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  1. HammerHedd

    ATTENTION: p2pool users and node operators!

    color e stupid, I guess, but how do I actually git the submodules? git submodule init is telling me that is not a git repository. I suspect that my syntax is off somewhere EDIT: I just cloned directly from...
  2. HammerHedd

    ATTENTION: p2pool users and node operators!

    I'm not terribly familiar with git - is there a way to simply update the latest commits before I recompile, or do I just delete the directory and go for broke?
  3. HammerHedd

    Darkcoin Ambassador Group

    Or Porsche ;)
  4. HammerHedd

    Darkcoin Ambassador Group

    I"m going to be working out of Stuttgart, Germany for the next two years - do we need any representation in that area?
  5. HammerHedd

    P2Pool Au Revoir, Darkcoin-kicks-ass

    And hello A fast p2pool mining node located in the northeast of the United States Mining is simple: Direct your miner to stratum+tcp:// Your username is your wallet receive address Your password can be anything No pre-registering required!
  6. HammerHedd

    P2Pool Au Revoir, Darkcoin-kicks-ass

    As Darkcoin is now Dash, I'm shutting down I will probably bring up another p2pool node in the near future with a better front end - and Dash, of course! [Watch This Space]
  7. HammerHedd

    v0.11.0 - Darkcoin Core Release

    You make an excellent point... I'd be willing to put up a few vultr instances and donate them to a dev who wants to use them as whatever on testnet. the problem is, I don't have the time to maintain them. If someone else wants to maintain them, contact me and I'll give you the login info
  8. HammerHedd

    v0.10.17 - Onyx v3

    I was just thinking about that. my wallet version is 60000 whereas the protocol version is 70051. I realize that they aren't really related, but it bring sup the question: what is the most current wallet version?
  9. HammerHedd

    v0.10.17 - Onyx v3

    It's interesting for sure. I'm sure there a bigger bugs to catch, but it is irritating from a user experience. FYI, I ran the windows daemon, and it's going smoothly now, too.
  10. HammerHedd

    v0.10.17 - Onyx v3

    OK - here's something interesting: The bootstrap didn't help with the qt version, but after pondering the fact that the daemon uses the same wallet and data, I ran darkcoind instead (this works on linux, will try it on windows later). With darkcoind, the blockchain seems to be loading at ~ 500...
  11. HammerHedd

    v0.10.17 - Onyx v3

    This might not be the right thread, but I have a problem with .25 and .26. For whatever reason, on my windows box, .25 forces a block re-index, and then hangs at 46 weeks behind, about block 19907 After waiting all night for something to restart, I shut down and moved the wallet.dat to an...
  12. HammerHedd

    Feature - 2 Factor Authentication

    Actually, you can configure a yubikey to generate a one time password (OTP) in a similar process to google authenticator. I'm currently playing with the yubikey, and while I won't say it is the perfect solution, I think the idea of having the option of adding 2FA should be based on something...
  13. HammerHedd

    Extended Darkcoin Team

    I have to say, this is probably the most cohesive community I have seen online in a while, and not just in the cryptocurrency niche. Great work guys, We have come a long way and we have a very bright future.
  14. HammerHedd

    v0.10.16 - Onyx v2

    I'm having trouble connecting to VULTR as well, so I'm guessing this is some sort of outage or larger routing problem. Let's all have a drink and wait 24 hours to see what shakes out.
  15. HammerHedd

    Development Update - Oct 1, 2014

    I actually did miss that in a way, but it doesn't change my opinion. The masternode blockchain validation provides redundancy, but it should nt be the only way to validate the blockchain. That would mean that anyone coming to DRK would have to "buy in" to be able to participate. While that has a...
  16. HammerHedd

    Enforcement of masternode payments is active!

    And with that, my MNs suddenly began getting paid :) Thanks Evan!
  17. HammerHedd

    Development Update - Oct 1, 2014

    Because at its essence, miners still create the currency. If you don't have a sufficient mining pool, you someone with high hashing power can still hijack the blockchain. If a "bad actor" was able to get >50% of the has power, they could theoretically be able to force masternode voting to go to...
  18. HammerHedd


    It's 60000. Is there a way to regen the wallet without losing my addresses?
  19. HammerHedd


    Is anyone considering a x64 Windows version of the qt wallet? For some reason, the 32 bit versions run REALLY slowly on my x64 machines. No errors, but they seem to freeze, then refresh at something like 12 second intervals (not an exact number)
  20. HammerHedd

    RC5 Launch (MANDATORY UPDATE) updated to 10.13.15 [edit] Or it wuold be, but for some reason the website is not loading... HELP!
  21. HammerHedd

    RC5 Launching September 22nd

    Sweet! Great job, dev team & testers.. you guys rock! ' One question: For those of us who unfortunately have other jobs during the day, what time will you be releasing RC5 on Monday?
  22. HammerHedd

    RC4 issues, bugs & feature requests

    Is anyone else running a windows qt wallet on Server 2008R2? The same wallet that runs fine under windows 7 s;lows to a crawl on Server2008. Could it be because of the 32-bit code? This has happned for both the RC and 9.X versions. I'm currently running .32, and the problem persists. Any thoughts?
  23. HammerHedd

    Darkcoin Fork in The Road

    I vote for #2, and as someone else said, do the thing you do REALLY WELL.
  24. HammerHedd

    Development Update - August 19, 2014

    catlass - 12345 headed your way 9f7e2681ab42d53673d3892181f7712f4a06e1b262db13cc857cc962ef078654-000
  25. HammerHedd

    RC4 Compliant Mining Pools vs Non-Complying

    Please add To the list of compliant pools. I updated the first day of the RC release(s).
  26. HammerHedd

    RC4 Compliant Mining Pools vs Non-Complying

    FYI had been updated since the daemon release. I always post the update on the website once it is done as well. This is a p2pool node if it matters. Thanks for tracking all this
  27. HammerHedd

    RC4 Launch

    No, skip the .28, just for fun :P updated to .26.
  28. HammerHedd

    v0.10.12.x RC4 Testing

    Congrats! Updating my masternode and pool now! Great Job dev team!
  29. HammerHedd

    Development Update - July 30th

    With this type of attack in mind, albeit unlikely, should we consider a way of verifying that a mastermind is using unmodified (I.e. authentic) code? My thought is that one drk goes open source, someone could modify the code to open all there wrappers on a transaction (just an example) then re...
  30. HammerHedd

    Development Updates - July 15th

    Would it be possible to implement a torrent-like blockchain download, with both light and heavy clients participating? With a system like that, it would a) be more difficult to tell who wanted what part of the blockchain because everyone would receive different parts asynchronously and b) allow...
  31. HammerHedd

    Development Updates - July 7th

    Great job, the new additions to the dev team seem to be really rocking the house.
  32. HammerHedd

    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    Have you given any thought toward having an interface that would work well on both a computer and a mobile device like a tablet or phone? Naturally, the space requirements are different, but if you could have a common interface that would essentially feel the same, it would be awesome, even if...
  33. HammerHedd

    Just had an idea for us miner collectively help DRK before next fork !!

    Chaeplin, is there any code I code add to my home page so that anyone logging in to my p2pool could see what darcoind version I'm running? I know this owuld be voluntary for us p2pool owners, but at least you could get some idea of who is trying to contribute...
  34. HammerHedd

    Masternode Payment Variance

    I'm glad to see that El's masternode page now has the version number. It's good to see who is playing and who isn't. That said, are there any changes planned for this weekend? I'm going out of town, so... no surprises, please ! :)
  35. HammerHedd

    Where is the world is your MN?

    I suspect you mean "geographically", so instead of telling you that it is resting on a sedimentary layer which overlies an igneous layer, I'll just say it's in the sand hills of North Carolina. :P
  36. HammerHedd

    Updated Pools running (Paying Masternode Payments)

    Is there a way to verify the version of a particular address? If there is, would pool owners be willing to put their pool address into a community database, so we could check realtime? I for one would, as I think it would be good advertising for me. Is this possible?
  37. HammerHedd

    RC3 Soft Fork

    Something to consider: Right now, we are moving really quite fast with the push to get Darksend up and running in ts full glory. The X.X.X11.5 builds came out less than 24 hours ago, and the x.x.11.4 builds really only came out about 24 hours before that. Today is Saturday, and I am going to...
  38. HammerHedd

    Updated Pools running (Paying Masternode Payments) + masternode updated to 10.11.5.