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    Proposal: ''Dash Chat''

    ‘’Dash Chat’’ Proposal: Live Chat Operation This proposal is LIVE here: What is Dash Chat? Dash Chat is an online Live-Chat cryptocurrency service for the Dash cryptocurrency. The organization works with a team of professional Dash...
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    Pre-Proposal: ''Dash Chat''

    Hi guys! I am really excited about presenting this project to you all. This is a Live Chat project proposal for Status update: This proposal is live at: Please take some minutes to go over all the documentation, I am sure you will like what...
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    DASH Liquidity - Businesses Accepting DASH

    Hey guys! I am wondering... In the hypothetical situation that I am a merchant.... I have a clothes shop and I want to start accepting DASH as a payment option for my business. So what would be the liquidity of Dash? Realistically speaking I would need to have the Dash I received as payments...
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    Ledger Nano S wallet

    Hello fellow DASH users! What do you guys think about the Ledger Nano S multi cryptocurrency wallet. Has anyone here had any experience with it? Kindly share with us your experience, thank you! =)
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    Is it safe to store DASH on DASH Core Wallet on my regular online laptop?

    Hey guys! I was just wondering if it's safe to keep about 50 or so dash on my Dash Core Wallet on my laptop that I use for every day stuff... What do you think is the possibility that I lose my DASH if I did this and not kept these DASH offline?