announcement....we're excited to also now be the first fine dinning restaurant to accept DarkCoin! Hope you can come and enjoy our wines and now dinning experience from our Executive Chef Abul Adame! Cheers, Rich PS. Check our menu ...and PM...
  23. bigrcanada

    Merchant Support/Adoption Thread

    Hi we have a Merchant support/adoption thread? I might be blind...too long days. Please advise.
  24. bigrcanada

    Looking for some "spin" help

    Hi all...just posted this over on BCT... As many of you know we where the first brick and mortar business to accept DRK. I'm looking for a catchy phrase to post up on our winery website that is about to roll out about Dark...I'll donate some drk or some fine wine to the winner. Our winery is...
  25. bigrcanada

    Automatic emails?

    Hi gang... Is here a way to have new alerts AND inbox messages notify me by email? I'm missing out in replying to peeps in a timely manner. Thanks.
  26. bigrcanada


    Hi group... anyone see Enzwell(Ron) around? He did graphic for our winery for excepting Darkcoin at our Counter... and im trying to contact him Nd gice him some Drks for his great work. thanks, Richard
  27. bigrcanada

    We will be the first retail business to accept DarkCoin...

    Hi Everyone, I have decided to be the first retail business to accept DarkCoin. We are a single vineyard small lot wine producer in the Okanagan Valley, BC Canada. I need some peeps to send us a logo for us to promote Darcoin at our till. You can see our winery at...
  28. bigrcanada

    Hello Everyone!

    Just saying hi to everyone! looking forward some stimulating conversation on here!