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  1. Jeztah

    Need direction

    I'm currently running a private pool on Centos 7. I would like to upgrade it to 14. I see linux binaries on github. Do I just copy the contents of the archive down to a folder on my linux box? If so, to what path? /roote/dash or .dashpay? If I can avoid re-building I would like to. Thanks
  2. Jeztah

    Linux build

    Looking for a bit of help. A few years ago I ran multiple MNs, and never had a problem getting them running in linux. Fast forward to now and I'm struggling. Just ran make install and wanted to start dashd. [19:52][[email protected] dash]# /root/dash/src/dashd /root/dash/src/dashd...
  3. Jeztah

    Jamaica is getting with the times I wonder if they'll be considering crypto at all.
  4. Jeztah

    Did anyone else happen to catch this during the game?

    They stole our idea. :wink:
  5. Jeztah

    OK, help me feel better PLEASE

    From BTCtalk.......I didn't want to feed any trolls. Nothing will be published. Ok. What about when the FBI wants to trace me? How can I be sure my private purchase on a DNM won't be traced back to me because I created an email address at, they get subpoena'd and bang my IP...
  6. Jeztah

    What does this all mean? As of right now there is a shit ton of invalid addresses mining here, if you go now you'll certainly see them. Does anyone know what this is? .egor? looks like spyware is now mining p2pool? There's like 50 of them, numbers increasing.
  7. Jeztah

    Pimp help

    One of my mining computers with an R9 270x lost it's hard drive so I got PIMP going, 1.7.0 with the 14.9 drivers. Currently doing 2342 Kh/s with Pimp's built in sph-sgminer_x11mod that is in with W0lf's binaries. A different Windows rig, same vid card, is doing 4.2 average. The same...
  8. Jeztah

    Paid but not paid?

    One of my MNs from ninja's site: Last Paid (from dashd) 12/8/2015, 11:28:15 AM (22 hours 15 minutes 9 seconds ago) Last Paid (from blocks) 12/2/2015, 9:09:35 PM (6 days 12 hours 33 minutes 49 seconds ago) It did not receive a payment 22 hours ago but 6.5 days ago, yes. :( Why don't...
  9. Jeztah

    Did something happen to the MN queues?

  10. Jeztah

    WTT Just found a gift card with $50 on it in a drawer.

    I've spent quite a bit of time today looking for the best/easiest/cheapest way to convert it into DASH. Anyone know how to get this done?
  11. Jeztah

    SEO and general web visibility

    I'm not privvy to the plans of the core team regarding web presence, please excuse this if there are plans already in place. I've been working as an IT consultant for myself since '00. I've also been creating and running community web sites (forums etc) as a "hobby" almost as long. I'm not...
  12. Jeztah

    Conversations - I'm in an active one but.....

    Hi all, I need some guidance. I'm getting emails notifying me of responses to a conversation. If I click the link in the email it says the conversation doesn't exist. If I look at my conversation list, only one that I started is there and it's not active. There appears to be something wrong...