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  1. thelazier

    P2Pool Setup help

    @Gui , please make sure you has "--external-ip=" as part of the command when running p2pool. This ip will be send out to other p2pool node and advertised as public p2pool node for others to use, then p2poolnodes will list your ip on the page automatically.
  2. thelazier

    MN will not stay online after withdrawing payments

    Your MN is "WATCHDOG_EXPIRED" on my list, please check your crontab about running sentinel , or try running sentinel manually again.
  3. thelazier

    401 Unauthorized Error

    from your dash.conf , url should be http://dashUser:[email protected]:9998/
  4. thelazier

    401 Unauthorized Error

    Please check the URL, http ://user:[email protected]:9998/ -> http://user:[email protected]:9998/ there should not have space between "http" and "://...".
  5. thelazier

    P2Pool P2Pool repository and python modules

    The pool's local hash rate usually be calculated from valid shares submit from miners if your miners doesn't submit any valid shares the pool's local hash rate would show 0.
  6. thelazier

    P2Pool P2Pool repository and python modules

    540GH/s is about 540,000,000kH/s So, please try run p2pool on Testnet to check whether your setup have same problem or not. Testnet global pool hash rate is about 16MH/s (about 16,000kH/s).
  7. thelazier

    P2Pool P2Pool repository and python modules

    IMO, 20 kH/s is too low to get any share so it's possibly unable to be calculated on Mainnet.
  8. thelazier

    Proposal: continuous electrum-dash development and support

    FYI, My changes is now merged to upstream repo.
  9. thelazier

    Proposal: continuous electrum-dash development and support

    Agree, I'm creating PR to upstream repo , hopefully it will be accepted...
  10. thelazier

    What are "these" DASH nodes?

    I guess you already checkout , let me know if you have any questions. BTW, you could join Dash-Nation Slack ( ) for more helps on #mining :)
  11. thelazier

    What are "these" DASH nodes?

    "these" nodes are Dash Core nodes, you cannot mine from them. I would recommend you to run your own p2pool node if possible.
  12. thelazier

    P2Pool All P2Pool nodes list

    Possibly yes, please use list from @ourlink ,
  13. thelazier

    electrum dash wallet 2.4.1 can not transfer

    Check this thread :
  14. thelazier

    Transaction malleability

    Dears, as posted by @chaeplin on Dash-Nation Slack: Information about transaction malleability Our related changes for BIP66
  15. thelazier

    Version 12.1 Release

    Possibly be killed because out of memory. please also check notes for buiding in doc/
  16. thelazier

    P2Pool P2Pool repository and python modules - May 2016

    Dear P2Pool owner, I would like to open request for add more bootstrap address for Mainnet please kindly provide your p2pool address if you would like to be added or removed. BTW, I start with adding the address from 12.0 network which already upgraded and running on 12.1 network. Here is the...
  17. thelazier

    P2Pool P2Pool repository and python modules - May 2016

    First p2pool block from latest p2pool-dash version on 12.1 network.
  18. thelazier

    public key (wallet address) that contains your 1,000 Dash

    On debug console : run "masternode outputs" , this will return TxID and collateral index.
  19. thelazier

    Missing 1000 coins after darksend

    You really need the latest wallet file to recover any funded which is denominated by darksend.
  20. thelazier

    Poll: InstantSend fee reduction

    fyi, new fee for instantsend is now merged into 12.1 dash core, congratulation to all votes :) Thanks PR from @chaeplin ;)
  21. thelazier

    Reward per Block Mined

    I guess they might use old client with smart fee calculation bug
  22. thelazier

    Lost masternode.conf file
  23. thelazier

    x11 hashing algorithm -- test vectors?

    Can this be any help as example ?
  24. thelazier

    API unspent

    Is this look like pushtx for you?
  25. thelazier

    API unspent

    hi @triplex , Are there any example of api unspent that you are looking for ? try , if you are lokking for something similar to insight api.
  26. thelazier


    It's appear that all those mixed coins are in newly generated address which is not exists in old backup wallet.dat file, Best chance is trying to recover the latest wallet.dat from the died computer to get the key for mixed addresses.
  27. thelazier

    V12.1 Testnet Launch Thread

    I found that this builds include update protocol version to 70200 , Hot-Cold masternode setup will need to start masternode from cold wallet again.
  28. thelazier


    I guess this is the promise of anonymity, the wallet will start mixing coins by default...
  29. thelazier

    P2Pool P2Pool repository and python modules

    @tungfa Agree to update this OP, I believe that the official p2pool source is The list of p2pool node online is already in wiki.
  30. thelazier

    April 2016 Budget Proposal

    May I have any progress update for all the tools (ready-to-run databases, server docker images & start-scripts, and all the configuration for more operators to more easily run their own servers) posted to github ? How to access the database via IPFS ? Possibly you may posted somewhere but I...
  31. thelazier

    Newb question regarding masternodes

    Just to correct your understanding, being Masternode is not spending 1000 DASH , you just run Masternode with your 1000 DASH holding. Once your spend this 1000 DASH holding , the masternode will be removed from network.
  32. thelazier

    Dash core does not respond

    Please let us know your version , any text on debug log. By the way, please try latest version and make sure that you already unlock the wallet before perform 'masternode start-missing or start-disabled'.
  33. thelazier

    My electrum-Dash Tor&clearnet server

    Current specs for running Electrum Dash server is not much, the UTXO database is about 1 GB only. Normal vps should be able to run just fine :)
  34. thelazier

    Minimal docker container for dashd

    Yes, the reason is about some incompatible which make some depends software unable to be built on alpine linux.
  35. thelazier

    April 2016 Budget Proposal

    For Electrum Server Maintenance Contract, Please kindly register 3 mentioned servers from Rob Nelson on or create a webpage of his 3 servers's realtime status and announce that. So we know that the servers really keep our network humming and the...
  36. thelazier

    All coins lost, Error message importing old Darkcoin wallet: all transaction at 0.000

    I guess your database may also corrupted or on wrong chain. Please try follow instruction at
  37. thelazier

    Minimal docker container for dashd

    Dears, I've created minimal docker image for dashd. The dockerfiles are on github : The images are on docker hub : The images are based on Alpine linux, compile/ build from source on 3 branches (master...
  38. thelazier

    Unavoidable 50 cent tx fee? Is something wrong with my wallet?

    Could we have choice to choose "no change" and "send change to new pub-key never been used on blockchain" ? I think sending changes to new pub-key may make transactions less privacy but we could mark as darksend-changes to be used later by give warning if mix this darksend-changes with unmixed...
  39. thelazier

    [Fixed] Masternodes all dropped of the payment list at the same time

    This command "masternode start-many" will always put your masternode to the back of the payment queue. This is the reason why your payment is not coming. The hot node will continue working fine if your node down less than hour. NO masternode start command on Cold wallet unless you don't see your...
  40. thelazier

    MN listing....

    wait for the payout then change masternode ip in config , then issue the start to broadcast your new mn information to network. done.