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  1. Pietro Speroni

    Incompatibility between DashNexus, Ledger nano s and DashMasternodeTool

    Hello, I just wanted to raise a flag about an incompatibility between those three softwares: DashNexus, Ledger Nano and DashMasternode Tool. In the DashNexus to participate in the discussion you need to prove that you are the owner of a masternode. Fine. Unfortunately to prove it you are asked...
  2. Pietro Speroni

    Transparency: measuring local transactions

    I am happy to see Dash is still moving strong and survived its second crypto winter. As I explore the state of the Dash network I would like to see a number of data. In particular is it possible to find out the number of transactions that are happening in a specific part of the world? Like how...
  3. Pietro Speroni

    Paying merchants to accept Dash

    I keep seeing all sorts of crazy proposals about Dash, but I miss the most obvious and simple one: pay x dollars in dash to each merchant that for 1 year accepts dash in their shop. And I am speaking here about real world shops, restaurants, places on the high street, taxi and so on. To obtain...
  4. Pietro Speroni

    Problems after upgrading to 12.2

    From when I upgraded to 12.2 I keep having problems with the masternodes. They keep not working. One is refusing to even start syncing. After 12 hours it still says: { "AssetID": 0, "AssetName": "MASTERNODE_SYNC_INITIAL", "AssetStartTime": 1510777732, "Attempt": 0...
  5. Pietro Speroni

    Masternode error: [error] Could not drop tables: database is locked

    Hello, it is a few days that my masternode keep dropping off the list. The first time I had to restart it. The next ones the I could not understood what the problem was since it seemed to be running ok. It was synced, and sentinel did not show any problem. Eventually I discovered in the sentinel...
  6. Pietro Speroni

    dashd not syncing

    Hello. I am trying to install a masternode. Unfortunately when I run ./dashd it says that it is starting. But anytime I then run ./dash-cli mnsync status I get: { "AssetID": 1, "AssetName": "MASTERNODE_SYNC_SPORKS", "Attempt": 0, "IsBlockchainSynced": false...
  7. Pietro Speroni

    Do I need multiple servers if I have multiple masternodes?

    With my first masternode I set up a server with vultr. Now I am setting up a second masternode. Can I point it to the same server (and in case how) or do I need a second server? Many thanks, Pietro
  8. Pietro Speroni

    should people with multiple masternodes receive an economical incentive to always only vote once?

    Right now each masternode owner has one vote. And it was claimed that this is to use the "wisdom of the crowd". Now the "wisdom of the crowd" is a technical term that refers to some really interesting phenomenon. In several situations when you ask a crowd to evaluate a situation. Especially a...
  9. Pietro Speroni

    How to send 1000 dash from a specific address in the wallet?

    I am trying to set up a second masternode. Yes, after I made the first one I have to admit that it was good, and now I am trying to go further in my commitment with this crazy currency. Now to do this I need to send exactly 1000 dash to a certain address. This was easy the first time, because my...
  10. Pietro Speroni

    Do I need to restart my masternode?

    Hello, thank you very much for the support in the last thread. Following that started to show it as active. This is great. The problem is that I had tu turn off and on the Dash Core program in my computer and now over there is says: STATUS: NEW_START_REQUIRED On the other side...
  11. Pietro Speroni

    masternode shown as inactive on dashninja

    Hello, this is my first post on Dash forum. I am a researcher in eDemocracy and online governance. I recently decided it would be a good thing to set up a masternode also to study the governance of it. So after some work I was able to set it up. Or so I thought so. I set it up on my computer...